“Complexity is simple, simplification is complex. Everyone can complicate. Only a few can simplify.”– Bruno Munari



Different from the dense and bustling urban daily life, MOOTHAN uses the design concept of returning to the garden to convey a calm, comfortable, plain and natural feeling to people. The overall design is not confined to the details of traditional Chinese architecture, but the geometric proportion bearing the aesthetic feeling of Chinese design is fully used in the space to find a new balance and aesthetic feeling in the overlapping of different Spaces.


First of all, the customer will enter the simple entrance space, retaining the original texture of the building materials into the eye, extending from the outdoor into the indoor reincarnation materials, not too many, too gorgeous material areas to shock the senses, but simple and powerful materials to illuminate the essence of things. “Less is more” is also the statement of the project, which aims to discover the hidden value of everyday life.


The display of very few colors, only use simple and layered gray and a few relatively bright white as an ornament, the whole space presents a kind of “white space” and “the word is endless” feeling. The whole project takes minimalism as the design basis point. From the door display to the interior furnishings, the layout of each spatial structure reflects the internal connection of the association.

于身The body


How can material architecture have lively vitality? In Le Corbusier’s view, nature is light, so he said, “Architecture is the exquisite, appropriate and excellent expression of those combined geometry in the light.” The presence of light, which gives things a dramatic perceptual tension, also shows its ability to create space and time. Light traverses space, leading us from static to dynamic, from rationality to spirit, from limited local to infinite association.


The elegance and roundness of the lines are well integrated in this space, softening the cold and hard feeling of the space. The texture of geometric aesthetics flows slowly in the whole space, showing different breathing rhythms with the passage of time. Exploring the meaning of beauty in pure space and shaping space is shaping life, which is exactly MOOTHAN. The design meaning that always pursues.


“Here, the details are more compelling than the big moves. Our design focuses on the essence of things, emphasizing the power of emptiness in the space through white space. People will be free to explore important things.”


The charm of design is to break the boundaries and inherent limitations, make the space show more possibilities and interestingness, and let people walking in the space try different space experience. Tree trunks and stones seem to grow in the space without direction, and the commercial space becomes an art space, shaping a unique temperament.

于境The environment


In the overall space, the designer visualizes simple geometric shapes and endows them with self-supporting performance. Different materials are used to divide the shapes, forming a contrast between the shapes and deepening the viewer’s emotion.


In the stairwell, we used a number of circular lighting fixtures, inserted into the wall, to give the wall a sense of array order. At the top of the stairwell, we used the finishing material of mirror ceiling, which extends to the second floor, to relieve the low pressure of the second floor and stretch the sense of openness of the whole space.


“People are the leading role” of the design thought deeply. The use experience of the scene, interspersed relationship between different structures, contact design in moving lines… The constant interaction between people and space is undoubtedly the core of the design.



From the quiet: step by step the new scenery of the garden,For a moment: geometric aesthetics of space


For a moment, silent, in a beam of light to see a corner of the world.


Pure materials and the most basic color blocks are used to create the spatial connotation, making the space more transparent and free. The collision between the soft light film of the display cabinet and the stainless steel laminate, the tough and mild, the rational and the perceptual, the dialogue and integration of different elements, make the space show rich texture and delicate level under the minimalist appearance. Simple and direct black and white can reveal the power of space and aesthetic feeling more.



The use experience of the scene, the interspersed relationship between different structures… The constant interaction between people and space is undoubtedly the core of the design. No MATTER THE customer OR the server, often by this tense and complex world, body and mind, audio-visual, thought, all need a special time and space to relax and heal.


The overall color system is based on earth color to create a friendly atmosphere, which can be connected and communicated in different ways while maintaining personal boundaries. Simple furnishings, plain furniture and retro accessories are deliberately avoiding the appearance of luster and color. This kind of quiet texture makes people feel calm and calm, spiritual peace, relaxation and sluggish atmosphere of extended space, more delicate besides demure.



Like language, space, defined as a “container”, serves as a carrying form of matter that constructs the reality of our daily lives. Similarly to syntax, the spatial arrangement of buildings and community places reflects the nature of gender differences, aesthetic tastes and economic relations in society. In different spatial forms, the underlying logic and internal thinking of the design are all closely related to the users of the space, thus endowing the space with unique character, color and inherent natural attributes.


In the whole spatial sequence, it is not confined to the arrangement of horizontal and vertical lines, but through the design techniques such as segmentation, superposition and end scene, so that the space is well-arranged, and at the same time, the space should be injected with freedom and silence.


项目名称:枕山skin care