“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.”——Albert Einstein


Children, by nature have a limitless imagination. The building block of this design springs from the desire to provide a natural, boundless place for a child’s creative expression.


Building blocks are toys that fit together in a creative way; they not only support mental development but also hand and eye coordination. Blocks are toys common to most people’s childhood memories, and are used as the means to create a fun and free dynamic throughout this Early Childhood Education space.



The center is located on the third floor and is rectangular in structure. The elevator is the main entrance and opens up to the public space. Beyond the public space is the central area in which is the designated teaching space, its locations acts as a safe inner area for the children. Finally, the back area has both a kitchen and office area, with a separate exit from the main area, easily accessible to workers and convenient for deliveries.



Originally, the elevator entrance opened into the public space, which lacked spatial depth and security. Now a bridge made of blocks serves as a barrier and distinguishes the elevator room as a separate space. At the entrance it beckons childlike curiosity and sets the fun-filled tone for the rest of the center.



The octopus slide is a special feature designed to delight the children. As you may know, the Octopus has the highest IQ among all the creatures in the ocean. We believe an intelligent creature like the octopus was a perfect choice as the central attraction and gathering place of the center. Circular, warm lighting brightens the room without harming the children’s eyesight. The area is well lighted and assures a safe environment for the children to play, but also make the hall space brighter and more transparent, enriching the space.



Natural lighting serves as the main source of light in both public and reading areas; in addition to being an efficient book display, the ladder-seat is also the perfect height so that children can easily reach the books they want to read. When an event is held here, it can conveniently be folded into chairs – saving both time and space.




The reception area is composed of two “rectangular building blocks”, the smaller one is the reception desk, and the larger one is the logo wall. The glowing light on the head board of the wall draws attention to the center.



The wooden classrooms are equipped with colorful, geometric window seats which channel in warm, natural light and minimize the dull, dreariness of the hallway. The teaching area is the core of the entire center, and provides a variety of professional classrooms for creative imaginations.



Safety concerns are foremost when it comes to the layout of the classroom walls, floors, and cabinets. A safe play environment is of utmost priority. In addition to fully utilizing and managing the space, we focused intently on creative design, motivating the children toward imaginative creativity, free play in a safe environment and the experience of the childhood wonders.














Project information——

Project Name: AIYER Children nursery

Project Address: Putian Fujian

Design Master: Jianwu Zhang

Design Team: WUSUN SPACE

Soft Loading team: WUSOO SOFT

Design Time: 2019.09.20-2019.12.25

Opening Time: 2020.05.01

Project Area: 1240㎡

Main Materials: Toning floor paint, wood veneer, toughened fireproof glass, PVC plastic flooring

Lighting Designer: Sam Lai

Space Photography: Rongkun Chen