JOY BOX盒里合作的第三家店铺在西安W Hotel的下沉广场开业了,这次我们希望在突出品牌记忆点的同时,能融合一些当地元素

The third project that we cooperated with JOY BOX located in Xi’an W Hotel sunken square, and it just started its business recently. We aimed at blending in some local elements into this project while keep the brand’s own characteristic at the same time.

  • 给盒子订制了新衣服
  • Tailor a new suit for the BOX


We extended the concise and lively brand style of JOY BOX in this project. The symbolic black and white stereoscopic light boxes were used, but we decided to make some changes basing on the city scape of Xi’an.


The Bell Tower together with the Drum Tower is the landmark of Xi’an. The multiple eaves as well as the shining green glazed tiles left us a deep impression. We used the space concept of cascade as a substitute for multiple eaves, and the green marble we used acted as the symbol of green glaze. The space would echo with the Xi’an city.


Seeking elements from city itself

  • 一面不足,各方来补
  • Reinforce weaknesses


The original space of the project was narrow and slender thus the display part was limited and what’s worse, there is a grade beam lying at the entrance, which makes the space more cramped. But the spatial experience is multidimensional, we can use other part’s strong points to reinforce weaknesses.


With the designing of varieties of seats forms, the problems could be solved.


The cascade light box placed at the entrance attracted and conducted the customers. The visual tension is strengthened according to the comparison between the exquisite green marble and bass chandelier and the rough concrete wall.


Simple in ichnography and rich in three-dimension


The JOY BOX is dressed in the style of Xi’an. We wanted to prove that different feelings can be expressed through the changing of different material used on geometry blocks which formed the space. The last but not the least, we believed that the order and logic are the core of space.




空间设计师:熊天宇 张筱锴







材料:混凝土 不锈钢 大理石 黄铜

Project information——

Design agency: Pure’s Design

Space designer: Tianyu Xiong, Xiaokai Zhang

Design Implementation: Hongda Lu

Editor: Chengcheng Feng

Project location: W hotel sunken plaza, east qujiangchi road

Project area: 90 m²

Time of completion:2019.1

Photographer: Xiaokai Zhang

Material: concrete, stainless steel, marble, brass