D&M was invited by Aier Eye Hospital Group Co.,Ltd to build Shenzhen AIER See You Ophthalmology, which was completed in TCL Building, Nanshan District, Shenzhen. The core of the design project is to overturn the traditional and conservative medical design, from the brand concept and visual design to the creation of brand experience space, to create a high-level service experience in the domestic eye medical field.


Change and connection are the key to the future of ophthalmic medicine. Multi-level brand value construction and all-dimensional experience in the 1200 square meter space is a new scene that tells a perfect transformation story of “Finding a better yourself”, and create a “Youth dream field” that young people are fascinated by nowadays.


D&M determined the design strategy: “to create a 1200 square meters of ophthalmic medical aesthetic space, open structure connecting diversity and interest, the emotional experience of young people in the fashion community encapsulates the experience core of rational diagnosis and treatment process, display AIER See You brand personality and temperament between the extension”.


Based on the tonality of design “youth, vitality, graceful”, the brand identity adopts a more fashionable style and youthful dynamic double pupil design, symbolizing professional and enthusiastic blue and red department collocation, conveying safety and good brand information.“Find a better yourself” brand SLOGAN inspiring young people to imagine the possibilities of a better future.


“198 Mirroring” is the art installation of the front desk ceiling,designed by famous domestic artists.Dome is composed of 198 8K stainless steel mirrors. Looking up, you can see 198 mirror images of themselves dotted the sky like stars, implying the psychological suggestion of “Finding a better self”, and inspiring wonder and imagination like sparkling water.


Creative steel puppetry and blue ball, the philosophical conception of “Heaven, Earth and Human” and the imminent perfect transformation hint present a balanced and harmonious space language system.


The semi-private interstellar travel gate is built with youthful, romantic and fashionable styles. There is always one that suits your mind. Wander in it, or take a rest, or consult, or entertain yourself.


Burlywood clashing with bright white color, orderly and clear space rules, natural pleasure and rational professional precise presentation. The beauty of simplicity turns out to be so simple.


Large area wood color and stainless steel curved interior presents a balance of natural comfort and technological tension, stylish and simple guide system is pleasing to the eye.


The long arc observation window in the surgical observation area allows friends and relatives outside to see the whole process of refractive surgery immediately, making it safe and assured to see.


Unobstructed high transparency inside and outside field,the open and transparent design thinking is not only based on lighting and space release, but also can feel the highly confident and efficient and safe cognitive expression of AIER See You brand.


The semi-private space capsule rest area is full of artistic atmosphere, and the minimalist arc of separation implies a perfect and rigorous sense of order.


The colorful nurses’ station is full of enthusiasm and beauty. A bright color in minimalism is stunning and warm.


The circular arc design of the whole space makes it soft and more intimate. The ceiling is like starry sky ornament, vast and beautiful.


D&M have built three main core experience areas of “Beauty (Change for beauty), Knowledge (Trust for knowledge), and Faith (Action for faith)”, insight into the consumer’s infiltrating experience process under the consumer psychology.


There was a solemn silence in the early evening , AIER See You.


D&M adhering to the design concept of “making retail innovation more fun and effective” ,focus on brand upgrading and space creative experience design in the new retail field.We are committed to creating top-notch retail space creative experience and brand marketing visual design for forward-looking clients in different industries,create top-notch visual design for retail space creative experience and brand marketing promotion.

















项目地址:中国 深圳






Project Information——

Project name:Shenzhen Aier See You Ophthalmic Outpatient Department

Project owners:Aier Eye Hospital Group

Designer:D&M (Guangzhou) Creative Design Co., Ltd

Chief creative design:Jacky

Designer Team:Galen lee,Liu Weiyan,Lin Tao

Visual design:Yuan Shanming,Sheng Wei,Dong Lan

Party A team:Li Xiao,Qv Juan,Chen Yuan

Engineering management:Zhou Zhiyong,Chen Kanglin

Engineering unit:Hunan Ruilian Building Decoration Co.,Ltd

Installation art:Guangzhou Nineart Installation Art Co., Ltd

Prop customization:Guangzhou V-Done showcase Co.,Ltd

Furniture customization:Shenyang Sunon Wenyi Furniture Co., Ltd

Main material supplier: Shenzhen Lansen Integrated Technology Co.Ltd

Guangzhou Gold Kings Building Material Co., Ltd

Shanghai Euroart Decoration Materials Co.,Ltd

Project address:Shenzhen,China

Completion time:February 2022

Building area:1200m²

Visual & Media management:Li Fan,Ye Zejian

Photographer:Vincent,Wu Fei

Written by:Yuan Shanming