Masizzim is a 250 sqm Korean restaurant that blends contemporary design features with subtle traditional Korean elements throughout its design. Masizzim is located in the destination restaurant precinct of the Glen Shopping Centre, in Glen Waverly, Victoria, a vibrant hub for the local community created as a space for locals to gather, relax, socialise and dine.



Masizzim is welcoming, contemporary and brimming with authentic Korean touches. It instantly encourages visual curiosity by combining elements of timber, slate, bamboo and steel, creating a dramatic aesthetic where interior and exterior boundaries blur. The interior is warm, serene and delicate blending seamlessly with soft wooden and bamboo finishes.



The space is inspired by traditional Korean architecture and has a layered and naturalistic look. Sleek booths at the front of the space give way to smaller tables near a colourful translucent painted mural depicting a Korean village scene. A focal point for the eye and customer touch point that helps to evoke a sense of curiosity and authenticity through the use of traditional folk art.



The open kitchen plan creates a vibrant buzz, adding a layer of transparency to the dining experience where patrons feel as though they are privy to the meticulous preparation of their meals.

带纹理的网状玻璃,垂褶的帆布和带纹理的瓷砖墙有助于营造柔软感和趣味性。禅意墙照明带轨道点和窄光束进一步补充了空间,营造出柔和的气氛照明并增添了一点戏剧性。极简主义的布局提供了灵活性,可以移动较小的桌子。 在如何安排和使用空间方面提供更大的灵活性。 雕刻的竹树将眼睛吸引到空间的背面,进一步营造出深度和开放感。

Textured mesh glass, draped celling canvases and textured tiled walls help to create softness and interest. The space is further complimented by zen wall lighting with track spots and narrow beams to create soft mood lighting and add a little drama. The somewhat minimalist layout offers flexibility with smaller tables able to be moved. Providing greater flexibility in how the space can be arranged and used. A sculptural bamboo tree draws the eye to the back of the space further creating depth and a sense of openness.

Masizzim由两个韩语单词“delicious”和“jjim”组合而成,“jjim”意为“炖菜”,是这家餐厅的特色菜,通常是在节日期间预留,在韩国的高档餐厅供应。考虑到这一点,Corso Interior Architecture团队开始着手创造一个空间,甚至可以满足最挑剔的享乐主义者。

Masizzim combines two Korean words the word ‘delicious’ and the word ‘jjim’, meaning ‘stew’ the restaurant’s specialty dish, often reserved for holidays and served in high-end restaurants in Korea. With this in mind, the team at Corso Interior Architecture set out to create a space to satisfy even the most fastidious epicurean.


设计公司:Corso Interior Architecture
摄影:Ting En Wong