Locatedin the southern part of Shanghai’s Jing’an District, the M+ Mari Culture andArt District is surrounded by a strong residential living atmosphere, as wellas cultural and creative parks such as Tong Le Fang, and overlooks skyscrapersin business and leisure districts such as Victoria and Ping Gao International.


Small but sophisticated communitybusiness, with complex and diversified forms, gathers together the coffee,dessert, ration, book bar, handicraft workshop, art exhibition and otherpopular fragments among the young people. It has also become a creative businesscard integrating fashion, art, fun and other new life tonalities.

▲M+街区纵览 M+ block Overview


This kind of small but sophisticated community business is becoming the focus of urban development. For example, in the M+ Marley neighborhood, in addition to basic food and beverage businesses such as coffee, desserts and Japanese food, there are also many cultural life areas such as showrooms, book bars and handicraft workshops, fully covering the consumption and spiritual and cultural needs of the surrounding 15-minute drive residential neighborhoods and business buildings.

▲M+街区概念图 M+ block Concept Diagram

▲M+街区局部 M+ block Partial


The unique geographic location and urban environment make the M+ Marley neighborhood form pioneering. The designers continued the natural color gene of the old Shanghai Fine Arts Pigment Factory, the site of the project, and created a composite whole block space from the top design. The entire neighborhood is rich in artistic texture and integrates a number of avant-garde lifestyles, making the neighborhood life condensed in every pioneering expression.

▲M+街区局部 M+ block Partial


In the commercial district rooted in local culture, the designers have subverted the scale and form of the original neighborhood, using a layered, progressive design to enrich the neighborhood.Going back to its origin, the designers have used the red, yellow and blue colors inspired by the old pigment factory site to link the whole neighborhood.

▲局部阶梯 Partial of the ladder


As the moving line advances, color elements and greenery full of vitality and vigor keep emerging, and the light-hearted color expression also awakens the childhood memories of old Shanghai people.

▲洄游动线 Migratory Movement Line


From emerald green to deep red, the vibrancy of nature and the joy created by color intertwine, and different curves and fa?ade shapes are reconstructed.As visitors walk up the stairs, the designers use saturated colors to render the youthfulness of this cultural and artistic neighborhood, and the visitors are constantly enlarged by the art installations and the sense of migration to expand their perception of the scale of the neighborhood.

▲街区细节 Detailing


The leap of red and yellow conveys a radical atmosphere. In the pure color line outline and body block coverage, the original dull and boring elevator lobby is lifted by this minimalist expression, glowing with a bright beauty.


The mosaic tiles are placed as different elements in the background of the restroom, entering through the red arched door, and the warm expression is consistent.

▲电梯间与洗手间 Elevator And Washroom


If you do not choose to take the elevator to reach the upper space, you can follow the line that goes up slowly to the mamǎfufú entrance. The transparent glass cabinet box presents the brand inside the space, and this Eden of colors, constructed by the designer, has just begun.

▲mamǎfufú入口 The entrance to mamǎfufú


As the former site of Marley pigment production workshop, a century-oldChinese brand, the design does not give up the memory of more than one hundredyears of national industrial development, but retells the story of colormatching with the current aesthetic form language. It creates a mamǎfufúcollection experience store with the concept of colorism in a space of 1000 ㎡. With the colorheritage story as the main line, it connects various business forms such as artexhibition, handicraft workshop, painting material, book, home furnishing, artderivative, clothing retail and so on, and also links closely a number ofdesigner brands with color leadership.

▲概念图 Concept Diagram

▲马头颜料展陈区 Exhibit Area


The first space after the entrance is the display area for the horse head paints. The individual periscope shaped installation is staggered, and the rotating trays with the paint cans are placed on top, anchoring the visual focus of this area.

▲潜望镜造型装置 Modeling device


Under the vivid color, the surrounding display area and the ingenious idea of pigment plate shape on the fa?ade extend the permeability of the space to the maximum extent.


The design uses geometric forms on different three-dimensional surfacesto create the melody and vitality of the space, and foreshadows the echorelation in the space. The curved lights on the top surface, and the color ringdisplayed on the rotating tray to achieve a unity in form. Color, as theprotagonist, is showed in a series of link patterns, the collision of red,yellow and blue primary colors, partial extraction from the overall colorblock, showing the “colorism” of “Marley”as century-oldpigment brand to the extreme.

▲旋转托盘展陈方式 Exhibit method


The elevator lobby boldly wraps visitors in a bright warm yellow, warm and cheerful. The curved contours of the inner retreat reinforce the layers while keeping the space from looking rigid.

▲电梯厅 Elevator lobby


The full-color finishes and light strips are strung together, making the colorful passageways cut from the arched elements a time tunnel to the world of dreams. Time stands still and the optical art is magnified, ensuring that visitors are fully immersed.

▲彩色通道 Color channel


Between each colorful arch, color information cards placed can be changed periodically. Such interactive interface further dissipates the sense of visual explosion and brings a moment of respite.


As a three-dimensional work of art, the design creates unityand a seamless transition between the different functions of the building. Inthe corridor from the paint shop to the bookshop, the colourful overlappingrainbow arches instantly brightens up the room, creating a sense of ritual andvisual impact in the walkway. Its beauty and uniqueness make it a perfect placefor a photo shoot, and the ambience is designed to be inspiring and empowering.

▲细节 Detail


Under the cover of white wall paint and cabinets, the walk-in book area then allows the rhythm to settle in completely.

▲书籍区局部 Part of the Book Area

▲卡座区 Booth area


As a kind of spiritual colony, this field makes the deep Klein Blue exude a mystery; the ebb and flow of the interface level also constructs different scenes of the colony.

▲细节 Detail


The design of this revitalized neighbourhood evokesa spiritual gathering, enclosing one in a cozy cocoon of future possibilities, andfeaturing fun activities, art exhibitions, flash mob, life bazaar, and more. Thedynamic environment is the essence of youthful vitality and fashion.

▲细节 Detail


When the day of mamǎfufú was over, it was already night time. The classic staircase of the neighborhood was transformed into a new free place to sit and talk under the guidance of the floor lamps.

▲街区聚落经典场域——阶梯 Ladders


Under the water ripple material, the communication and daily life of the art district are connected through the top corridor. When walking through it, one realizes that the infinitely deep light strips guide the direction of the movement line, and the designers integrate the mutual extensions and endless interactions, making the M+ Mari block evolve into a spiritual symbol of the place.

▲街区聚落经典场域——阶梯 Ladders


In the two expressions of M+ Mari neighborhood design and mamǎfufú super department store interior design, the cheerful application of colors and rhythm bring a moment of healing to the stagnant life under the repeated epidemic. People flow in and out, gathering or scattering, writing their own stories. More creative expressions and colorful passions are yet to be explored in person.

▲M+街区纵览 M+ block Overview


项目名称:上海M+马利 mamǎfufú超级百货



设计机构:更新设计 & 幸福集荟




撰稿文案:颖荐文字 、清歌传媒


Project Information——

Project Name:Shanghai M+ Block mamǎfufú

Project location:Shanghai

Project area:About 2088㎡

Design Institute:Update Studio & Happy Collection

Entrusting Party:Shanghai Jingyi Property Management Co. , Ltd.

Chief designer:Zhou You

Design Team:Liao Jinyan, Hu Huiyu, Zheng Ying, Xiao Yijun, Pan Ya, Li Chunxu

Script Edition:Design YRD、Qingge Media

Photographer:LLAP Architectural Photography