Chinese Medicine 成立于2019年,是国内首家先锋派(Avant-Garde)首饰买手店。同年创立位于上海石库门的第一家。”

“Chinese Medicine was founded in 2019, the brand is one of the first Avant-Garde jewelry boutique shops in China. In the same year, Chinese Medicine opened their first store in ShiKuMen, Shanghai.”

我们有幸与Chinese Medicine合作,在今年7月与Chinese Medicine一起,迎来了位于广州的第二家店。

We are honored to work with Chinese Medicine, together celebrate the 2nd store opening in Guangzhou this July.

空间位于广州商业集中的天河区,与太古汇几街之隔的地方,是有23年楼龄的华康小区。Chinese Medicine 就在这个小区临街的铺位。我们马上被广州老小区中的年轻商业形态所吸引,这里频繁出现着新与旧、特立独行与传统之间的张力与共生。这种复杂却自然而然的对比和对立,恰好和 Chinese Medicine 的品牌内核产生了强烈的连接。

The new store is located within the busiest business center in Guangzhou. Just several blocks away from TaiKuHui, is a 23 years old residential community named Huakang. This is where Chinese Medicine is, a first floor store opens to the street. We were intrigued by the flourishing young businesses happening in this old community. Stores and brands that are constantly creating new within an aged environment, the tension and co-living relationship between being unique and celebrating the traditional, has formed a sophisticated yet natural scenario. However, Chinese Medicine has found a strong connection here.



Authenticity | Nature | Value


Chinese Medicine 更加倾向于选择存留手工痕迹的首饰:独一无二的色泽、自然流动形成的肌理、随着时间会变化的材质表面。我们在空间设计中,尝试用同样的态度对待原始空间。1999年建成的老住宅,是用现在城市中已经不再使用的黄土和红砖搭建的。很多设计决定在拆除至毛坯、结构改造的过程中随机应变。这种变化中带来的不确定性,贯穿在整个设计和施工的过程中,一些不在预料之中的、失望的、惊喜的结果都随之而来。拆除或保留、裸露或遮盖、新建或开孔,就像在手工制作一件首饰一样,不断的思考自然和人工之间的平衡。

Chinese Medicine prefers jewelry that preserve hand-made textures: unique color and polishing, naturally formed sculptural texture, material surfaces that change within time, are qualities Chinese Medicine cherishes. During spatial design, we applied the same attitude towards the original interior condition. The building was built in 1999 using yellow mud and red bricks to construct, which is rarely used in Chinese cities nowadays. Many design decisions were made during demolition to roughcast, and many decisions had a second thought during structural renovation. The uncertainty went through the whole process of design and later construction, meanwhile unprediction, frustration, surprising results came along as well. Either remove or preserve, nude or cover, new build or make openings, the process constantly requires us to think of the balance between natural and artificial, which we found very similar to the process of hand making a piece of jewelry,




The brand wanted some of the furniture pieces movable, to better adapt to different usages of the space in the future, such as event hosting or popup. Therefore we made the display area at the entrance fixed, left the window display area blank. For the facade, we simply reinforced the original red brick structure. Instead of designing an exaggerated form or installation, we decided to preserve a clean window frame, put a floor to ceiling transparent glass to invite natural light to come inside. Meanwhile we wish the store to bring continually changing contents to the local community, through a frankly opened facade.



Primitivity | Craftsmanship | Heritage


空间中的细节,我们比较谨慎选择几种接近自然肌理的材质。墙面运用粗糙质地的肌理漆,再在漆面之上手工敲击三处露出墙体的红砖;地面涂抹水泥自流平保留手工披挂的痕迹;道具制作的工匠用精巧的扁头锤用不同力度敲击厚重的天然洞石边缘,边实验边制作出自然的破损;倒膜浇筑的混凝土中出现不规则的气泡和去掉模具之后坑洼的边角;运用在墙面和吧台表面的钢板,在实验过很多次后用手工泼洒药水形成美丽的、深浅不一的色泽。每一件都与工匠的双手密不可分。这也是我们尝试通过空间来呼应 Chinese Medicine 所深深热爱和不断传递的“工匠精神”。

We carefully applied natural textured materials to interior details. We applied coarse textured paint on the walls, then hand hammered to remove three parts of the paint to reveal the brick construction material beneath. Concrete flooring left hand brushed traces. The craftsman used a delicate flat-head hammer to sculpt the edges of travertine applying different strength, to make natural worn edges experimentally. Casted concrete showed irregular bubbles inside, and uneven corners after the mold was removed. The steel plate used on the wall and bar surface, after many experiments, we hand poured solutions on the surface of the material to form beautiful, different shades of metal colors. Each piece of material was treated by hands. Our care to preserve to which shares the same passionate to craftsmanship that Chinese Medicine embraces as well.


项目名称:Chinese Medicine 广州店









Project Information——

Project name:Guangzhou Chinese Medicine

Design Company:Projject

Design Lead:Keer Zhang

Design Team:JianChao Tau, Cen Su, Wei Meng


Main Material:Textured paint, casted concrete, travertine, worn steel plate

Construction Team:Shenzhen YiHeDaZuo Design and Construction Ltd.

Manufacture:Foshan TianDiYiJiu Metal Manufacture Ltd.

Photographer:JunNing Yang