FG 2022 万象天地旗舰店从全新的VI视觉识别系统到SI品牌店铺形象都进行了颠覆性的全面升级。摒弃从前一字排开的FARRO GRANO传统logo标识,取而换之的是上下对称式的拉长细线黑体字母,下面单词故意做了上下翻转的设计手法,而仍然保持着单词可辨识度,视觉效果精致而不失趣味性,且又提高了品牌识别度。

FG 2022 The MixC SZ flagship store has undergone a comprehensive and subversive upgrade from the new VI visual identification system to the SI brand store image.Instead of the traditional FARRO GRANO logo, which used to be lined up in a row, we replaced it with symmetrical, elongated thin lines in bold letters. The following words are deliberately flipped up and down, while still maintaining the legible words. The visual effect is exquisite and interesting, and the brand recognition is improved.


Original shop space is not an equilateral triangle, maximum use of the longest edge shows the shop front, close to four meters large LED screen and open the window display of all the most visually stunning effect, makes into the shop, the guests first capture the FG transfer brand information, the store entrance is clever and window display together, with show model brushed past, the guests into the shop, An immersive shop experience with people.


the column in the middle of the shop is very measured, into the shop, after moving line no matter came in from the left or right, surrounded by cylindrical circular line can browse, let customers a full range of goods, different posture at the entrance of line array model both the heuristic dynamic effect, also broke the traditional rigid set window state, make space clever and more administrative levels feels.


The wall color of the store is mild and advanced earth color, with irregular spotlights and simple display shelves, sending out charming warm and elegant temperament. Exquisite and fashionable props and items in the store adorn the atmosphere of the store very well. The contrast between the slanted wooden column leading to the ceiling and the large column in the middle gives the store a unique architectural aesthetic feeling.


The staggered slanting Angle is like a symphony injecting infinite vitality into the space… The most unique highlight of the store design is the on-site terrazzo craft floor. Irregular marble fragments are implanted, and the smooth texture of carefully polished ground gives the floor a cutting-edge geometric aesthetic feeling, which makes people look unforgettable.




项目名称:FARRO GRANO flagship store





主创及设计团队: JAYSON KU