JY studio,一个具有东方气质的服饰情怀的新创品牌,诠释着质朴归真的禅意理念,既不失古典美,又符合当今时代的审美,QHD受品牌创始人委托完成了初创概念店的全案设计。

JY studio, a newly created brand with the clothing feeling of oriental temperament, is interpreting the Zen idea of returning to one’s original nature, which does not lose the classical beauty, but is also in line with the aesthetic of the present age. Authorize by the founder of the brand, QHD has completed the whole design of the project for the newly created concept store.


Within a certain framework of innovative, QHD builds a space container that can dye art, culture and memory together, defines the coexistence of architecture, nature, city as well as culture.At the same time, it takes the characteristics of the commercial space and appropriate cost conditions into account to consider the space comprehensively, in order to enlarge the brand language and boost the commercial attributes of its business format as much as possible,within limited condition.


The overall style of the store can express the artistic atmosphere of the space directly, which creates a strong visual impact. With the form collision of the geometric lines that are cut in proportion based on the functions and different demands, it wants to express its running away from the stereotypes of the traditional stores.


Designers abide by the new design direction of the commercial space,known as “fade out of design” and “emphasis on culture”. The overall tone of beige visually brings a feeling of peace and cozy to people, and eventually achieves a harmonious aesthetic by the means of balancing the color’s distribution.


The use and matching of wood color as well as moss, brings in a flavor of the nature, which better helps the customers to experience the emotions that fashion brands intend to convey. The unique and special style art also casts feelings and the future.


The display cabinet in the space,is customized in the shape based on JY’s clothing concept to create the space effect of transparent and reflective as well. It is interpreting the beautiful things while having a very tolerant attitude towards inadequacies. At the same time, space feelings and functional demand are combined efficiently, which allows free change and display of the clothing.


The simplified style of clothes rack can ensure the space effect and meet the needs as commercial stores at the same time. The soft and light fabric contrasts and collides with the point, line, surface and block of the architecture, which is integrated with the clothing displayed by JY as an organic whole. As a result, it can not only shape the space feeling but also lead the audience to perceive the power of clothing itself.



The original column becomes the visual central point, and the device of the deconstruction clothes rack is around the column. It reflects a sense of power on the basis of the space axis and cutting in proportion. The open interface captures the changes of light and shadow every day, and transmits it in a complete visual form eventually, which is easier to get people touched by the passing of time.


The artistic combination of stainless steel clothes rack, white step and mirrors, distinct linear characteristics combined with geometric decoration, together create a powerful space system, and bring in a sense of lively and orderly. The interspersed relationship between them, giving space imagination to a certain extent, better reflects the language of its clothing brand.


Space is becoming the interactive bridge as well as medium between people and clothing. This kind of roaming and immersive space experience is likely to increase the chance of customers’ entering into the stores.


The transparent feeling of the glass brick is in the purpose of dividing the leisure areas from the aspect of function, and making sure the overall viewing effect from the aspect of vision. The matching of props gives the space a sense of different levels, boosts the interactive relationship between the inside and outside of the space, and the different light refracted can produce unexpected effects.


Compared with the traditional image of stores in the street, JY breaks through the rigid restrictions, and creates a space that people desire to step in, live and work.


The window is a poetic existence which connects up people, street and nature. The window with round shape quietly attracts people to have a look on the inside environment of the store, and the interaction of curiosity triggers the desire to discover. At the same time, the window has also got the function of displaying, which can help let customers know the tone of the store’s clothing.


Based on the overall abstract context, the vertical length of the space is enlarged, and the space experience from the top to the bottom let your thoughts spread. Again, the space is becoming the interactive bridge as well as medium between people and our clothing, and the boundary of space is eliminated.


Designers highlight the soft beauty of clothing in the design of exhibition, injecting the endless imagination into a limited area on the basis of the characteristics of the brand clothing.


In the social development of continuous update iterations, the garment industry has to go with the times, making the space full of “energetic”, displaying better works of clothing, and let perception and artistry intervene.


We are making every effort to create a visual effect which is able to better contrast the overall tone and atmosphere of the space, and pass the emotional appeal brought by the art of clothing brand to our customers.


▲平面图 floor plan





室内设计:QHD Studio




道具设计:QHA Art&Exhibition






特别鸣谢:李婧悦 JYJY 服装工作室

Project information——

Project Name:Jy Fashion store

Project location:Xichang, China

Interior design:QHD Studio

Design scope:interior design

Design Director:Quanhong

Design team:Chen Yu, Wang Yuqi, Yang Pengfei, Li Dong, Qiu Shuyi,

Installation design:QHA Art&Exhibition

Design area:180 square meters

Design time:2021.01

Completion time:2021.05

Project main materials:art paint, solid wood, ultra-white glass,galss brick ,stainless steel

Project Photography:Cao Yin

Special thanks:Li jingyue, jyjy fashion studio