“The structure, space and appearance of the building must conform to the rules of geometrics; the building should contain the power to call out to the human heart. Creativity in this era is the perfect combination of technology and human nature. It reflects the belief that the role of traditional elements in architectural design should act as a catalyst in a chemical reaction, first accelerating the reaction and then fading into the background.”



Yundang Lake, Xiamen, Fujian, boasts of green waters and green waves, and egrets hovering. Along the coast, you meet the Yusenyan Concept Store. From the first store located in Putian, to our second and third stores in Fuzhou and Xiamen, this is our third cooperation with the Yusenyan brand.The concept of “home” is threaded throughout the design for example: bird‘s nest-the “home” of swallows; “cuo”-the “home” of Fujianese.In the design of each space, we combine the architectural features or geographical characteristics of local residential buildings like: the traditional residential houses in Putian, the mountains in Fuzhou, the sea in Xiamen, red bricks, wooden beams, stone walls…Swifts build nests where they meet by the cliffs and the sea, and the bird’s nest is filled with the spirit of the mountain and the sea. Like the swift gliding through the sky, there is calmness in agility, weight in lightness, and the design concept is born with joy.









海 · 立于形
The Sea · Stands tall


The border between the space and art Passion, loyalty and precision overlap.In the space between,The mosaic revives its strength.


City and tradition collide, The seen and unseen, Overlap in a fusion of colors.


The wall of waves shifts with the light, The tide goes in and out, searching, grasping, The atmosphere is alive and inspiring.


Over the sea and through the mountains, Following the cries of the swift. A narrative symbol amidst time, Exquisitely detailed, Breaking through the concept of a confined space, It does not disappoint.


Day and night speak, Times goes on, Each with its own ceremony. The radiant sun, rolling clouds, The moon and the stars and the homeward bound swift, All meet at the sea.


The “rank” and “order” of the spatial scale, Bold, ingenious, revival, like new wine, Slow contemplation yields quick reply.


The atmosphere is bright and crisp, Making the invisible, visible.


All that meets the eye brings joy, Red brick, blue sea, Dividing legacy and new life.


It appeals to the senses, With the rush of freshness, The cry of birds and the crashing of waves.

家 · 藏以魂
Home · The hidden spirit


The inside space embodies the concept of home, The intricate details of the heart, Can be formed by calculated effort, Emotion, logic and expression combined.


In an attempt to replicate the image, And create a sense of belonging.


The backbone of the home, Holds the traces of time, With modern craftsmanship and aged wood, We preserve the old while maintaining the new, It makes one want to linger.


Tradition and modernity meet, The quality of a person will see them to the end.


The light inspires inner contemplation, The space is warm and welcoming

意 · 塑于微
Meaning · Shape & Detail


A beautiful combination of meaning and image, Reveals the secret lies in metaphor, And is chiseled in imagery.


Red bricks, stone walls, Cut, arrange, change, The texture changes reveal the connotation of modern Deconstructionism.


The energy of Photosynthesis, From outdoors to indoors, Is beyond physical touch, Still sense the fragrant balance of it‘s power and strength.


Like a bird soaring upward, A true glimpse of inspiration, Unforgettable.


Relax in the flow of life, Continuously release, And vitality will spread gradually, With supreme wisdom and soft power.


To find Ming Fei is to find the protagonist, Like entering a mythical world to find, The perfect state, soft soul, emergence, azure, bloom, Immortalized.


Red and gray, stone and lacquer, Simplicity and enthusiasm, The delicate craftsmanship of the surface texture, Reveal various processes
Connotes individual cultural extension.


Time passes at the speed of light, Baptizing all in its path, Pay attention to detail, Go slowly at first, Seize every opportunity, Finally, with honesty reach your full potential!














主要材料:木纹石 、新中源岩板、艺术涂料 、木饰面板、白色穿孔铝单板




Project Information——

Project Name:Yusenyan Flagship Store

Project Address:Xiamen Fujian

Design Master:Jianwu Zhang


Soft Loading team:WUSOO SOFT

Construction Unit:GUANGHAI Engineering

Project Area:410m²

Company Email:wusunspace@qq.com

Main Materials:Wood stone, Xin Zhongyuan Slate,Art paint,Wood veneer,White perforated aluminum veneer

Lighting Designer:Sam Lai

Space Photography:A Qi、Rongkun Chen

Copywriting:Qingge Media