Go out into the open world and listen to instructions of nature.


——布莱恩特 Bryant

If the desire for natural mountains is natural and normal for humans, then planting a forest is to root our ideal world in reality. In bustling Plaza 66, the design team from NONEZONE did their utmost to create a nature-oriented space, which enable those who have been confined in the urban life don’t have to travel far to enjoy their relaxed mind and body.






“The ‘lesser hermit’ lives in seclusion in the country, while the ‘greater hermit’ does so in the city.”

Keeping seeking to stay away from the city and be isolated from the world only blindly fade the social attributes of people, and hence people will be separated from their normal work and social lives. The true wisdom in the design, however, is to find ways to change the status quo while respecting the original life. The design team uses wood logs and stones skillfully, and mixes light and airflow, to create a “breathing space” reflecting the changes of four seasons and twilights.







Winding paths with alternating light and shadow

Changes of twilights are achieved in the enclosed space



The project is located in a commercial plaza, the lack of natural light and airflow facilitates the team to focus on the layout of light and shadow, space and partitions. The project uses secondary reflected light on a large scale, adjusting the color temperature and brightness according to the different functions of each space, creating a visual experience of scattered light and shadow among the forests. Consumers will meditate in the morning light, or wear in the rhythm of the afterglow, or reclining in the shade to have a rest, although there is no vegetation in front of them, they seem being immersed in nature.


Combination of Wood and Stones, returns to their original nature

To show the airflow by design



The core concept of Pilates is to “Put your body in the right position”, which means to build your core strength and flexibility of the body through exercise, and restore the muscles and bones to their optimum health. In line with this point of view, the design team also thought deeply about how to make the decorative elements properly laid out, and passed the comfortable and natural spiritual core to every visitor through the design language.


To couple toughness with softness, loose and tight management

Deep interpretation of the connotation “Chan Rou (Gracefully soft)”



“Chan Rou (Gracefully soft)” is a distinct method of exercise with a spiral movement of spine, widely used in sports and medical fields, which can help people to develop a sense of inner space in their bodies, and to greatly improve the physical limitation. With arrangements of the classroom and purchase of imported equipments for “Chan Rou”, Blossom Pilates also puts forward higher requirements for the design team: They should transfer the implication of “Chan Rou”, and assist customers to understand the true essence of “Chan Rou” by means of the design method.

“婵柔”是一种独特的脊柱螺旋运动方法,广泛运用于运动及医疗领域,能帮助人们建立身体的内在空间感,使身体局限得到极大改善。Blossom Pilates设置了婵柔教室,购置进口婵柔器械,也对设计团队提出了更高的要求:传递婵柔内蕴,通过设计手法引领消费者参悟婵柔真谛。

Due to this requirement, the design team selected the high quality grey as the main color, with a neat and tidy geometric hanging lamp, and incorporated a sense of power from the device itself. And the daylight with a high color temperature and the circular partition screen are the flexible elements integrated into the design, and it echoes with the consumers who come here to exercise, highlighting the softness of the human body. It therefore returns the spiritual content of “Chan Rou” to “human” itself, which becomes the finishing touch of the whole project.


It defines a whole new usage: to break the boundary between city and nature, and plant a forest of secluded retreat in the commercial area. Now, many customers come to the store after 7 o’clock, to do their “morning exercise”. They sit in meditation bathed in the morning light and breeze, accompanied by light music to purify the mind and body, quietly enjoying the free life of “work with the sun and sleep with the day”.




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