Joyce beauty作为国内高端美妆界的权威及先锋,首家线下店铺设计于品牌形象一脉相承。AIM通过建筑手法呈现室内,以石材雕刻出空间,打造充满探索性的体验,品牌之美在探索中徐徐展开。


A well-established brand in the fashion world and now a pioneer in the beauty industry, the new Joyce beauty store aims to connect its legacy with a visionary and well-curated voice.Taking an architectural approach to its interior, the space is carved out of a white stone mass, creating a continuous curved surface. It opens a route for exploration that carefully unveils its natural beauty and exposes multiple layers of an intricate inner organic world.


One of the main features, a powerful brass sculpture, is the first step on the customer’s journey. This golden egg offers a unique display setting as if it were a treasure trove hiding precious goods inside.


The fluidity of the curved space softens the harshness of the materials chosen; the route is authoritative but intimate and warm, guiding the customer’s own path through a showcase of carefully displayed items.


The red stone, natural and honest, add depth to the overall space. The richness of the material and unique scenes in which the products are displayed, reflect the brand’s own journey of exploration.


The use of round and powerful display objects, adds another layer to the spatial experience. Carefully illuminated water basins built with raw white cement and the red stone, combined with brass lighting and mirrored display structures, add a delicate complexity to the overall well-balanced composition. 




业主:JOYCE Beauty






设计总监:Wendy Saunders,Vincent de Graaf


室内团队:蔡宁远, Ewa Szajda ,袁晨

软装团队:Lili Cheng


摄影:Wen Studio

Project information——

Client: JOYCE Beauty

Design Firm:AIM Architecture

Location: Shanghai, China

GFA: 260 sqm

Completion: 2021

Design Scope: Interior design

Design Principals: Wendy Saunders, Vincent de Graaf

Project Manager: Sheng Ling

Interior Team: Ning Cai, Ewa Szajda, Yuan Chen

FFE Team: Lili Cheng

Contractor: Shanghai Shenji Design Decoration Co,Ltd

Photography: Wen Studio