服装是一种通过生命游动的艺术,空间是承载生命的容器。作为一家中国独立设计师品牌,ANNAKIKI擅长用面料与剪影来诠释其“简时髦、轻优雅、趣味性”的服装精神,而锦莳设计Joy Season空间设计中高饱和度的色彩,相互冲突又能产生对话的介质,以及戏剧性的情景设置与前者“怪诞少女”的形象不谋而合。

Clothing is a kind of art wandering with lives, and space is a container for lives. As a Chinese independent designer brand, ANNAKIKI excels at using fabrics and silhouettes to interpret its “simple, elegant, and fun” spirit of clothing. While in Joy Season’s design, people can find high saturation colors, dramatic scenarios, and media that conflicting but can still dialogue between each other. All of these coincide with the image of the ANNAKIKI’s “bizarre girl”.

在打造ANNAKIKI全新概念店空间形象之前,锦莳设计Joy Season创始人梁海涛已经演绎了一系列富含张力的作品。因为受到时间与空间的限制,他需要精准地抽离出直击灵魂的设计元素来实现令人兴奋的空间! 因此,鲜艳的红色成为全新概念店的主角,具有光感和充满未来气息的银色拉丝不锈钢墙面为主色调铺垫出一个简洁有力的背景,从而清晰地阐述了这一独立设计师品牌“拒绝千人一面”的主张。

Before designing this new concept store for ANNAKIKI, the founder of the Joy Season, Haitao Liang, has already performed a series of works brimming with stories and tension. Because of the limitations of time and space, he needs to accurately extract the key element that can strike a soul straightway to create an exciting space! Therefore, the bright red color becomes the protagonist of the new concept store, and the shiny futuristic silver brushed stainless steel wall surface as a main tone turns into a simple and powerful background, thus clearly explaining the independent designer brand’s idea: “Never be the same”.


Simplicity and power is one of Haitao Liang’s design methods to create dramatic space. While highlighting the core concepts, supportive elements are often presented in a clean and modern architectural language. A combination of powerful and delicate details not only brings a strong thematic atmosphere, but also releases the richness of the space. For example, the dressing mirror standing next to the fitting room does not have any decoration, but it perfectly reflects the beauty of fashion from those young girls. Correspondingly, the two “eyes of the future” printed on the red wall in the fitting room also add a lot of joy to the space.

此外,尽管从2017年起,品牌已经连续6次受邀进入米兰时装周官方走秀日程,ANNAKIKI却认为一件好的服装不仅体现在T台艺术上,而是要让更多人接受并能穿出去。为了让大众感受服装的生命力,锦莳设计Joy Season特意在空间显眼处设计了一组镶嵌于红色不锈钢立柱上的大红线轴(Red Thread)装置。在其一侧,18根排列有序粉色石柱陈列出眼镜、鞋帽、皮包等服装之外的饰品,与之呼应的是顶部白色的灯柱,烘托出展品独有的质感与色泽。

In addition, although the brand has been invited to Milan Fashion Week six times since 2017, ANNAKIKI believes that good clothing should not only be on the runway, but also allow more people to accept and wear. In order to let the public feel the vitality of the clothes, Joy Season deliberately designed an installation with a set of red thread embedded in red stainless steel columns at an eye-catching place. On one side, 18 orderly aligned pink stone pillars display accessories such as glasses, shoes, hats, bags, along with some white light poles at the top bringing out the unique texture and color of the displays.


In order to soften the hardness and coldness of stainless steel, and to make the space more vivid as well, Haitao has created several arches in different directions, and let this element extend to the surrounding clothes racks. The collision of softness and hardness, warmth and coldness, immerses customers into the dramastic and fascinating experience.

在设计师梁海涛看来,这个世界上再也不缺少一家陈设精良、精美装潢的服装店了,缺少的是高级有灵,空间磁场与品牌精神可以完美统一的时装屋——在这样的空间里,服装精神和灵魂得到延续,并且让每一个来店的人都可以被这种氛围所围绕。就像选择服装,我们选择的不仅仅是当下流行的款式,更是穿上以后我是谁的气质精神。ANNAKIKI的服装精神是独特而充满魅力的,这不是一个未经世事的粉红少女,也不是只有职场干练的office lady… …这是一个活色生香、红唇饱满、眼光流转的大女孩,而这,也是这间时装屋所希望传达的精神。

In the view of designer Haitao Liang, there is no shortage of a well-furnished and beautifully decorated clothing store in the world. What is lacking is a high-spirited fashion house where space magnetic field and brand spirit can be perfectly unified. In such a space. The spirit and soul of clothing is able to continue, and everyone who comes to the store can be surrounded by this atmosphere. Just like choosing clothes, we choose not only the currently trendy styles, but also the temperament of who I am when wearing them. ANNAKIKI’s clothing spirit is unique and charming. This is not an inexperienced little girl, nor a sophisticated office lady. This is a lively big girl with red full lips and shining fond gazing. This is also the spirit that this fashion house hopes to convey.


When ANNAKIKI’s first concept store was unveiled in Chongqing in mid-January 2019, the extraordinary experience in that 100-square-meter room was radiant in the Fog City, and it just rightly explained Haitao’s thinking about the future retail space. “All unique and memorable experiences should start from the brand genes, and when the construction skills become more sophisticated and the technological interaction becomes more superb, the resonance of the human level will become an urgent proposition.”

▲平面布置图,layout plan












Project information——

Project name: Bizarre Girls’ Closet —— A brand new fashion house for ANNAKIKI designed by Joy Season

Design: JOY SEASON Studio

Design year: 2018.10

Completion Year: 2019.01

Leader designer & Team: Hector LEUNG

Project location: 2F, The Mixc, No.55, Xiejiawan Road, Jiulongpo District, Chongqing, China

Gross Built Area (square meters): 108㎡

Photo credits: Arttteeezy


Brands / Products used in the project: Red Thread,Brushed Steel,White Terrazzo