UNStudio 为世界领先的智能设备制造商和创新者OPPO设计的广州超级旗舰店和北京王府井旗舰店已经落成开业。

UNStudio has completed a new super flagship store in Guangzhou, as well as a prominent new store in Beijing for OPPO – one of China’s leading global mobile phone brands and one of the world’s leading smart device manufacturers and innovators.



为了进一步提升品牌形象, OPPO 邀请UNStudio 上海和香港团队先后为其广州超级旗舰店和北京王府井旗舰店进行全面的设计改造升级,希望打造一个全新的客户体验空间。

In line with OPPO’s forward-thinking move to upgrade their brand, UNStudio’s offices in Shanghai and Hong Kong were tasked with introducing a new customer experience that starts from the shops’ exterior facades into the retail interiors.

Ben van Berkel 说道:“对于这些独具特色的小体量项目,最有趣的是,你可以通过调查研究客户的产品,了解其设计美学和技术,继而将其特质用设计和建筑工艺的方式重新诠释,这正是我们UNStudio 亚洲团队为OPPO所做的。我们将OPPO的品牌价值,美学理念和创新科技通过建筑设计手法,以旗舰店外立面,室内空间,家具和饰面的形式,展现出来。”

Ben van Berkel: “What we find particularly interesting about these special smaller-scale projects is that you can first really investigate the client’s products, their design aesthetics and technology, and discover ways to reinterpret these qualities into the craft of architecture. This is what we did at UNStudio Asia for OPPO. We re-crafted their information technology aesthetics into the facade, the furniture and the finishes.”


自建成以来,OPPO广州超级旗舰店已经先后入围新西兰设计师协会 Best Design Award 奖项和 A’Design Award “Best of Year”奖项的侯选名单。

Since completion, the super flagship store in Guangzhou has been shortlisted for the Designers Institute of New Zealand’s ‘Best Design Awards’ and A’ Design’s ‘Best of Year Award’.


OPPO 广州超级旗舰店 Oppo Guangzhou

OPPO 广州超级旗舰店位于广州天河区正佳广场,室内总面积为606平方米,外立面约 300 平方米。

With its 300m² new facade, the 606m² OPPO Guangzhou Super Flagship Store is located at Zhengjia Plaza in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou.

对于 OPPO 来说,如何通过设计体现其品牌理念是非常重要的。因此,必须为客户创造一个全新而丰富的品牌体验空间,这也是我们为OPPO量身打造的。

For OPPO, it was essential that the design for the store reflect the philosophy of the brand, while aligning to the company’s existing design ethos. As such, a total brand experience had to be created for the customers that was highly tailored to OPPO.

设计的宗旨是希望新的超级旗舰店可以为OPPO 整体品牌创建出独具可识别性的的重要场所,营造出让品牌用户渴望参与并持续关注的体验空间。不论对于OPPO的新用户还是老用户,广州超级旗舰店可以作为OPPO 品牌和产品的一个载体,呈现给大众。

The aim was to create a design that would become an integral and recognisable part of OPPO’s overall branding and a valued experience that OPPO’s customers will want to engage with and return to. For OPPO customers, existing and new, the newly designed Guangzhou store provides a venue where they can familiarise themselves with – and get excited about – OPPO’s products.


Design concept——Urban Park

广州的历史和现代相互交融,是一座具有前瞻性的现代化城市。在广州设计 OPPO 品牌超级旗舰店所面临的挑战在于:设计和策略既要符合广州的城市特质,又要代表 OPPO 的品牌形象。

Guangzhou is a wonderful mix of a historical and a modern, forward-looking city. The challenge of designing an OPPO store within this city is to develop a contextual reaction and strategy that respects the qualities of the city, while also representing OPPO’s brand values.


With the ambition to create a gathering space that blurs the boundaries between public space and commerce for OPPO’s customers, UNStudio introduced an ‘Urban Park’ concept. This concept creates an inclusive environment that meets the behavioral needs of the various people who visit the store.


The interior is designed as a ‘borderless’ interactive environment, where meandering routes lead visitors through an array of ‘display zones’, thereby creating different rhythms of motion and allowing customers to browse, take their time, pause and try out the products within the store.


The Facade——the modular tube


The design for the Guangzhou OPPO flagship store is approached through a keen focus on craftsmanship, alongside material choices that add a contemporary twist to the vernacular architecture of the city.


Situated along a main thoroughfare, the facade design needed to provide the store with a bold and recognizable visual identity. As a result, a sliced extruded tube component was chosen as the main module, inspired by bamboo——an important source of food, clothing, housing, and transportation for people in Guangzhou in ancient times.

同时,该金属管件也是对 OPPO 中“O”的三维立体呈现。将二维“O”变换生成了三维的柱形管,借以柱形管切口面,形成截圆柱, 将其以不同长度和曲率重复排列,贯穿整个立面,诠释出OPPO先进的技术和品牌价值。

This metallic tube is also a 3D interpretation of the ‘O’ in OPPO. This dimensional transformation results in a cylindrical tube, into which a cut is added in order to obtain a truncated cylinder. This cylindrical form is repeated in varying lengths and curvatures throughout the facade, creating a reference to both the brand and to technology.

在立面整体方案设计过程中,我们研究了多种几何策略。经过对不同模块尺寸和元素的探究,最终选择以整体模块化管件构成立面外墙,这样的设计,既可以体现 OPPO 品牌标志的转角曲线,又可以吸引访客走进店内一探究竟。

For the overall composition of the facade elements, multiple geometric strategies were studied. Following the exploration of different volumetric options, a large, sweeping folding gesture was chosen which echoes the corner curve of the OPPO brand logo, while guiding visitors towards the entrance to the store.


Programmable lighting embedded within each tube create an overall facade effect of dynamism and vibrancy. The result is an optical rhythmic motion across the façade.


The Interior——Fluid, continuous geometry


Achieving a fluid space in a flowing, uninterrupted movement – where an intuitive sequence of different areas enables customers to experience and interact with the products – was one of the key aims of the interior design.

室内空间分为两个主要体验区域:脉动区 (PULSE) 和进化区 (EVOLUTION)。在脉动区,大屏幕是焦点聚集处,而与之形成对照的进化区域,则是以社交和互动为主的体验空间。

The interior space is defined by two main experiential zones: PULSE and EVOLUTION. In the PULSE area the main phone displays act as a strong focal point, while the EVOLUTION areas, in contrast, enable different experiences and accommodate social and interactive zones.


The winding circulation paths weave visitors through these zones, and along targeted seating that provide comfortable areas for customers to charge their phones, test new products, and socialise.


The store also provides customers with a playful ‘instagrammable’ experience zone, where they are also encouraged to discover the features of the phone’s cameras by taking photos and selfies.


The accentuation of fluid forms with natural wood in a muted palette articulate the interior. Silver anodized aluminum panels juxtapose the rippled translucent glass screens and wall of acrylic prisms. The result is a constant play on perception of subtly layered changes of depth throughout the interior, and balance between solid and transparent, heavy and light, cold and warm.

嵌入“Oppo green”斑点的白色水磨石材料在店内营造出强烈的自然流畅的品质感,天花板上嵌入的灯带路径流动感与之上下模拟呼应,自然的将店内上部空间布局与展示区无边界感的区分开。地板上和天花上的流畅动线也会进一步引导访客直觉的随着不同的路径流连驻足在室内的不同空间。

White terrazzo embedded with speckles of ‘Oppo green’ create the meandering paths through the store, while integrated ‘pathways’ of lighting in the ceiling mimic this fluid flow and frame the different areas and displays from above. These pathways in the floor and ceiling further serve to guide visitors intuitively along various routes as they wander through and around the space.


OPPO 北京王府井旗舰店 OPPO Beijing

UNStudio 也受邀将设计理念带到OPPO北京王府井旗舰店中。OPPO 北京王府井旗舰店包含上下两层空间,总面积为 428 平方米。路人透过双层高的全玻璃立面,可以看到店内全新的陈列体验空间。

UNStudio was invited to carry over the same design DNA to the prominent new Wangfujing Avenue OPPO store in Beijing. The Beijing store has a total area of 428m2, spread over two floors. This division is made visible to passersby by means of a fully glazed, double height facade.


In alignment with the Guangzhou Super Flagship, the ambition of the design for the Beijing store was to express ‘Beauty through Technology’. In Beijing, the ‘Urban Park’ remains the driving concept, while a sculptured staircase provides a distinctive feature within the store. This staircase links the two floors of the store in a continuous flow that becomes part of the customer journey.

为了消除内部相对狭小空间感并提高可见性,OPPO 北京王府井旗舰店使用了阳极氧化铝板、玻璃和镜面板作为主材,希望营造出更加宽敞,更加明亮的视觉空间感。为了保持品牌的一致性,我们还参照了广州超级旗舰店的设计,采用与其相同的水磨石铺设地板,设置背光天花板来打造北京店的内部空间。

To counteract the relatively narrow dimensions of the store, and to increase visibility, anodised aluminum panels, glass and mirror panels are used to create reflection and the illusion of depth in the space. To maintain the brand consistency, Terrazzo flooring and the backlit ceiling are carried through from the design of the flagship store in Guangzhou.


On the ground floor, a long, self-supporting, monolithic table serves as a display for the various smart devices, while accessories are displayed along glass and aluminium shelving that lines the wall.


The staircase serves as a social and experience zone, while the device displays continue on the second level, leading to the repair zone.



项目名称:OPPO 广州超级旗舰店



建筑面积:600 平方米


UNStudio 服务:外立面和室内改造设计


设计团队:UNStudio:Ben van Berkel、Hannes Pfau、Garett Hwang和Alexander Meyers、Ana Castaingts Gomez 、Piao Liu 、Jing Xu、Idil Kantarci、Diego Ramirez Leon、Praneet Verma




灯光:brandston partnership inc.(bpi)

Preject Information——

Client:Guangdong OPPO Mobile Télécommunications Corp.,Ltd.

Location:Guangzhou, China

Building surface:600 m²

Programme:Retail Store

UNStudio service:Facade and Interior Renovation Design

Status:Completed in June 2020

Credits:UNStudio:Ben van Berkel, Hannes Pfau, Garett Hwang With Alexander Meyers, Ana Castaingts Gomez, Piao Liu, Jing Xu,Idil Kantarci, Diego Ramirez Leon, Praneet Verma


Local Design Institute:DOP Design

Installation & Exhibition:Leaping Creative

Lighting:brandston partnership inc.(bpi)