aaddd主体陈列区 aaddd Main Selection Area©吴鉴泉

SLT is commissioned by aaddd to design its first offline store in Shanghai BFC Bund financial center. As a collection store of beauty cosmetics lifestyle, aaddd starts from beauty cosmetics but goes beyond it. Aaddd delivers unique life concepts with niche styles, inspiring young consumers to explore beauty and express themselves.


In this design, SLT takes “cloud” as the dimension quadrant of the overall concept. The softness and uncertainty of the cloud are extracted as design elements to convey a quiet and warm spatial atmosphere. At the same time, the free stretch curves and elegant colors in the space express the diversity of beauty in a concrete and immersive way.

▲ aaddd店铺外观  aaddd Exterior View©吴鉴泉

aaddd美妆生活方式集合店位于外滩金融中心南区B1层的腹地。通过对原有空间的规划与整合,店铺在总体上被划分为两个区域:aaddd essential精选专区与主体陈列区,而主体陈列区内部则设有“云朵”装置区及休憩区。集合店的整体配色以温暖的粉米色为基调,辅以暖色调的青石灰绿、赤茶橘及翡翠蓝。从扶梯下来,开放式店面的暖调氛围便与周边的冷光环境拉开视线上的距离,增强了品牌第一眼的审美辨识度。

aaddd is located in the hinterland of B1 floor in the southern district of BFC. Through the planning and integration of the original space, aaddd is divided into two areas as a whole: aaddd Essential Selection Area and Main Selection Area. Inside Main Selection Area there are “Cloud” Installation Area and Rest Area.The overall color scheme of aaddd is based on warm pink beige, with warm tones of lime green, red tea orange and emerald blue. Down from the escalator, the cozy atmosphere of the open store is separated from the surrounding cold and light environment, enhancing the aesthetic recognition of the brand at first sight.

▲aaddd主体陈列区内部  aaddd Main Selection Area©吴鉴泉


Inside the Main Selection Area, the curvy design of main platforms are dotted in the interior zone, weakening the depth experience of the space in the parallel direction. The different use of Faux Finish creates various textures of different materials. The bouncing colors and the collision of marble lines convey the sense of rhythm and hierarchy of beauty in tiny places.


▲aaddd主体陈列区内部  aaddd Main Selection Area©吴鉴泉


The elegant lines on the horizontal direction draw visitors’ attention to the arch of the distant metope with symmetry and regularity. In the simple language of geometric composition, a peaceful and light atmosphere permeates the whole space.

 ▲ 展台外轮廓弧形牵引人的视线  outline draws the eye©吴鉴泉


Under the multi-angle lighting, the edges of the central curved display table create overlapping shadows of different depths on the ground. In the space, outlines combined with the virtual and the real set off each other under the contrast of the light, and change the form accordingly. The fleeting and erratic aesthetic qualities of “clouds” are interpreted through the dual dimensions of light and shadow.

▲深浅不一的阴影  shades of shadow©吴鉴泉


The partition of the Rest Area adopts the arch form in western style, and therepeated use of the same elements in the space creates the effect of stackedframe scenes. While in the rest space, the use of mirror material blurred theboundary between physical space and virtual space, the depth of field isinfinite, attractive.

▲弧形拱门的框景效果  framing effect of the curved arch©吴鉴泉


In the “Cloud”Installation Area, the green curved wall at the entrance gently wraps the space. The “Cloud” installation embedded in the wall interprets the fleeting movement of the “cloud” with irregular solidified shapes. At the same time, the mirror “cloud” in the public area serves as the visual focus and guides the spatial partition, delivering the “stretch” aesthetics.

▲“云朵”装置区  “Cloud”Installation Area©吴鉴泉

aaddd Essential精选专区作为一个相对独立的区域,它的开辟,一方面是为了适应极大的场地面宽,通过反向开口吸引非主展示区的客流;而另一方面,则是为了打造一个连接线上线下的精选品类专区和未来可以和特定品牌合作的popup快闪店。

aaddd Essential Selection Area is a relatively independent zore. On the one hand, the opening of aaddd Essential Selection Area is to adapt to the great width of the floor, attract visitors from different directions, and make full use of site conditions; On the other hand, it aims to create an online and offline selection category area and pop-up store that can cooperate with specific brands in the future.

▲轴测图  Axon Drawing©studiolite(SLT)

▲ aaddd Essential精选专区  aaddd Essential Selection Area©吴鉴泉


Through the curving folds of the wall, the space is divided into 5 relatively independent beauty tables to replace the window display of the traditional shop facade. The mirror settings meet the functional needs of makeup adjust or makeup test. At the same time, the flexible lighting of the area can also assist the diversified scene needs of the brand.

▲墙体褶皱将空间自然分割  the folds of the wall divide the space naturally©吴鉴泉


In terms of the overall choice of light, SLT tests different colors and color temperatures, and finally adopts warm tone light as aaddd’s main light tone. Contrary to the tension created by the use of cold light source in traditional beauty shops, the overall space of aaddd extends a warm and pleasant temperament, which reduces the aesthetic distance with customers and sets off an immersive atmosphere with a sense of story.

▲暖调灯光烘托故事感氛围  warm lighting sets off a sense of storytelling atmosphere©吴鉴泉

“Cloudy Island”,将脆弱而易变的“云朵”捕捉到都市生活的丛林中,在色彩、线条、灯光的共同作用下,制造出一个柔软而梦幻的岛屿,为快节奏生活下负重的心灵提供短暂的停靠。空间成为一个过渡的容器,将人的心境映射其中;空间同时也成为了一个启发性的场所,以碰撞的美学效应激发个体对审美的追求、对品质生活的向往,这也呼应了aaddd的品牌理念——放下紧张情绪,找到“美”。

Cloudy Island captures the fragile and changeable “cloud” into the jungle of urban life, creating a soft and dreamy “island” with combined effect of colors, lines and lights. Aaddd provides a temporary stop for the mind-burdened urban residents due to the fast pace of life. The space becomes a transitional container, which maps people’s mood; At the same time, the space has also become an inspiring place to stimulate individuals’ pursuit of aesthetics and yearning for quality life, which also echoes the brand concept of aaddd — release tension and find “beauty”.

▲aaddd主体陈列区内部  aaddd Main Selection Area©吴鉴泉






项目设计 & 完成年份:2021





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