As the highest level, the most complete spatial communication language, the emotion is born in the form, but not limited by the form.The people-oriented design at the same time guides behaviors of people, while the emotional guidance is one of the main clues.




The mobility of the space connects the natural division of the practical functions with the transitional walking angle of view. The mood is blended in the delicacy of each space in terms of materials, colors, and artistry. However, the expression of the design is implicit with the most simplified language as far as possible, no fight and no dispute, exactly as the water nourishes all without a sound, and then the most comfortable mood flows naturally.The art, on the other hand, is an expression of emotion, with a language that everyone can understand to enhance the level of description of scenery outside and deepen the emotion of space inside.



Gentle and soft, concise and smart, and an elegant sense of fashion, it is the representative of feminity, and also exactly the emotional expression that we want to integrate into the space.The oppositions and dialogues between materials and design symbols are precisely to find a delicate balance point between the sense of art and affinity, which can produce the spark of the collision and generate warmth together.The primary color and natural texture of wood, meet the best fashionable texture, in which the transitional and gently beautiful curve expresses the beauty and harmony in a collision.





The design should reflect the perfect harmony of practicability and artistry. With the selection of materials and the metaphor of color blocks, a quiet image is created in which the body and mood can be immersed, and the secluded, fragrant and elegant sense of dignity is also mildly revealed.Each space links each other on the style and conception, and presents the functionally independent and secluded feeling, formally profound quality, and emotional sense of trust, to achieve the far more effective harmony.In the most simplified color contrast, the aim of metal is to enhance the design, and no matter from the flow of the design trend, or in terms of the perception and experience, it has a visible and infinitely meaningful, delicate and fashionable gorgeousness.



With the functional property of space as the underlying logic, the service-oriented thinking as the design thinking, and the humanistic emotion to comprehend the mood, the design has evolved another expression of guidance and focused form. And the privacy of the corner and the radian of the curve qualitatively define the impression at first glance.The consistency of extremely simplified keynote and tone, creates a powerful atmosphere full of tension. And the delicate detail will convey the artistic taste with more unique characters.



Large area of leaving blank space and curves celebrate the softness and elegance of design, which properly complement the details, thus create the aesthetics and rhythm of the space together, and also ensure the spatial emotion with a maximized tension.With its flexible and consistently changing vitality, the expression of curves becomes the beauty of flow that runs through the space, in which all rigid materials are captivated by the design, and the reserved fashionable quality is deconstructed again to give a relaxed and delighted grace.



The very modern arrangement is a kind of fashionable expression, which breaks away from the order sense of integral space, and the coexistence of break and integration enables the space to be more flexible and rhythmic.The very modern arrangement is a kind of fashionable expression, which breaks away from the order sense of integral space, and the coexistence of break and integration enables the space to be more flexible and rhythmic.







设计团队:姚育铭 秦梓梁