“The grass is bearing its seeds, and the wind is shaking its leaves. We just stand without any talking. This is the beauty. “ The essence of life is very simple. A kind of delicious food and a piece of pure land can bring us poetic warmth and beauty.


The Dorayaki restaurant in this case is located in Hubin, Hangzhou. Combining with the delicious characteristics of Dorayaki, the designer has put warm and soft humanistic feelings into the space design. Through practical, light, simple and generous design means, the fast in and fast out commercial space has been built into a beautiful place to comfort the soul.

柔和的存在  Existence of Softness


The significance of architecture is not to form a visible object with various materials, but to deal with the relationship between space and human skillfully with design language. The front door design of the restaurant is concise and capable, full of structural and modern sense. The designer adopted flexible and beautiful arc to weaken the stiffness of the building, releasing the soft space temperature, and shortening the distance between people and the building.


At the same time, the concave door makes a space concession. It leaves a small part of the indoor space to the outside, expresses gentle inclusiveness and enriches the space level, provides a stop for passers-by and more possibilities for in-depth communication between pedestrians and restaurants.


The large transparent glass, the exquisite ice crystal glass brick and the cement ash full of texture coexist harmoniously in the quiet atmosphere, connecting the internal and external space, composing lots of soft and beautiful melodies. The brand name is simple, clean and highly recognizable, which exudes a touch of warmth in calmness.


The door handle is designed as the first letter of the restaurant name, which is made of stainless steel, forming an exclusive space symbol and presenting the ultimate advanced feeling. The inner softness of every consumer can be touched.

精简的梦境  Simple Dream


Push the door and enter, then come to the restaurant. The design of the interior space abandons the complicated decoration and adopts a simple way to break the space barrier. Consumers can see the console at the first glance when they enter the door, forming a direct interactive relationship with the restaurant.


In terms of space color, it is mainly composed of quiet and simple cement ash, which expresses the pragmatism of the space with its natural color. The whole space is unobtrusive but not losing its connotation, as well as calm and warm.


A small amount of stainless steel bench and simple standing tables are used to create the experience scene of “Pop-up Store”. Meanwhile, these exquisite modeling designs form an effective division of human flow moving lines, increase the flow frequency of customers, strengthen the connection between people and people, people and space, and endow the space with more human feelings.


At the counter, the designer also carefully adopted arc-shaped lamp posts to add a sense of space composition and geometry, injecting tenderness and warmth into the space. Standing by the counter, everything is so simple and quiet, just like a sweet dream.

心灵的疗愈  Spiritual Healing


In order to eliminate the strangeness and waiting feeling of customers, the designer set a water bar on the wall inside the door. The streamlined table with both functionality and geometric beauty, enriches the space level and soothes the consumers’ inner feelings like flowing water.


The service desk is connected with the grill furnace, which can quickly meet the needs of consumers. Meanwhile, the grilling furnace is covered with transparent glass, forming a visual effect of “separation without breaking”. Consumers can watch the production process of Dorayaki from a close distance, and slowly immerse themselves in the warmth and beauty of delicious food under the comfort of wisps of fragrance.


Brand name is presented on the wall in a simple way, which seems to tell people that the method of healing the soul is very simple, just beside yourself.


The designer of this case thinks that the design of commercial space should dilute the profits influence, express the simplicity and beauty of life, and purify people’s heart while meeting the functional needs, so as to make life beautiful and warm.










Project Information——

Project Name:Hubin AS Dorayaki

Project Location:Hangzhou, China

Company Name:Damai Interior Design

Chief Designer:Black Lv, Xinbiao Guan

Completion Date:April, 2020

Project Area:40 square meters

Photographer:Hangzhou Hanmo Cultural Transmission