Kokaistudios上海千禧一代的多元化生活方式汲取设计灵感,真正将自然引入了Assemble by Réel概念店。带领顾客进行一场风格之旅,清晰的平面布局配以抓人眼球的艺术装置,设计引导顾客穿行于特色鲜明的空间,令人印象深刻。

Taking inspiration from the multifaceted lifestyles of Shanghai millennials, Kokaistudio’s interiors for Assemble by Réel concept store quite literally brings the outside in. Taking shoppers on a style journey, landmarked by striking installations, the resulting layout guides visitors through distinct districts and trends in a way that is nothing if not memorable.

Assemble by Réel位于上海高奢购物中心芮欧百货的三层,是一家男士时尚及生活方式概念店。在初涉空间平面布局时,Kokaistudios将城市气质及年轻一代对时尚潮流的热情纳入思考。室内设计以高辨识度的城市建筑母题及引人注目的装置艺术为亮点,为每个空间打造了独特的时尚标识:经典款、设计感、都市性及现代感。这四个区域共同描绘了中国最酷的一代消费者的生活方式,以清晰的流线带给顾客难忘的购物体验。

Located on the third floor of a high-end shopping mall in Shanghai, Assemble by Réel is a men’s fashion and lifestyle concept store. In creating the venue’s layout and approach, Kokaistudios looked to the city itself and the style-inspired passions of its young, trendy demographic. With this in mind, interiors feature eye-catching installations based on recognizable architectural city motifs, each signalling a distinct fashion approach: classic, designer, urban, and contemporary. Collectively, these four zones speak to the lifestyle of a generation of China’s coolest consumers, guiding visitors on a clear journey, and creating a memorable shopping experience.

Assemble by Réel是一处建筑面积逾1, 000平方米的单层空间,内侧连续的落地窗作为设计亮点之一,让人们可以俯瞰绿树成荫的静安公园。为最大化利用自然光,设计师选择半开放的平面布局方式,因不同产品陈列功能不同而打造特色主题区域:教堂区、公园区、滑板公园区和艺术馆区。这一设计方案在优化自然光的同时打通了不同分区之间的联系,最大化空间的整体效能。

Occupying a single-floor space of over 1,000sqm, a focal point is a floor-to-ceiling window along one side of the store, overlooking leafy Jing’an Park. To capitalize on this natural light, designers opted for a partially open-plan solution, creating defined areas for distinct product presentations: Church, Park, Skate Park, and Gallery. The solution simultaneously optimizes the store’s attractive natural light and allows for transportive walkways, all the while preserving the impact of the space’s sheer size. The result is a journey through an eclectic, curated assortment of styles and lifestyles.


On entering the store’s primary point of access, visitors find themselves surrounded by the dramatic arches of a majestic colonnade. Angled partitions, finished to resemble classical travertine plaster, offer intriguing glimpses into and through an area dedicated to quintessential fashions: blazers, high-end leather goods, and so on. Soft, diffused light creates an atmosphere of calm sophistication, while the otherwise enclosed walkways, elegantly opened by way of wood-lined archways, and evokes a maze-like intimacy that is in stark contrast to the shop floor beyond.

接下来,顾客们将被引导至更加明快、宁静的公园区。这里开敞通透,将绿色景观通过落地窗延引至室内。树状的圆柱形椅子分散在木质的展示区中。交谈吧台占据了中心位置,致敬公园的演奏台和展亭。交谈吧台舒适温馨,并以咖啡和休闲为设计理念,设强化了Assemble by Réel的生活方式主题。该区域采用自然色调,为最前卫新锐的时尚设计师系列提供了展示才华的舞台。

Next, shoppers are guided to a noticeably more tranquil Park-themed area. Airy and open, the section abstracts and extends the green landscape beyond its floor-to-ceiling windows. For example, tree-like cylindrical forms are scattered throughout, alongside wooden display units. Taking centre stage is a raised conversation pit, evocative of a stylized park bandstand or pavilion. Cozy and intimate, it is designed with coffee and respite in mind, and reinforces the store’s lifestyle theme. Natural in tone, the area makes for a stylish backdrop for the store’s most avant-garde designer lines.


From here, shoppers emerge into one of the store’s most impressive areas: Skate Park. Palpably urban in both content and tone, products are positioned around terraced terrazzo steps. Purposefully cast inside the space for authenticity and an appreciable rawness, the installation functions as both an eye-catching display for street wear and shoes, as well as seating for events. Sloped roofed fitting rooms make a playful nod to skateboard ramps, while light projections throughout the area lend dynamism to the space.


Concluding visitors’ city-themed lifestyle journey is a Gallery-inspired area. A secondary access point into the space, its exhibit-like displays extend into the mall itself, enticing shoppers through an intriguing arrangement of lifestyle accessories. Bright white, and with translucent partitions teasing at objects yet to discover, products are positioned in and on stark perforated cubes.

室内设计由四个独特的区域组成,展现了年轻一代消费者复杂、多方面的生活方式,彰显了个人风格。从功能上而言,设计将原本开阔的空间分隔开来,精心构建一个流动空间,商店的布局旨在让顾客享受一次真正意义上的、形象的探索之旅。Assemble by Réel通过设计手法对大都市加以映射,萃取了都市活力的神髓,对它所承载的多元生活方式遥遥致意。

An interior of four distinctive quarters that combine to reveal the complex, multifaceted lifestyles of a young generation of consumers, the solution celebrates individual style. On a functional level, compartmentalizing the otherwise expansive space creates a carefully constructed circulation, with the store’s layout designed to take shoppers on a journey of discovery both literal and figurative. With anchors and waypoints that speak to the metropolis itself, Assemble by Réel abstracts and condenses cities, celebrating the myriad lifestyles they harbor.




项目名称:Assemble by Réel





首席设计师:Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis



摄影:Dirk Weiblen

撰文:Frances Arnold

媒体负责:Jacqueline Chiang

Project information——

Project name: Assemble by Réel

Location: Shanghai, China

Floor area: 1037

Date of completion: August 2018

Client: Réel

Interior Design: Kokaistudios

Chief Designers: Filippo Gabbiani, Andrea Destefanis

Project Manager: Ian Yu, Chang Qing

Design Team: Alex Jiang, Rebecca Huang, Samo Xu

Photography: Dirk Weiblen

Text: Frances Arnold