Dongshankou, Guangzhou is an old historical block with Chinese and Western characteristics, Surrounded by old foreign-style houses. Walking in the alley has a feeling of time crossing. It‘s like returning to old Guangzhou.


Dongshankou is the feeling that the old generation is looking for,It’s also the fashion of the young,Because it contains Chinese and Western culture,It also contains the culture of Guangzhou,This kind of culture not only makes us like the old things, but also curious about the new things. This became the main theme of fastfoot coffee shop design.

▲“紧急出口”的入口,Entrance to “Emergency Exit”


The fastfoot coffee company is located on the street of Dongshankou,it is an easy to be noticed dark green shop。Neon signs,Retro Street seats,Special entrance,the figure of the barista can be seen through the glass.


At the beginning of design, In order to integrate the coffee shop into the architectural style of Dongshankou, designer decided to made it as a modern and retro American coffee space, novel and harmonious.


In order to highlight the “urgent” taste of coffee shop, The designer used letters”exit”、emergency doors and the popular “theater arch”. It not only highlights the theme but also integrates modern and retro.

▲户外座椅细节,Outdoor seat details

▲绿色与橘色的大胆碰撞,复古与新颖的融入结合The collision of green and orange, The combination of retro and novel


Walk in the door and you‘ll think you’ve walked into a retro shop on the corner of the American street. Dark green tone with bright orange backrest cushion, Make the space atmosphere calm and relaxed, it seems that you can taste the retro fashion taste of coffee.


There is an arch connecting the front hall to the bar, it‘s a good connection between these two areas, And it’s full of rituals, Nanyang style floor tiles, chandeliers and retro taste complement each other, The green and orange in the space create a traditional but modern flavor together.

▲咖啡师的舞台The stage of the barista


After learning about the process of making coffee, the designer decided to make an open bar. The whole bar is made of brushed aluminum plate, full of modern sense. Customers can enjoy the work of the barista from a close distance and communicate with the barista to provide customers with a more perfect taste experience.

▲空间细节,情怀复古与现代的碰撞Spatial details, The collision of nostalgia and Modernity


In order to present the details and texture of the space, most of the items with “feelings” are selected by the designer, Old seats、the wall、wallpaper、A humble lamp,Created a strong spatial contrast between retro and modern, rough and delicate.



Coffee comes from the Greek “kaweh” and its meaning is “power and passion”, This is what the client and designer want to shape. Coffee is comfortable and relaxed. Everyone should slow down and find their own “ power and passion “ in the fast and slow. A coffee shop named “fast” wants customers to think about the meaning of fast and slow.


Maybe it‘s a glance through the glass when passing by, maybe it’s the leisure of Dongshankou, Have a cup of coffee and feel the slow precipitation. At this moment, do we need to be urgent?


▲轴测图,axonometric drawing


项目名称:Fastfoot coffee 急急脚咖啡











Project information——

Project name: Fastfoot coffee

Project location: Dongshankou, Guangzhou

Clients:Fastfoot coffee

Construction time:June 2019 to September 2019

Gross Built Area (square meters):42 square meters

Building materials:Terrazzo、Brushed aluminum plate、Texture paint、Tile


Design in charge: peter、allen、ekko

Space Design Team: HOLD DESIGN

Brand planning team:THR33 DESIGN

Photography team:HOLD DESIGN × THR33 DESIGN