SHOYO ART LIFE位于杭州中山北路上,当看见项目现场是一个狭长的空间而且有两处高差。于是我们想从空间的本身作为我们设计的出发点,在现有的空间基础上打造出一个攀爬式的休闲空间体验。

SHOYO ART LIFE is situated on Zhongshan North Road of Hangzhou. In terms of the project site at the first glance, it is a long and narrow space manifesting two elevation differences. In this regard, we would like to take the space itself as the starting point for our design, which helps to create a space for leisure experience of climbing type based on the current space.

路径 Paths


We are determined to put the walking path for guests on the left in accordance with the features of the space, then the spare space can be used for leisure, producing equipment and other functions in this aspect.

空间形态的组合 Combination of space forms


Regarding the long and narrow space, we are determined to place the producing equipment in the middle region with a passage being left for passing through the front and back space.


Extension treatment is made for the four steps at the beginning of the corridor stairs and the combination is made with the bar platform in the equipment region. A staggered combination must be made for the steps of the passage with the aim to make full use of the space while combination will endow it with the new functions: moreover, part of the step body is separated and used as the connection between the stool and the bar platform. In this way, such treatment method of occlusion will not only solve the functional problems, but also enrich the entire space.


There is a geometric space of small scale interspersed with the space above the bar platform. From the overall perspective, it links the preceding and the following space accordingly. It is able to balance the relationship between the front and back space, at the same time, it also enriches the rhythm of the entire space; from the perspective of function, the overhead geometric space functions as a small tea area and exhibition space, which achieves the full use of space once again.


In terms of the renovation for stairs near the entrance, the design method is the same as that of the passage, since the combined body forms a leisure platform. Furthermore, the glass window is designed as an open type with the window and the seat being integrated into one part, which makes the boundary between indoor and outdoor space fuzzy and ambiguous.

材质与装饰 Materials and decorations


There is a rich space form, so it is expected that the combination of color and material should be more infused accordingly. In this regard, we choose to combine the art paint of gray texture and stainless steel of dark gray color, so the overall response will become more callous.

有了这层材质底色后再装饰物的设计上点到即可 不想做过多的装饰。

There is no need for complicated design of decorations when there is such layer of material as the background color and too much decoration is not necessary.


Sculpture It is inspired from the children who are in a sweet dream and peaceful state.


Decorative mirror It is inspired from a great deal of blessing words related to “flowers” and it is regarded as the only prominent color within the entire gray space.







项目设计 & 完成年份:2020年11月-2021年1月