As the ancient capital of thirteen dynasties, Xi’an has a profound historical and cultural heritage and has formed a very distinctive urban texture. Based on the rich historical and cultural relics, the ultimate representation of Tang culture allows people to travel back to the prosperous Tang Dynasty.

DJI大疆创新,致力于成为持续推动人类进步的科技公司,通过科技创新重塑人们的生产和生活方式。E Studio与大疆一直保持着密切的合作关系,持续三年以来的科技零售实践合作,不断研发满足新消费需求的空间和场景。

DJI is committed to becoming a technology company that continues to promote human progress and reshape people’s production and lifestyle through technological innovation. E Studio has maintained a close cooperative relationship with DJI on the technology retail practice for three years, constantly developing spaces and scenarios that meet new consumer needs.


The DJI & HASSELBLAD Hasselblad opens its first concept store in the Northwest area of China, located in the Datang Everbright City Scenic Spot in Xi’an, at the foot of the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda in Qujiang New District. Datang Everbright City, starting from the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in the north and ending at the Tang City Wall Ruins Park in the south, unfolds slowly along the central axis. It is the only pedestrian street in the country made with an antique building group with the background of the Tang Dynasty and its flourishing culture.



In Chinese architecture, what is paid most attention to is the establishment of the main central axis. No matter whether in the East or the West, there is no such nation that loves and abides by the axis of symmetry so much

——Liang Sicheng


Chinese architecture pays attention to the axially symmetrical layout and the well-ordered hierarchy. Buildings are organized in groups and form traditional Chinese architecture glorifying greatness. The layout of this project also follows this aesthetic principle, with the entrance gate and the main island display arranged along the central axis.



As a renewal building, it is endowed with new elements, while continuing the overall character of Datang Everbright City. The design Follows the three principles of Tang-style architectural composition and the rule of bay divisions and strives to the representation of the artistic composition of vertical and horizontal sections.

The facade design is relatively light, transparent, and open to the greatest extent to communicate with the ancient city. On the outward side, the reflection of the street view is formed visually with the help of contemporary matte stainless-steel columns and large floor-to-ceiling glass windows.



The light gray stones of the facade are visible through the glass. And the large stones are laid in order according to the golden ratio, which is a continuation of the ancient city wall to a certain extent.

Simple materials and color tones, as well as an atmosphere that combines spirit and artistic style, not only embodies the traditional spirit but also conforms to the trend and vibe of the modern city, full of vitality and modernity.


“The city of Chang’an is full of flowing light and color, and the sky of fireworks and a sea of lanterns never go dark”. It is the most appropriate description of the city that never sleeps in the Tang Dynasty. As night fell, Xi’an DJI&HASSELBLAD also turns on the lights, which appears more flexible and dynamic under the warm and soft lights, becoming a visual highlight in the space, like a grand invitation about art. This creates an urban landscape where day and night are perpetually intertwined.


对于西安DJI&HASSELBLAD这个项目,从城市出发,探索出合适的设计,这是E Studio此次的设计理念。

The glory of history and the world of culture have inspired the sense of identity and pride of millions of Xi’an people. These will become the source of urban empathy. The design integrates culture and people’s lives through its aesthetic expression with cultural power oriented. This is the design concept of E Studio, in this case, the project of DJI&HASSELBLAD in Xi’an, starting from the city and exploring a suitable design.



Some moments,are destined to become classics.Before light and shadow become images.Behind the camera, inspiration was burst out.All starts with a person.The pursuit of breaking through regularity.From the film days to the digital days.Hasselblad aimto strike image tools.Interpret image creativity to spark off inspiration.




项目地址:中国 西安



设计公司:E Studio 壹所设计




摄影机构:象外空间摄影-冯喆;HASSELBLAD 周思源、白华斌;YuuuunStudio 云眠摄影工作室