The project is located in Liming Road, Guandu District, Kunming City, Yunnan Province. Before the renovation, the site was Olive Tree Hot Spring Hotel, which has been abandoned for a long time and surrounding public space for community activities is scarce. Therefore, it becomes particularly precious to build a public activity space in such a typical community. The owner hopes to provide a place for daily basketball entertainment and education and training for the surrounding residents and children. The practice of the design aims to make full use of this vacant space, so as to improve the quality of life of the community residents.

▲空间分析图 space analysis


The site consists of two courts and a second storey functional area. A standard basketball court, 30 meters long and 17 meters wide, can provide regular basketball games and leisure activities; A pitch 24 meters long and 17 meters wide, although small, but enough for children to provide education, training, games and other needs. In addition, there are some functional space facilities, such as the entrance front desk, toilets, changing rooms, offices, the second level casual grandstand, VIP room, everything is open and shared.

▲球场一侧的粉色场地 Pink Basketball Court


The front desk area is accessed by the flow from the elevator to the third floor entrance. According to the needs of the use, the front desk is placed in the center of the whole field, the changing rooms, toilets and offices are located on the ground floor behind the front desk, the viewing platform is located on the second floor, and the spectators and athletes

▲从运动场望向中央功能区 View to the interior room from the basketball court

设计理念 Design Concept


The overall design idea is to show the street and industrial elements, mainly using concrete, metal plate, gradual acrylic, plywood, soft package and other materials, so that the interior space presents a sense of atmosphere of different shades. In order to make the space more identifiable, the bright pink and light strips called “gendered” are introduced to mark and emphasize the key areas of the site. The contrasting colors also give the space a special sense of geometry and power.

▲中央功能区视角 View to the interior room from the basketball court


The suspended ceiling structure of the abandoned site is built on an integrated reinforced concrete floor slab, with prefabricated reinforced concrete columns forming vertical support structures. The trusses on the roof are uniformly black-sprayed, with a span of 6 meters. Soundproof wall panels of different gray levels are used to fill the space between the columns. The columns are also connected with the suspended ceiling by a soft pink package of sound absorption and anti-collision.

▲室内采用黑色与粉色,配合橡木质地板等,创造一个有层次的空间 basketball court, using the neutral color tones, oak floor system to create an interior space with simple and elegant spatial layers

▲场地中的线性灯带与粉色围护结构组成的秩序感 A sense of order formed by linear light belts and pink envelope in the site

线型轴线 Color Palette


The design uses linear visual elements to connect the three interfaces of the ceiling, the ground and the wall. Within these rectangular areas, there are sports stands, social benches and seating devices for the athletes to rest. The striking “pink matrix” connects the pitch to the environment, visually extending the depth of the space and providing a continuous view.

▲线型空间 Linear visual elements


The acrylic light strips with linear elements and the pink color surrounding the columns and steel frames also play a role in defining the space, aiming to connect the different movement Spaces

visually and materially.

▲灯条的秩序感空间 Linear visual order


The different lengths of the lights form a musical rhythm, such as floating notes, extending to the sides, stimulating people’s energy, enlarging their range of action, making the game more intense, leaving a memorable impression.


The image expressed by the horizontal axis in space is the fantasy of infinite extension. A large number of linear proportions are used in the space, with linear lighting arrangements extending from the front desk to the wall columns and even the ceiling trusses on the large surface of the court. The floating sense of linear lamps and lanterns, together with the pink soft bag wrapped in the wall and ceiling, the delicate rhythm and fluctuation, depict a breathing organic picture.

色彩提炼 Color Palette


In the overall visual color, black and pink collocation brings strong visual impact, collocation neutralizes the feeling of pink tenderness, highlights the calm and profound space, balances the feeling of vitality and happiness brought by pink, and creates the ultimate pure space perception.

▲从运动场望向中央功能区 View to the interior room from the basketball court

▲贵宾室 The club room

▲休闲看台 The leisure platform


There’s no substitute for the contrast between pink and hardcore athletic boys. In the current social context, pink is no longer a color belonging to girls, and is endowed with the label of traditional feminine characteristics such as tenderness and loveliness. When the gentle and lovely man appeared in the blood spilling stadium, the sense of contrast formed is other colors can not produce, to achieve a tension of psychological pleasure. It’s a color that seems tacky yet powerful, modern and nostalgic.

材料的透明性 Sustainable material


The lighting and wall materials used in the whole space are customized acrylic, printed in a pink gradient. In the limited cost, combined with pink leather anti-collision soft bag, to enclose a basic unit space. The rich modules in different positions have special lap treatment, the purpose is to make the monotonous envelope become rich and affinity. Use the SIMPLE sense of material to acme, surround a virtual and real contrast is clear, transparent and sturdy and durable space.

▲入口前台 Entrance hall

▲前台与球场过渡区 View between reception and the basketball court

立面的设计 The elevation


The design emphasizes the spatial experience and visual experience wrapped by pink, which are complementary to each other. Light is used to enhance the gradient of pink in the facade, enhance the visual richness, and make the space volume transparent and complete.










建筑面积:1000 m²




Project Information——

Project Name:Element Sports Kunming Olive Tree Head Store

Designer:Parallect Design


Time of Design & Accomplishment:2021&2022

Main Designer and Design Team:Yan Dong

Address:No 118, Liming RD., Guandu DIST., Kunming, Yunnan

Covered Area:1000 m²

Copyright of Photography:Yixiang Wang

Partners:Kunming Shuoyue Advertising Company

Client:Kunming Yueti Sports Culture Company