BASTO is a footwear brand under the banner of Belle International. In recent years, BASTO has focused on creating footwear in “Light Fashion” – advocating free-living and unrestrained lifestyle for women and providing comfortable products for different scenarios. In 2021, BASTO has launched the campaign of “Live Lightly” and invited MOC to design its annual pop-up store.

▲概览 Overview

Strengthening Brand Impression:“Light” With “Dance”


BASTO has experience in building pop-up stores in the past years, which generated certain buzz and helped with the brand communication. But its concept of “Light Fashion” has not yet deeply rooted, resulting in a weak brand identity in the market. Evolving with the times, culture and art have gradually become a favorable push to re-energize business, and pop-up stores, as an attention-grasping form of business, can help a brand quickly spread their core spirit to consumers by strengthening the image of the concept, and inspire them to spread positive word-of-moth publicity.

结合 “轻姿无界”的年度主题,MOC选择以芭蕾舞为设计切入点–舞蹈所体现的柔美轻盈、自由无拘束以及身体的协调平衡,与BASTO的品牌调性非常贴合,另一方面,品牌的核心产品也以舞鞋作为核心延展,鞋品脚感多像舞鞋般轻柔舒适。

Based on the annual theme of “Live Lightly”, MOC chose ballet as the design touchpoint – the softness and lightness, freedom and balance of the body embodied in dance are very much in line with the brand tone of BASTO. On the other hand, surrounding dance shoes, the brand has developed core products that feels as soft and comfortable as dance shoes.

▲产品展示Product display

Light But Powerful: Dance-like Architectural Form


MOC simplified the trajectory of a ballet dancer’s spinning into two concentric circles. By shifting the inner circle, a dynamic spinning effect is created, thus the spatial pattern of the pop-up store is formed.

▲俯瞰 Aerial view

▲平面图 floorplan


In order to quickly make an impression on consumers and increase brand awareness, MOC chose a restrained architectural look to gain attention. The architectural texture is derived from the classic Tutu dress – a ballet dress made of multiple layers of stiff yarn.

▲穿着TUTU裙的舞者 Dancer in Tutu dress


Combined with the BASTO auxiliary triangle graphic, MOC designed a diamond shape with concave curved cross-section. A gauze-like semi-permeable texture is created with the finely perforated panels, which forms a facade that looks like the pleated tutu. The multi-layer perforated panels make the display inside the pop-up store appear as if hidden. Although it is made of metal, it presents a soft and lightweight quality.

▲结合品牌辅助图形和tutu裙构成的立面肌理 Façade combining brand auxiliary graphics and Tutu dress

▲细密的冲孔消解了金属的坚硬感 The fine perforation counteracts the hardness of the metal

▲半通透的立面肌理 Semi-transparent facade

▲多层冲孔板若隐若现,呈现出柔美轻盈的质感 Multiple perforated panels appear as if hidden, presenting a soft and lightweight quality


From the outside to the inside, the dominant hue of the framework is the brand’s signature turquoise. It spirals up in a dynamic and balanced style, which highlights the attributes of the brand. No matter consumers pass by or stand within the store, they get carried away by a strong awareness of the brand.

▲绿色纱裙般轻盈的外立面 The green gauze-like airy facade

▲轴侧分析 Axonmetric analysis


The interior ceiling is mirrored to expand the space vertically, and the interior props are designed in dance form: the rotating spiral installation in the center is inspired by the classic ballet move – Pirouette.

▲空间展示道具形式来源于不同姿态的芭蕾舞者 The display props are inspired by ballet dancers in different postures

▲镜面天花纵向拓展了空间 The mirrored ceiling expands the space vertically


The shelves towards different directions as the showcases lend from the ideas of the change and rhythm of the dancer’s posture in the ballet dance. With the dance shoes displayed, it allows customers to instantly relate to the ballet scene.

▲舞者和展架 Dancer and display stand

▲富有韵律感的道具细节 Details of props in rhythm.

▲服务台细节 Details of Service Counter

The Challenge of Assembling


Like all the pop-up projects, this 13m x 13m store faced the challenges of a short construction period, and night shift only. Additionally, the project needs to be disassembled for transport and reinstalled for more display. MOC designed a structure with the ceiling and facade in modular sections, for easy installation and disassembly. All metal forms can be connected and clipped to each other in the most secure manner. Prior to shipping to the site for installation, they were pre-installed in the factory to test the feasibility and numbered for on-site installation before protective disassembly. All the components were transported to the site and installed in three nights. The project was eventually and perfectly presented to consumers.













Project Information——

Project Name:BASTO Pop-up Store

Chief Designers:Yang Zhenyu, Sam Liang

Project Director:Vivi Wu

Design Team:Li Juaner, Gu Songyu

Design Phase:March – May 2021

Completion:July 2021

Location:1F Atrium, Xiamen SM City


Materials:Metal perforated sheet, carpet, mirrored stainless steel


Photography:Lin Yongchen