The combination of coffee space and bookstore has become a common practice nowadays. Jackdaw Coffee has opened its second shop in Bundim Bookstore, Zhongshan, China, and entrusted SameSame Design(SSD) to conceive its interiors. The coffee shop is set at a polygonal corner, partially enclosed by a bookshelf and unveiling a story-telling scene where a bird builds nest and settles down in a bookstore.


The client hoped the shop to show an impressive brand image and bring customers unique coffee experiences. In response, the design started from the literal meaning of the brand’s name Jackdaw, the Chinese characters of which are pronounced as Mo(means “ink” ) Que(refers to “bird”).


“Mo” in Chinese language means ink, which symbolizes pure black and is often associated with knowledge in Chinese culture.


The designers utilized black materials as the paintbrush to outline spatial contours, ceiling edges, lighting grooves, skirtings, the form and water-blocking lines of the bar counter, the frame of book cabinet as well as furniture structures.

▲只有包裹咖啡空间的书架,由全黑的材料组成。Different from other shelves in the bookstore, the shelf that semi encloses the coffee shop is made of all-black materials.


In the entire bookstore space, only the envelope of the coffee shop utilizes all-black panels, which seem to add a mysterious touch to it.


“Que”, referring to “bird” in Chinese, is the protagonist of the brand’s story, with its logo showcasing a jackdaw standing on a branch with coffee berries.


The designers extracted visual elements of the brand’s logo, and creatively separated the patterns of the “jackdaw” and the “coffee tree branch” on the two glass sheets of the automatic sliding door. When overlapped, the glass sheets vividly present the complete image of the brand logo.


“Some customers didn’t find this creative detail until they finished their coffee and were about to leave. When discovering it, they would go back into the shop and appreciate the overlapping visual effects,” a barista said.


Situated in a shopping mall, the bookstore has no natural light. This inspired the designers to create spatial scenes based on the concept of “glowing in the dark”. It conveys the idea that coffee can “glow” and illuminate the mind as knowledge do and can gather people together, which responds to the gregarious character of jackdaws.


The lighting not only brightens objects, but also produces shadows. As conceiving spatial scenes based on the darkness, the designers decided to illuminate each block with a light source from a single direction, and gave interconnected surfaces different directions of light, so as to subtly “design” shadows in the space.

▲多边形的错层式天花,形态如鸟巢。The irregular and geometric multi-level ceilings look like an abstract bird’s nest.


The central area of the bar counter is occupied by the main coffee maker, and its backdrop wall showcases the brand’s English name. Complemented by golden light and the shadows, the three-dimensional letters add a sense of ritual and a pilgrimage-like atmosphere to the counter area.

▲店内设有不同的座位形式,可让小空间喧闹起来。Various forms of seating help enliven the small space.

▲由不同产地的咖啡豆包装麻袋裱装而成的墙面。Wall surface clad in linen packages of coffee beans from worldwide

▲壁灯形态是抽象的鸟,嘴里钓着树技。The wall lamp looks like an abstract bird, with a branch in its mouth.

▲从书店透过冲孔板看到的景象。View of the interiors of the coffee shop through the perforated panel.


Nowadays, coffee shops and cafe have become a “third space” in cities, as well as a popular socializing destination among young people. The reason is not merely that drinking coffee is more stylish than smoking, dining, playing games and other activities. More importantly, it’s because that coffee-related brands have been seeking more distinctive spatial designs, which have produced a great many engaging destinations. In such a context, spatial design provides a stage for both brands and designers to give full play to creativity, and the coffee spaces also become a venue where people freely express themselves and resonate with others.

▲空间解构图 Exploded spatial diagram

▲以空间的设计元素为店的开业设计海报 Posters designed based on spatial elements of the coffee shop






项目设计 & 完成年份:2021-03/2021-05







Project Information——

Project name:JACKDAW COFFEE, Zhongshan

Category:coffee shop

Design firm:SameSame Design 

Contact email:Dosign@foxmail.com

Start/completion time: March 2021 / May 2021

Chief designer:Tuno Liu

Project location:Zhongshan, China

Area:35 square meters

Photos:Little Praise


Materials:iron sheets, veneer panels, cement coating