Commercial projects have clear design themes and short cycles, just like the shooting of an advertisement rather than a movie. The design of an indoor space needs to be attractive to purchase behaviors, which is not strange but to create features of the place that attract purchasers.

▲店铺入口,the entrance

▲入口处功能融合,integration of entrance functions

▲由入口看向包厢,viewing the room from the entrance

▲半开放包厢外部,exterior of the semi-private room

▲半开放式包厢内部,interior of the semi-private room

▲包厢入口的彩色玻璃,Stained glass at the entrance to the semi-private room


Entrusted by the owner, I designed the second store of DS Hair Salon. At the beginning of design, I visited the first store with the owner, to learn about the overall service procedures and record dimensions of equipment required and functional zones in detail, for the convenience of appropriate planning later. What impressed me was tints in rich colors displayed on the shelf, which were intuitively associated with the “three-colored poles” at the gate of the barber’s, so I decided to extract the element and chose to decorate and extend the storefront and interior of the project with glass in color gradients.

▲建筑外观, exterior view

▲立面细部,closer view to the facade

▲储物区,the storage area

▲等候区,waiting area

▲开放式理发区,the open space


Through the gate, customers are led by stained glass into the interior, to see a long passageway, the arched stainless steel ceiling of which matched with lighting set off a sense of fashion. The cloakroom and the front desk are connected but separated by a sliding door, to guarantee the privacy of each space. Booths are embedded into some parts of the passageway, for the convenience of staying and waiting. At the end of the passageway, blue color blocks are placed in the transparent space, to provide a background for taking pictures in the store. Outside the gate, pedestrians can see customers taking pictures in the store, who are just like models at the far end of a catwalk and naturally form a display scene, to realize communication between inside and outside. The stainless steel ceiling extends from the lobby all the way to the interior, above which two arcs of the ceiling in different colors are overlapped and connected at the hair washing zone, like toy blocks stacked up, where point sources of light are replaced with strip lights for illumination, to create a cozy and relaxing experience for customers. In the hairdressing zone, two sections of arc walls rise from the ground to form semi-private boxes. The design of arc walls is intended to make boxes like painted “containers” rather than traditional enclosed rooms. Besides, in these two arc walls, transparent circular arc cavities are expanded, through which the sight of people will change, to create a distinctive feel. The display zone of the salon is arranged at the junction of spatial circulations. Transparent showcases are aimed to display commodities to the largest extent, while breaking away from the shape of walls, to generate sight.

▲由等候区看洗头区,viewing the shampooing area from the waiting area

▲洗头区,the shampooing area

▲洗头区柜体,cabinet in shampoo area


▲形体分割,产生视线,the body is divided to produce the line of sight

亚克力柜体,acrylic cabinet body


From the designer:


The methodology of the design project is secondary.


Without a long-term complex survey of the design theme, or style design to deliberately show off skills, I hope to stay true to the original pursuit of concise and clean design.


▲轴测图,axonometric drawing

▲三色柱概念,the concept

▲手绘,the sketches


项目名称:DS Salon,美发沙龙设计


项目设计 & 完成年份:2021.10


项目地址:浙江 桐乡



Project Information——

Project name:DS Salon Hair Salon Design

Design:Xiangdie Design

Design year & Completion Year:2021.10

Leader designer & Team:Yang tao,Jiang jiang

Project location:Tong Xiang Zhejiang

Gross Built Area (square meters):180㎡

Brands / Products used in the project:Acrylic plate, corrosion resistant plate, tile,Colour gradient glass,SUNVP