Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is proud to announce that they have won two 2015 Civic Trust awards for their projects FKI Tower and Waldorf Astoria Beijing. Each project was the only winning project from their country of origin: FKI Tower was the only winning entry from Korea, and Waldorf Astoria Beijing was the only winning project in China.



Based in the UK, the Civic Trust Awards were established in 1959, making it the first recognized awards in Europe to be given to architecture, design, planning, landscape, and public art. Awards are given to projects that demonstrate high-quality architecture or design, have demonstrated sustainability, are accessible to all users, and have made a positive cultural, social, or economic contribution to the local community.



“We are honored to have won Civic Trust Awards for our first two completed buildings,” said AS+GG Partners Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill, and Robert Forest. “The Civic Trust Awards program shares our firm’s goal that quality design should encourage positive community and environmental impact. It is thrilling to be recognized for two projects that promote the power of precise, high-performance, contextually appropriate architecture.”

“我司首先完成的两栋建筑都荣获了城市信托奖,对此我们感到十分荣幸”,AS+GG的合伙人Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill和Robert Forest如此说道,“城市信托奖与我司的目标一致,那就是高品质的设计应当对社区和环境有着积极正面的影响。这两个项目能够获得认可,我们感到十分高兴,这将推动高性能的、严谨的、以及植根当地背景的建筑设计的发展。”


Both of AS+GG’s honored projects are considered new icons for the cities in which they were built.



Now open in Seoul, Korea, FKI Tower is a 116,000 sm, 50-story, 240-meter-tall tower that features an innovative exterior wall designed specifically for the project. The building’s unique skin helps reduce internal heating and cooling loads while collecting energy through photovoltaic panels that are integrated into the spandrel areas of the southwest and northwest facades.


4_fki_podium_interior_1 fki_ext-exterioroverallclose2_(c)as+gg

The Civic Trust Awards National Panel commented, “FKI Tower has become a centerpiece of Seoul—a fantastic place to work as well as an inspiring place to view the surrounding city. The tower is what a modern office building should be: intelligent, high performing, and forward-looking, while still exhibiting timeless and enduring qualities.”



The new Waldorf Astoria in Beijing, China is a 176-room hotel that responds to the formality of the surrounding historic buildings of the Forbidden City, the nation’s most important historical treasure. The new hotel is a testament that the Waldorf brand is highly inclusive in design and function. Every room, regardless of price, is equipped with equally stunning city views and well-appointed amenities. The luxurious bronze exterior acts as a self-shading frame that protects the building and minimizes the solar heat gain from all directions, creating both an environmentally and culturally specific building.


waldorf_astoria_beijing_8 waldorf_astoria_beijing_9

David Prichard, Chair of the Civic Trust Awards National Panel said of the project, “Hotels are rarely entered as their procurement often allows their architects little opportunity to make the standard plan layouts into decent buildings which respond positively to their context. Looking abroad we were pleased to see the Waldorf Astoria chain in Beijing has invested in a fine building that tunes into its cultural context and is a contemporary version of those imposing grand hotels of bygone eras.”

城市信托奖评审团主席David Prichard先生如此评价本项目:“酒店项目很少入围本奖项,因为酒店留给建筑师的发挥余地较少,很难将标准的平面布局设计成一栋能积极响应周边环境的优秀建筑。当我们把目光投向海外,我们非常高兴地看到华尔道夫酒店在北京投入了如此优美的建筑,并且与当地文化和周边环境调谐,它真是传奇大酒店的现代版本。”

For more information on these projects and the 2015 Civic Trust Awards, please see the links below.








Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture is dedicated to the design of high-performance architecture and the creation of new paradigms for sustainable development. The office uses an integrated design approach that emphasizes symbiotic relationships with the natural environment. The firm also specializes in the design of high-performance supertall towers. AS+GG is currently working on projects in Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, China, Canada, and the United States. The firm was founded in 2006 by partners Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill, and Robert Forest. For more information, please visit smithgill.com.

AS+GG建筑事务所致力于高性能的建筑设计和打造可持续项目的新范式。事务所采用综合性设计手法,强调建筑同自然环境的共生关系。公司同时擅长高性能超高塔楼的设计。AS+GG当前正在承担沙特阿拉伯,哈萨克斯坦,中国,加拿大和美国的项目设计工作。公司由合伙人Adrian Smith, Gordon Gill和Robert Forest于2006年创立。详情请浏览smithgill.com.



The 56th Annual Civic Trust Awards Ceremony was held on Friday 6th March at The Swan, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, hosted by architect, writer and TV presenter George Clarke and Civic Trust Awards Managing Director Malcolm Hankey. From 238 applications, 91 national and international projects were rewarded with a Civic Trust Award or Commendation. The Civic Trust Awards operates on a not-for-profit basis and remains committed to delivering an awards scheme that promotes positive community and environmental impact.

第56界城市信托奖颁奖仪式于3月6日星期五在伦敦斯旺莎士比亚环球剧院举行,颁奖仪式由建筑师、作家和电视节目主持人George Clarke和城市信托奖常务董事Malcolm Hankey主持。在238个申请项目中,共有91个国家和国际项目荣获城市信托奖或获得推荐。城市信托奖为非营利性奖项,一直致力于促进建筑对社区和环境的积极影响。