Every time I recall Shenzhen as a city, the adjectives “young” and “modern” emerge from my mind. It is young and full of vigor. In more than 30 years, it has transformed from a border town to a modern city, relying not only on barbaric growth, but also on the constant surge of innovative blood.


The project is located in Bao’an District, Shenzhen, and its main business is high-tech and electronic categories. Because of its geographical and industrial characteristics, customers strive to create an open and dynamic office environment with international innovation, breaking the shackles of the traditional office environment.


The traditional grid office environment is like a sealed machine space. Individuals are bound to a fixed position and become a world of their own, like a screw that has been screwed. But all this is changing, and the open and somewhat cool office environment has become the favorite of young people. In the planning of this project, the designer breaks the problem from the idea of communication and cooperation, takes humanities as the condiment, and injects the sense of technology and art into the future, so as to create a more fun office environment.


Art should not be an unattainable luxury, but a daily product, just like food for life. Designers regard the case space as a whole work of art to create, office space into art space, while adding modern humanities, shaping the unique temperament of the office.


Front office area as the initial impression of the office, projecting the sense of art and technology. Surface modelling outlines the cold lines. Surface and surface intersect, overlap and merge with each other, and have interesting dialogue with metal works of art on one side.


The wooden furniture in the water bar leisure area has a soft sense of space science and technology, bringing a warm and moist sense of space texture. The negotiation room is like a half-open box, half hidden, half open, and the black background is like a stage curtain, which arouses a lot of reverie.


The multi-functional hall is composed of intersecting lines and blocks. The irregular lines are concise and powerful in structure, with visual rhythm and aesthetic feeling, and rich in spatial changes. Some of the blocks can move freely to meet the multi-functional use and create a variety of interesting space.


The whole case is paved with high purity white on a large area, and at the same time black is used as a complementary color to reconcile in space, showing the company’s sense of modernity and technology. Designers also place green plants in many places indoors to soften the sense of space science and technology and increase the humanistic and natural flavor. A touch of green means a blink of surprise, but also the ease of work. The floor-to-floor glass windows are used to introduce the outdoor scenery, and the day and night in Shenzhen become an indoor scene. The city is overlooked and the view of the city is panoramic. 


The General Administration has set up additional tea art zones and adopted new modern techniques to create elegant interiors. Wooden tea table delivers ancient rhyme, green pan scenic spot poetry. Tea aroma floats indoors to comfort the daily fatigue.


The original appearance of the project is the character of the apartment, each space is closed and independent, and the space is primitive and rough, and the activity line is relatively single. The designer reorganizes the overall pattern, opens each space, forms an open and clear environment, and divides the space into public area, open office area and closed office area according to different functions, which enriches the level of space.


Each area is connected in series with each other, and hidden door can be set up to meet the needs. In order to avoid the single and tedious moving line, the designer set up a bending radian device in the corridor to increase the interesting.


项目名称:荟办公室 –  International Avenue

项目地址:中国 深圳



设计总监: 何永明

设计团队: 周宏鼎、赖添保、曾明芳、粱翠珍、黄秀华、黄峥华、谢沛颖、劳捷敏、莫引

特别鸣谢:碧桂园莞深公司  张锦棠、王志敏、梁欣欣、张潮浪

设计面积:1000 ㎡


项目摄影: 彭宇宪

完工时间: 2019.03