Taste of Plant(植物的取向)是直接采集野生草木, 并将植物的质感和形态表现的就如园艺家的感觉,而这种工作方式与其说是“园艺”,不如说是一种“修行”。

In Taste of Plant, the method of collecting wild plants directly and transferring the texture and shape of plants to the sense of horticulturist is a performance rather than horticulture.


该小工作室建于1971年,位于钟路区栗谷路花园塔(Garden Tower)上,历经半个世纪的时间,通过痕迹讲述了自己的历史。为了重新给与生气需要了解及发现曾经闭塞的过去,与此同时去除被时间磨损的部分,留下时间留下的部分的工作也是一种“修行”。

The small studio located at the Garden Tower in Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, built in 1971, has overcome time for half a century and talked about its own history through traces. Discovering the long-closed past and breathing in, removing some worn-out time, and leaving the rest of the time alone are also one of the tasks.






The work of stuffing finite time of space and plant, letting them objectified with borrowing the horticulturist’s language is a material and method that takes down the time of two objects.







项目名称: Taste of Plant

设计方:Creative Studio Unravel

项目设计&完成年份:2020年 04月

主创及设计团队:Creative Studio Unravel

项目地址: 1F,84, Yulgok-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

建筑面积 :12.4sqm

摄影版权:Sunghoon, Han