传统印象中远离城市社区的汽车售卖店,专为有明确购买需求的人提供,存在一定的局限性。全球领先的智能电动汽车公司NIO蔚来汽车此次联合MOC DESIGN,共同打造新一代的”NIO Space蔚来空间”,以兼具精致和温暖的科技质感设计,在城市之中为周边社区用户营造出一个愉悦的生活方式空间。

A car dealership is conventionally located far from the urban community since its target group has specific intention of purchase, yet which brings certain limits.
The world’s leading smart electric car company NIO joins hands with MOC Design to create the new generation of “NIO Space”. With exquisite and warm high-tech design, it builds a pleasant lifestyle space for the surrounding communities in the city.

以现代思考重构汽车销售模式, “NIO Space 蔚来空间”企图在呈现专业的同时让进入者感受到温度,不仅仅是汽车展厅,更是用户家庭休闲的第三空间。

The automotive sales model is reconstructed by modern thinking. NIO Space attempts to demonstrate its professionalism while communicating its warmth to visitors. It is not just a car showroom, but also the third space for users to enjoy family leisure.

▲室内休息区与户外草坪互相看通,强调了该项目的社区属性The lawn is seen through the windows from the lounge, which underlines the community attribute of the project.


The façade of the building is made from silver aluminum panels. The interior can be dimly seen through the windows as if it is a futuristic “space box”.



The circular light at the corner runs around indoors and outdoors, creating a dimensional visual effect and echoing the outdoor lawn. The unique and artistic lighting enriches the playfulness of the façade.

▲贯通室内外的圆环造型灯带来丰富的立面趣味The circular light linking the indoors and outdoors enriches the playfulness of the façade.

▲贯通室内外的圆环造型灯Circular light running around indoors and outdoors.


The French windows dimly reveals the “third space” for leisure, socializing and activities. It also overlays with the brand logo to forms a vertical integration.

▲轴测说明Axon Drawing

室内在开放式格局下交融汽车展示、科技体验、生活休闲和美学空间多重需求的一体化展现,并低调的划分出Gallery、NIO Cafe、NIO Life等多个功能模块。简洁的白色主导空间视觉画面,利用不同类型的灯光环绕空间线条,营造通透纯粹的场景氛围。

The open layout integrates car display, high-tech experience, living and leisure, as well as aesthetics to meet multiple needs. It’s subtly divided into several functional modules, including gallery, NIO café, and NIO life. The simple white color dominates the visual image of the space. Different types of lighting are used to run around the space to create a translucent and pure scenario.

▲室内展车区Indoor showroom


Different from the conventional auto showrooms, NIO space has a limited area in the shopping center and its display area has to be efficiently used. In addition to the display of two models, designers also set up a display window, which is 5 meters long and 2.4 meters wide. Customers may learn more models through this window. The window exhibits the car in its actual size. It provides a more intuitive experience to customers while also meets the need to show more models in a limited space.

▲室内展示窗口Indoor display window

▲效果图模拟Car rendering in its actual size

▲四周不同角度可见内饰选配及充电配件展示,协助用户提升用车体验Interior options and accessories are displayed from different angles to improve the car experience.

▲实木雕刻的门拉手,低调的传达出品牌的调性和质感Carved wood door handles understate the brand’s tone and quality.

利用空间中两个承重柱之间的范围铺叙休闲洽谈区,巧妙地营造了或隐或现的交流场景。洽谈区位于转角橱窗处,NIO LIFE 展示区则被规划在靠近橱窗一侧,该区域通过贯通室内外的圆环灯自然的将顾客的目光引向室外,户外铺设的木地板和草坪为整个空间引入自然舒适的气息,消解了传统汽车销售展厅冰冷的气质,为用户提供一个温暖而闲适的休闲场景。

The space between two load-bearing columns serves as a leisure lounge for communication, subtly hidden and visible. The lounge is at the window corner while NIO Life is on the other side of the window. The circular light linking the indoors and outdoors draws customers attention to the outside area. Meanwhile, the wooden floor and lawn introduce natural and comfortable vibe into the overall interior. It’s a way to dissolve the cold temperament of conventional auto showrooms. Instead, a warm and relaxing leisure scene is provided to users.

结合品牌”以车为原点,多维度链接生活方式”的精神,NIO LIFE展示区规划与休闲洽谈区相邻,使洽谈区的单一的交流功能为之转变–NIO LIFE的融入增加了生活感和精致感,围绕汽车生活开发的周边产品,为用户构建了一个愉悦的生活方式场景。

Combining with the brand spirit of “car as the origin point to connect lifestyles in multiple dimensions”, NIO Life is arranged next to the leisure lounge to switch its original exchange function. NIO Life adds a sense of life and sophistication. The peripheral products developed around cars and life depict a pleasant lifestyle scenario for users.

▲利用空间中两个承重柱之间的范围铺叙休闲洽谈区,巧妙地营造了或隐或现的交流场景The leisure lounge for communication unfolds between two load-bearing columns, subtly hidden and visible.


▲贯通室内外的圆环灯自然的将顾客的目光引向室外,户外铺设的木地板和草坪为整个空间引入自然舒适的气息,消解了传统汽车销售展厅冰冷的气质The circular light linking the indoors and outdoors draws customers attention to the outside area. Meanwhile, the wooden floor and lawn introduce natural and comfortable vibe into the overall interior. It’s a way to dissolve the cold temperament of conventional auto showrooms.

▲圆环灯细节Details of the circular light


Based on the user experience, the multifunctional user zone seeks a role of the third space outside work and life. It provides users with diverse life and leisure scenarios, such as coffee tasting, leisure and socializing and brand activities. The friendly wood colors and soft light give out a comfortable and natural atmosphere. The hand drawings of the products add an artistic style to the space while understate the craftsmanship of the brand.

▲多功能用户区Multifunction user zone

“NIO Space蔚来空间”以突破传统的销售认知转变顾客的入店体验,让空间中情感共鸣的营造帮助提升场景的趣味性和用户对于品牌的认同感,最终达成为用户创造愉悦的生活方式的品牌愿景。

NIO Space transforms the customers’ store experience by going beyond the traditional perception of sales. It allows emotional resonance in the space to increase the fun of scenarios and users’ brand recognition. Ultimately, it is to achieve the brand’s vision to create a pleasant lifestyle for users.



项目名称: 蔚来汽车NIO SPACE ——北京中粮祥云店










Project information——

Project Name: NIO Space at Beijing Shine Hills


Chief Designers: Vivi Wu, Sam Liang

Design Phase: April – June 2020

Completion: August 2020

Location: S11-108, South Area, Shine Hills Shopping Center, Beijing

Area: 235 ㎡

Materials: Sandblasting Stainless Steel, Wood Veneer, Imitation Terrazzo Tile

Client: NIO

Photography: Archi Translator, NIO