In the cage of the city, people are used to taking care of their hearts with food. In the understanding of the design on the ridge, this warmth reflects the return and creation of the immersive dining environment. When the daylight of the day is replaced by the shadows of the night, natural beauty and mystery collide here, and in the gloom, a sense of intimacy deepens.


The essence of Japanese cuisine lies in its adherence to nature, its focus on restoring the original taste of food and its delicacy. Designers take this as a sense, the symbiosis of food and design, space philosophy and food to meet the true nature, the space into a not publicity, quality and real essence of profound and serious. Food space, visitors and at this time share a breathing rhythm, can be met but not sought.






“Millennium Falcon” is located in the corner of the bustling city, hidden in the bustling city wind and moon, the world of fireworks, not limited to morning and evening, in this quiet time, wind and smoke are clean. Conceptually and aesthetically, the facades continue the exquisite simplicity of Japanese cuisine. The meeting of food and design is the designer’s perception of space with unique design feeling after perceiving the core of culture and spirit.


The hidden porch is decorated with a special material of natural installation, using the subtle treatment of deflection, distortion and camouflage, concealing the sight, covering the space cage with a layer of mystery, luring diners into it with forbidden fun. The black exterior walls are faintly glossy, and the wood veneer and glass mirror Windows evoke the quiet and elegant beauty of natural elements in the hustle and bustle of the city.


Underground corner, a glimpse of the designer’s ultimate pursuit. In a xunme to create the nature of heaven and earth, a stone and a leaf, a scene is consistent, simple and extraordinary, plain but not few, every detail is permeated with the designer’s unique ingenuity to aesthetics, to the spirit.




Green vistas burst forth in the black space. The collision of colors presents a restrained beauty. Desolated and silent, telling the space of refinement and solitude. As if guests step into this place, life will change from bustling to quiet, from noisy to quiet.


The black reception space breaks the traditional impression of contemporary restaurant and bar design. Dark but not oppressive experiences and Spaces enhance the perception of the senses. The wide bar, which intersects visitors and the space, connects them in a special way. In the connecting corridor, the designer integrates the traditional landscaping techniques of panoramic view and framed view to describe the spatial relationship.


Walking through here, it’s like everything is included. Along the corridor, slowly into the space, from the door to the dining area. Suddenly I can see wide. Stepping into the space, the natural scene of the outdoors falls on the raw and rough ground. The stone and brick floor sheds its original hard shell and becomes gentle and beautiful.


The handmade bricks are arranged in a close order, showing a natural, unadorned look. Its uneven surface texture, silent tells the beauty of natural creation.


Footsteps along the aisle, and sometimes the path bifurcation, the diners to the box. The box continues the overall tone, the privacy of the space is stronger, three or two friends meet here, tasting food, sharing leisure time.


The wood continues from the facade to the interior, flowing and integrated. The light flows slowly and evenly from the corners, from under the furniture and partition walls to the surface. Diners sit in front of the green, the branches and the light forming a shade. The elegant environment creates a comfortable dining experience.


A number of circular holes are set on the partition door to act as perspective holes, which project the external scene onto the opposite wall, making guests feel as if they are entering a “camera obscura”. Sneak a peek inside and the light shines through the holes, illuminating a table of gourmet food like a still life painting. Limited decoration, but guide out of infinite space imagination.




Details, but also the key to improve the quality of space. The combination of mossy green, warm matte and almost black tones evokes a shadowy atmosphere steeped in mystery. From space to plants, decorative details and a return to nature are highlighted.


The focus is on the design, which uses a lot of natural materials, whether it is wood veneer or block rock, to retain its natural texture. Design comes from nature, where points, lines and surfaces create space. With the eye in mind, the design explores the possibility of dining space, creating a rich and long-lasting experience, creating a dining environment where nature and people coexist harmoniously.




项目面积:200 m²










Project Information——

Project name:Millennium Falcon

Project Address:Shenzhen Qianhai Yinli Store

Area:200 m²

Completion time:2023.03

Owner:Shenzhen Millennium Falcon Catering Management Co., LTD

Interior Design and soft design:GS Design

Design Director:Li Liangchao, Huang Yuanman

Soft outfitting director:Feng Yu

Design Team:ZhongZhige, XieXiufen

Brand design:Spiculture communication

Lighting:Shi Ke lighting