The Redoublefish (For exquisite design, we replace ‘Red double fish’ with ‘Redoublefish’) design is the product of a new national fashion combining Chinese traditional art with contemporary cultural exchanges. Designers hope to show the synesthesia effect of eating through the brand. Meanwhile, consumers can experience tangible products and intangible culture to enjoy the concretization and abstraction.


The name of Redoublefish is based on the category and Chinese regional culture, using the word combination method for naming.


Red is a traditional Chinese festive color, representing happiness and peace.Double, represents good implication of a pair in the traditional Chinese culture and the meaning of integration as well. Fish, which is directly related to the brand category, can be used to improve the classification of the restaurant through the name.


While containing the product features, the name also gives the brand excellent meaning. The classic “Redoublefish” with a sense of the times has covered the brand with a retro temperament, making the brand image more impressive and highlighting the core of the brand.


The name of Redoublefish is the dominant idea of the whole design.


After the analysis and extraction of the name of Redoublefish, designer adopted many design elements related to traditional Chinese culture and festive culture in both space and graphic design, and implemented the naming of Redoublefish throughout and fully into the design.


Red: cinnabar


Green: stone green


Gold: muddy gold


Several colors selection of Redoublefish are both the matching color of traditional Chinese painting pigment and one of the traditional architectural colors of China.


Red is one of the most popular colors in China. In the thousands years of spreading in China, red can represent auspicious and happy implication the most. Designer built the scene atmosphere with red as the main colour in the space in the hope of bringing this happy and cheerful feeling to customer.Designer added green cleverly in the scene, making the whole space have the texture with cold and warm contrast with calmness in the liveliness. Adding certain amount of golden color to enable the space to become more comfortable harmonious with spirit and vitality.


The Redoublefish uses rammed earth from the ancient building materials on its space wall to reflect the overall texture of the space.In China, rice symbolizes harvest and joy. The designer spread rice husk on the surface of the rammed earth, making extraordinary implication revealed in the ordinary rammed earth.


The background of the restaurant runs through with double dragons, which can not only remind people of the happy dragon dance scene in the Chinese folk festival, but also cover the magnificent atmosphere of double dragon.


The chandelier hang on the countertop is designed with firecrackers during Chinese New Year as the scene.


From a distance, it looks like a red lantern. From a closer view, the square bar presented by the multiple sides of the chandelier is more like the scattered fireworks after the explosion of. Hung one above the table alone, the festive atmosphere can also be promoted in detail place.


The appearance of the box is a modern simplified Chinese traditional architectural structure and the simplified design makes the whole space look relatively young and easy.From the outside, it‘s a scene of a normal indoor box.


The sense of tranquility in the box seems to have nothing to do with the bustling world outside the door. The unique pine branches passing through the round door in the room, reflecting the extreme quiet and elegant beauty.


The box presents a space with a scene of Chinese courtyard. The ground is an endless non-polar black and white with the shape like a rippling surface.Like this, open the door of the box, here is an altogether different world.


We think that in the process of integrating Chinese traditional culture, we should constantly absorb new directions, new things and new ideas suitable for ourselves.The design of Redoublefish is a process of constantly absorbing traditional experience and we constantly extract and benefit from Chinese traditional art by integrating and transforming Chinese traditional culture into reality to make the brand design radiate new era features in itself, and become a brand new and universal national fashion brand.






主创设计:黄旭东 陈层锐