受到库布里克电影的启发,两位年轻人决心在上海市区打造一间属于他们自己的特色酒吧咖啡吧 ——“KoRoVa”,其意即是对于发条橙电影的致敬,也表明着其将来小众文化的特征与立场。

Inspired by Kubrick’s films, two young men are building their own cafe & bar — “KoRoVa” in downtown Shanghai. It means a tribute to the “Clockwork Orange” film, which also shows their characteristics and position of minority culture in the future.

▲以未来表现的吧台致敬60s电影场景 Pay tribute to the 1960s film scenes with futuristic decoration


Salute with design, not a simple replica. Starting from the film, we project the three paragraphs of the plot to the plan layout and endow them with corresponding personalities and functions. Based on rationality and reality, we are trying to build an emotional place.

▲略显夸张的室内结构赋予上海老建筑新的活力 The slightly exaggerated interior structure gives new vitality to the old buildings in Shanghai

原初 The Primal


<We were all feeling a bit shagged and fagged and fashed, it having been an evening some small energy expenditure. So we got rid of the auto and stopped at the Korova for a nightcap.>

▲入口视角 View of the entrance

▲保持通透的空间感以吸引路人 Maintain transparent to attract passers-by


Silver-tone stainless steel plates and corrugated panels wrap the entire wall, with complex polygonal structures hanging on the top, revealing sharp, radical, and even dangerous properties. The polygonal gaps cast light that is sometimes pure, bright and sometimes unpredictable, outlining the boundary and haloing the space. It’s like a bird cast from the cherished stone of heaven, or a wonderful wine flowing in a spaceship…

▲吧台上方的几何图形更密更有包裹感 The geometries above the bar are denser and more wrapped


In strong contrast to the dynamics of the ceiling geometries, the brown wooden bar floats in the centre of the space reveal quiet, warm intrinsic qualities. Like the wooden batten facade of an old shop, the alcohol is covered by removable corrugated panels. When night falls and the veil is lifted, the bar shows its true appearance in the dim light, flowing, flashing, dancing and shuttling…

▲白天咖啡模式 Daytime Café

▲白天灯光 Daytime lighting

改造 The Reform


<Goodness is chosen. When a man cannot choose…he ceases to be a man>


Open the inconspicuous door hidden in the wall, the space is squeezed into a narrow appearance, dark and black. As the door slowly closes, the plot changed from the original radical to silent gloom. At the feeling of this time, is depressed, uneasy, or is a strange relief, because everything outside the door has nothing to do with here…

▲以德劳内三角为逻辑的结构生成 Structure generation with Delaunay Triangulation

▲不锈钢几何形状间隙中夹着灯光 Lights between the gaps of stainless steel geometries

▲变化的灯光效果 Multimode lighting effects

回归 The Return


<Where was I to go, who had no home and no money? I cried for myself. Home, home, home. It was home I was wanting.>

▲可调节灯光与悬挂系统可使空间变换多种功能 The adjustable lighting and suspension system can transform the space into a variety of functions


Darkness is not the norm. The other end of the door, following the light guidance, is an open, symmetrical room. The ground and wall have a warm beige colour, and the ceiling is covered by square mirrors. The same square architectural language extends from the top to the wall and repeats into orderly niches.

▲中心位视角 View of the centre position



This space presents a warm, home-like atmosphere, along with the medieval tone of the 1970s and 1980s, such as furniture, sculpture. To the place, is a tribute to the past, to the emotions, is a simple return. In the gap between the top surfaces, adjustable spotlights and hanging rails are installed. As the suspended paintings are removed and the lights fade, it becomes a comfortable and quiet seat area. People talk and drink, surrounded by works of art and symphonies, it is like going back to their homes that they are all familiar with…

▲平面图 Floor Plan











Project information——

Design Firm: DIGITECTS Architecture

Design Team: Ding Yangyang, Gu Tao

Location: United Valley, No.462 Changle Road, Shanghai, China

Built Area: 60 m2

Completion: Aug 2021

Photographer: Ed Dai

Construction:Shanghai Suji Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd

Lighting Consultant: Shanghai Jimi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd

Furniture: becomehome