1. 历史建筑与品牌风格“共生”

1. historical architecture to live with retail brand


lululemon Shanghai Flagship Store is situated in the south of Xintiandi, one of the landmarks of Shanghai, an area that features the old Shikumen typology residence from 1920s and 1930s. Brick walls and roof tiles of the exterior has been retained, while the interior of each building used for commercial retail varies in styles, forming the symbiosis of “nostalgic atmosphere” under the fabric of urban lifestyle. These complement lululemon Xintiandi Flagship Store in a site with unique cultural heritage and historical texture in Shanghai.


The brand concept of lululemon embodies respect and exploration for “community, heat, authenticity, and sports philosophy”. The project has participated in a more unique geographical and cultural environment by inheriting the core values of the brand. Initially, we aspired to create a space that merged and co-existed with the surrounding environment, so naturally the fa?ade and the structure were left untouched, while the typical Shikumen typology were taken as the inspiration for new insertions.


Beatrix Design takes the idea of “home garden” as a guiding concept to not only elicit a newly three-story retail and sports space as well as weaving a narrative journal for one’s exploration, but to also stimulate people’s dwellings on the ambivalence of nostalgia with “urban renewal”.

2. 新颖独特的空间体验

2. an experiential journey


Sports enthusiasts are greeted by an open and eye-catching entrance made in red beams generating energetic atmosphere that provokes further curiosity in the viewer. The first hints of the interior are suggested to the visitors by the natural wood panels and terrazzo, applied throughout space. These intersecting material palates collide with the existing structure, simultaneously dividing up each sectional area and weaving a distinct journey with functions stated clearly.


First floor features men’s wear and seasonal special series. Upon browsing the products, customers are welcomed an expansive space with a bespoke “lululemon Ambassador Wall”, conveying the positive and healthy lifestyle advocated by the brand in addition to honor every ambassador. A unique and simple dialogue with the Shikumen architecture has been created with diverse details in the beginning of the journey.

标志性的“THE SWEAT LIFE”灯光艺术装置设计灵感亦源于上海石库门建筑,作为上海缩影,它如同一面映射着当地生活百态与岁月变迁的明镜,拉近了彼此的距离,建立空间与使用者更深的情感联结。

The design inspirations for the iconic “THE SWEAT LIFE” lighting installation is also derived from Shanghai’s Shikumen architecture as an epitome of Shanghai. Amidst the architectural relics of Xintiandi, where the city’s collective memory and divergent life resides. By virtue of the installation, we would like to narrow the distance between each other and establishing a deeper emotional connection between space and users.


A huge lighting wall demonstrated lululemon’s brand slogan were placed at the corner of the staircase to upper floor, presenting the store with gentle lights and a sense of carefully planned layering.


The second floor is curated as women’s clothing space, where a bespoke painting designed by artists is suspended at the cash register, speaking to the lighting wall settled at the staircase. The declaration in the painting is specially translated into Shanghainese, enshrouded patrons in a sensory space with warm attachments.


Exploring deeper into the third floor, visitors arrive at the independent sports space as a lululemon’s community sports center in Shanghai. Returning to a simple and cozy format, this intimate space was furnished with interspersed timber and terrazzo, endowing the space with different combinations and tactile feelings. The quiet and natural space welcomes every sports enthusiast to have various mysterious energy supply courses.

3. 满足需求的陈列设计逻辑

3. display design logic based on demands


For the arrangement of display and its organizing logic, designers start from the lululemon’s representative pants wall, products with rich colors and sports attributes are categorized, providing patrons with visual impact and purchasing guidance, offering a concise and clear sense of order throughout the entire space. The flagship store is equipped with products spanning from yoga, training, running to daily commuting, as well as limited editions, with a complete range catering for customers’ fits-matching in different scenarios.







设计总监:卓思齐 Angelo Cho

专案总监:陈明封 Nomas Chen

设计团队:游沛腾 Nes Yu、周家平Kevin Chou



摄影师:Dirk Weiblen


Project Information——

Project Name:lululemon Shanghai Flagship Store

Concept:home garden – south alley

Designer:Beatrix Desgin Studio

Project Type:commercial retail

Location:Xintiandi Shanghai, China


Design Director:Angelo Cho

Project Manager:Nomas Chen

Design Team:Nes Yu, Kevin Chou

Project Feature:historical architecture converted to retail space

Completion Date:2022-01

Photographer:Dirk Weiblen

Materials:terrazzo, oak wood