“ZHIZHI CHA”, founded in Wuhan in 2009, is now part of Wuhan Jiangchuangweilai Catering Management Co., Ltd. The milk tea section of the company was born on a beautiful campus, Huazhong Agricultural University. In 2009, the first store was named ZOO MILK TEA.

之之茶「ZHIZHI CHA」,2009年创立于武汉,现隶属于武汉江创味来餐饮管理有限公司,公司奶茶板块诞生于一所美丽的校园,华中农业大学,2009年第一门店起名ZOO MILK TEA。




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▲ SHIYAN hiyan Huayue City Commercial


ZHIZHI CHA and Zones Design have completed a brand new ZHIZHI CHA tea shop in Shiyan, China. With fresh milk mainly combined with seasonal fruit mixed tea and pure tea, the design replaces ZHIZHI CHA’s brand tea green and local elements as an extension of the design.

ZHIZHI CHA和众舍设计事务所在中国十堰完成了一家全新的ZHIZHI CHA茶饮店。以新鲜的牛乳为主配合时令水果混合茶及纯茶,设计选用了ZHIZHI CHA的品牌茶绿色及在地性元素为基础延伸设计。




and Light


The venue is placed on the street side of the mall on the 1F, creating two lines of movement between the outer court and the inner court. Therefore, we hope to remove the lintel of the inner court so that the top surface is visually on the same horizontal line. The entire infield plan is divided into three parts, the running water console, the dim grille, and the glowing eaves.




Brand color

Rammed earth


In terms of the space tone, inspired by the brand’s tea-green series, it is blended into low-saturation gray-green and placed in the upper space. Through the combination of light body BOX and mirror surface, a light visual experience similar to “suspended” is created. In the lower part of the space, rammed-earth slab walls and gray grindstones with diametrically opposite rough textures are used. The design attempts to dismantle the space fragments and use a contradictory visual technique to lay out the oriental intent in line with contemporary nature and imagination




Brand color

Rammed earth


This project is designed with the concept of “Nature·Rhythm”, breaking the original spatial pattern, trying to build an orderly visual element, and using modern design language to try to establish a contemporary and abstract “Oriental intention” approaching nature and abstraction from materials and lighting. . The design team hopes to derive a contrast and conflicting sensory experience on the facade space through the gradient of colors and the touch of the space, creating a rich and unified spatial expression.



地点 : 十堰市华悦城1F

室内面积 : 80平方米


设计总监 : 王辉

项目团队 : 王辉、戴奇伟、李伟军、张天丽

设计期 : 2020.10- 2020.11

施工期 : 2020.11-2020.11

材料 : 绿众木、龟一水磨石、迪高材料

灯具 :  石客照明

摄影 : 云央视觉 – 汪海波

Project information——

Location : 1F, Huayue City, Shiyan City

Net Area :  80㎡

Interior Design : ZONES DESIGN

Director : Wanghui

Design Team : Wanghui, Daiqiwei, LIweijun, Zhangtianli

Design Period : 2020.10 -2020.11

Construction Period : 2020.11- 2020.11

Materials : Greenzone、Guiyi Terrazzo、EYE-D-CIRCLE

Lighting :  SIKI

Photography :  Yunyang Vision-Wang Haibo