Sonos及其多房间音频扬声器和系统因其易于设置和提供性能而闻名,不会出现其他多房间和扬声器系统的延迟或质量下降的情况。现在,Sonos希望通过他们的第一家店铺扩大宣传他们的品牌形象 ——这是他们最近在波士顿办事处设计展览的后续工作。这家4200平方英尺的新店把他们完整的音频组件生产线放在“小房子”里,所有的设计都是为了模拟厨房、客厅和书房。

Sonos and their multi-room audio speakers and systems have earned a reputation for being easy to setup and offering performance without the lag or quality degradation of other multi-room and speaker systems. Now Sonos is looking to expand their brand presence with their first store location – a continuation of their commitment to design recently exhibited within their Boston offices. This new 4,200 square-foot store situates their complete product line of audio components inside “tiny homes”, all designed to simulate a kitchen, living room, and study.


Custom wallpaper with playful designs adorn the interiors of each listening room, alongside hand woven rugs, full bookshelves, and custom furniture from Partners & Spade.

每个Sonos聆听室都装饰有自己的定制墙纸设计,包括伦敦的法国插画家Thibaud Herem的建筑效果图和素描;纽约装饰画家马克·张伯伦手绘经典图案;纽约漫画家马克·斯塔马提(Mark Stamaty)为SoHo区Sonos商店定制的插画。

Each Sonos Listening Room is adorned with its own custom wallpaper design, including architectural renderings and sketches by London-based French illustrator Thibaud Herem; hand-painted classic patterns by New York-based decorative painter Mark Chamberlain; and a custom illustration of the Sonos store’s home in SoHo by New York cartoonist Mark Stamaty.


Each of the 10-by-12-foot Listening Rooms are acoustically tuned to give visitors a fully optimized experience, with an opportunity to try the Sonos systems hands-on through a self-guided, multi-room listening walk-thru that closely mimics sound within the home.

▲Sonic Youth Fame的Thurston Moore拥有的稀有盒式磁带的集合。

This is a collection of rare cassette tapes owned by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame.


That’s 279 Sonos speakers creating this wall of sound.


Additional details surrounding these listening rooms further expands upon a “wall of sound” theme represented by walls literally comprised of speakers, albums, cassette tapes, and music ‘zines.

▲没有菲尔·斯佩克特(Phil Spector),但嘻哈政治家里克·鲁宾(Rick Rubin)却以一种平静的状态占据了突出地位。

No Phil Spector, but hip-hop statesman Rick Rubin is prominently represented in a state of peaceful repose.


Each of the Listening Rooms was custom-built with four layers of acoustic sheet rock and a 2,000-lb, steel-framed glass door to ensure sounds are contained within each small space. Beveled glass and a parallel wall that alternates absorptive and reflective materials also work together to properly create the ultimate sound quality within each room.