Empowered by the concept of “new space”, POHE Design has created a new delivery experience for NIO Delivery Center by infusing emotional and spiritual attributes into functional spaces following a thorough examination of every single point of interaction among users, cars, and the brand. The fluid space intertwines poetic scenes and cultivates special emotional connections between individuals and their cars. This results in a truly unique and memorable life experience for each user, complete with a range of emotions such as anticipation, ceremony, and commemoration that come along with the emotional ups and downs.

Reasonable but Unexpected

蔚来长沙交付体验中心NIO Delivery Center,位于长沙市梅溪新天地商场,是湖南地区目前最大的交付体验中心。室内面积总计2500平方米,包含接待厅、展厅、客休区、交付转换区、交付工位区、办公空间等多个功能区域。

NIO Delivery Center, currently the largest delivery experience center in Hunan, is situated in the Meixi New World of Changsha. Covering a total indoor area of 2,500m2, the center includes a reception hall, exhibition hall, customer lounge area, delivery transition area, delivery workstation area, office space, and other functional areas.

▲ 门店与街区关系Relationship between Store and Street Block


In order to steer clear of formal uniformity and visual distractions from the surrounding environment, POHE Design has given the NIO Delivery Center a distinct and innovative street-facing facade using a more transparent and minimalist design approach.

▲ 项目外立面©张大齐 Project Exterior © Zhang Daqi



Establishing Emotional Connections



POHE Design has skillfully blended the ultimate and pure expression of modern space into the exterior facade and interior space design of the NIO Delivery Center, while staying true to NIO’s established visual system.


The entrance lobby sets the tone for the entire delivery experience center, projecting a brand image that is inclusive, open, and high-end. The soft light logo on the feature wall creates an instant visual connection between the brand and its customers.

▲ 前厅©张大齐Lobby © Zhang Daqi


The transparent facade material reflects the light and beckons visitors into the customer lounge area, guiding the movement flow within the space and conveying the gradual progression of the emotional experience.

▲ 客休区©张大齐 Customer Lounge Area © Zhang Daqi

▲ 水吧区©张大齐Bar Area © Zhang Daqi


The size and the seat ratio of the customer lounge area are carefully designed based on operational research and analysis. The open and flexible layout of tables and chairs fosters a relaxed atmosphere for conversation, while the wall showcases cultural creations that are co-created by the brand and its users.


Interpreting Dramatic Scenes


As visitors make their way through the customer lounge area, a misty “box space” comes into view. The U-shaped glass creates a semi-transparent visual effect that goes beyond the usual material options for such a project, evoking a dreamy sense of mystery and longing. This, along with a sense of anticipation and an interactive atmosphere for delivery, fully conveys the emotional experience the space aims to create.

▲ 交付转换区©张大齐 Delivery Transition Area© Zhang Daqi

▲ 交付转换区©张大齐 Delivery Transition Area© Zhang Daqi


An important detail to mention is that the U-shaped glass is a critical element for guiding emotional shifts in the design. The design team conducted multiple rounds of comparison and prototyping to combine its module and arrangement, and embedded linear lighting to break the visual monotony of the original glass partition form. The installation was carried out with great care, adhering to the predetermined installation method established during the earlier design phase.

▲U型玻璃细节©张大齐 U-shaped Glass Detail © Zhang Daqi

Here, a layer of glass embodies the avant-garde and theatricality of a modern theater. The spatial order and emotional experience unfold gradually, with each stage building upon the last, evoking users’ memories of their interactions with the brand and ultimately culminating in the peak experience of delivery.

Rebuilding Intimate Relationships


From the initial acquaintance and familiarity with a car and brand to the ultimate decision to make a purchase, it involves a profound interaction among individuals, car, and brand. This process is reminiscent of how we establish intimate relationships in our daily lives. The act of handing over the key represents the establishment of a commitment and fate. It signifies a crucial moment of ownership transfer, imbued with a unique sense of ceremony and commemorative significance. This important core experience serves as a guide for the design strategy of the new delivery center and continues to influence the design concept of other spaces.

▲钥匙交付区©张大齐Key Delivery Area © Zhang Daqi


As visitors pass through the misty U-shaped glass entrance, they step into the key delivery area. A dynamic screen hangs like a scroll in front of the end feature wall, recounting the story of users getting to know and familiarize themselves with NIO. The intelligent delivery system and NIO’s product gene of smart electric cars are perfectly integrated and intelligently expressed here.


As the screen gradually dims, the spotlight shines on the podium, drawing the user’s gaze to the gift box containing the key. A dedicated consultant then presents flowers and gifts to commemorate and capture this unforgettable moment.


This “sacred moment” masterfully combines visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and psychological emotional fluctuations, culminating in the peak of anticipation for users before they lay eyes on their beloved cars.


Triggering Emotional Resonance


As users walk through the LIFESTYLE exhibition area, they catch a glimpse of their beloved car’s silhouette, exterior contour, and color, triggering yet another emotional resonance in their hearts.


The expansive light source casts a glow on the car’s streamlined shape and intricate details, elevating it to the forefront of the event. Users eagerly snap photos and prepare for a test drive, releasing their emotions and culminating the entire car delivery process.

▲交付工位区©张大齐Delivery WorkStation Area © Zhang Daqi


POHE Design has meticulously crafted the spatial function and emotional tone of the entire car delivery process based on the storyline and crucial time nodes. The spatial flow evolves continuously, intimately mirroring users’ emotional fluctuations, while behavior and psychology harmoniously create a symphony in the space. It is a romantic encounter that the design agency and brand have meticulously crafted.

Value Reconstruction with New Paradigm


In this project, POHE Design has embarked on a systematic and in-depth research system, practical methodologies, and conceptual leadership in the vertical field of automobile showrooms. The iteration of new consumer spaces is an integral link in business transformation that imposes elevated expectations on interior design companies. This endeavor not only addresses professional design-related issues but also drives transformations in design philosophy, user experience, behavioral psychology, work models, and other related areas.


POHE Design has a longstanding commitment to real estate and commercial design, with an exceptional understanding of people’s lifestyles and spiritual aspirations. The company is dedicated to delivering valuable and sustainable new spaces for their clients. They leverage the “new space” concept to create living samples that are “reasonable but unexpected”.  Incorporating surrealistic aesthetics, they skillfully extract design techniques of drama, conflict, stripping, and narration, and employ cross-sector collaboration and immersive experiences to convey compelling spatial stories. With a primary focus on the reconstruction of value between individuals and spaces, POHE Design strives to create new spaces that incorporate lifestyles, emotional connections, and sustainable operations.

▲轴测图Axonometric Diagram

▲平面图©泊赫设计Plan View © POHE Design


项目名称 | 蔚来交付中心,长沙梅溪新天地

Project Name | NIO Delivery Center, Meixi New World, Changsha

项目业主 | 蔚来汽车销售服务有限公司

Project Owner | NIO Automobile Sales and Service Co., Ltd.

地点 | 中国,长沙

Location | Changsha, China

服务范围 | 建筑立面改造+室内设计

Services Provided | Architectural facade renovation + Interior design

面积 | 1,872㎡

Area | 1,8722

外立面面积 | 516㎡

Facade Area | 516 m2

完工时间 | 2023年2月

Completion Date | February 2023

业主空间设计管理团队 | 张凌云 刘坤 李翔 杨辉

Owner’s Space Design Management Team | Zhang Lingyun, Liu Kun, Li Xiang, Yang Hui
设计公司 | 上海泊赫环境艺术有限公司

Design Company | Shanghai POHE Environmental Art Design Co., Ltd.

空间设计 | POHE 设计部

Space Design | POHE Design Department

设计策划 | POHE 策划部

Design Planning | POHE Planning Department

项目管理 | POHE 项目管理部

Project Management | POHE Project Management Department

联系邮箱 | info@POHEdesign.cn

Contact Email | info@POHEdesign.cn

项目室内照片及视频摄影 | 张大齐

Project Interior Photography and Videography | Zhang Daqi


POHE design comes from Shanghai and is committed to creating a “reasonable and unexpected” good life with temperature for people. We are obsessed with understanding people’s lifestyles and spiritual demands, and designing valuable and sustainable new spaces for real estate and commerce.


We agree with the Surrealist aesthetics, and use the design techniques of conflict, drama, stripping and narration to narrate the space story through the cross-border of business forms and scene experience, so as to create reasonable consideration and unexpected surprise. Focus on planning the value reconstruction of people and space, and design and create a new space bearing lifestyle, emotional links and sustainable operation.