Nowadays, everyone watches movies online, how could physical cinemas stay relevant and attractive for the cinephiles?

芝作室在设计首个电影院项目MOViE MOViE影城时就面临这样的课题。首先要思索观影体验的本质,它是一个逃离现实的瞬间,是一段荡涤心灵的旅程,或是一场穿越时空的探索。基于这样的想法,设计团队尝试在影院这个实体空间中,以蒙太奇手法设计了一系列场景,试图唤醒人们曾在旅途中偶遇自然奇观和发掘秘境的喜悦,让这段探索之旅更加完满。

That was the design challenge for our first cinema project for MOViE MOViE at the Taikoo Li Qiantan, a mixed-use development recently completed in Shanghai. We started off asking what is the cinema experience? It is a moment of escape, an internal journey, or an expedition to another world. To complement these adventures, we set out to create a physical platform recalling memories of encountering natural wonders and travelling off the beaten path.

▲二层平面图 2F plan 

▲三层平面图 3F plan ▲四层平面图 4F plan 


The cinema is located in Taikoo Li Qiantan, a retail complex at the heart of the Pudong New Area. With a focus on wellness and sustainability, the mall is an open-plan and lane-driven architecture reminiscent of an organic valley, offering shoppers a diverse mix of culture and commerce. Bringing a continuity between architecture and interiors, Lukstudio extends the layered stone facade into the multi-level cinema as stacking contours and creates a manufactured “canyon”.


stacking contours at the entrance atrium echo the layered architectural facade


the “canyon” contours protrude and recede to create greenery nooks


The main lobby on 3rd floor is designed as a social spot for cinephiles to hangout before or after the show. Shaped by sinuous walls and a glossy floor mimicking water, the “canyon” naturally directs circulation flow along the curvy facade.


self-service ticket kiosks and concession embedded into the organic lobby


the concession functions as both a snack shop and a coffee bar


the elevator lobby is envisioned as man’s intervention in nature


the elevator lobby wall composed of various textured metal panels


a close-up of the panel and rivet details


Concession, self-service ticket kiosks and elevator lobby are envisioned as man’s intervention in nature, and they take on a contrasting industrial look with metal panels and rivet details.

▲大台阶剖面图 stepped-terrace-section



the double-height stepped terrace as a diversified passage way


a space opens to different kinds of functions


The undulating “water” floor leads to a double-height hall lined with floor-to-ceiling glazing. Here, at the northwest corner, our manufactured landscape takes on a terrace form. The organic platforms not only create a diversified passage way between two floors, they also integrate a bookstore dedicated to cinematography and movie culture branded The Kubrick.


bookshelves and seatings create semi-private reading platforms


visitors can read or hangout at a quiet nook before or after movie


the green room as an extension to the book store, also a VIP room during events


Accommodating both casual hangout and big social events, the design adds new possibilities to the conventional cinema experience, welcoming shoppers to pause and relax, movie-goers to discover about their favourite genres, or movie-makers to share their insights after a première.


the down-scaled “canyon” extends to the hallway


the compact “canyon” is more dramatic and mysterious


a vintage industrial style sign made from sheet metal


The “canyon” continues along the passage to the cinema halls on 2nd and 4th floors. The stacking planes are down-scaled according to the single-storey space, yet the effect is more dramatic and mysterious, cultivating a sense of exploration in the spectators before their cinematic excursion.


curves and textures enrich the public hallway


the curved mirror wall creates an interesting effect


the washroom textures instill an outdoor atmosphere 


the staggered cubicle design


The washroom concept is inspired by the nomadic living. Light structure, curved form and outdoor textures where adopted to conjure an organic atmosphere. A multi-faceted mirror wall captures a psychedelic moment, perhaps unexpectedly transports the “travelers” to a special elsewhere.


panoramic view of the IMAX hall


triangulated formations simulate the multi-faceted crystal cave


The theatres are envisioned as crystal caves where triangulated formations create an immersive environment. Black, grey and navy acoustic panels compose the final “caves” of different sizes and heighten the cinematic experience.


entrance design inspired by Broadway movie theatre

芝作室在MOViE MOViE影院与库布里克书店项目中尝试改变传统影院的现状,为电影爱好者创造一个电影主题的文化目的地。人们到此不再仅仅为了看电影,而是在这个物质世界中去探寻更深层次的社会与文化内核。这些从大自然中获取灵感的场景设计,亦将重新点燃城市居民们的探险精神。

The MOViE MOViE and Kubrick Project challenges the status quo of a conventional cinema and creates a destination of a cinematic world. Going to the cinema is no longer only about watching a movie, but a social and cultural discovery in our physical world. Taking inspiration from nature, Lukstudio aims to create a backdrop for urbanites to rekindle their adventurous spirits.


项目业主 :  百老汇影城

项目地址 :  上海市浦东新区前滩太古里石区L3层S-L3-13号

室内面积 :  5500平方米

室内设计 :  LUKSTUDIO芝作室(

设计总监 :  陆颖芝

设计团队 :  吴冬、吴敏仪、李墨、尤幸、丁怡人、余炜锋、邓海琦、谭丽苗、乔海滨、王继珍、杜雪

设计内容 : 室内及灯光

设计时间 :  2020.04 -2021.07

施工时间 :  2021.03- 2021.12

施工单位 : 上海嘉业室内装饰有限公司

图纸深化 :  嘉兴甪里建筑设计咨询有限公司

项目摄影 : 张薇倩

Project Information——

Client :  Broadway Cinemas

Location :  S-L3-13, Stone Zone, Taikoo Li Qiantan, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

Net Area : 5500 ㎡

Interior Design : LUKSTUDIO (

Director : Christina Luk

Design Team : Dong Wu, Munyee Ng, Edoardo Nieri, Yoko You, Yiren Ding, Weifeng Yu, Kate Deng, Rebecca Tan, Haibin Chao, Jenny Wang, Vivi Du

Scope: interior and lighting

Design Period : 2020.04 -2021.07

Construction Period : 2021.03- 2021.12

General Contractor : Jiaye Interior Design & Decoration Co., Ltd

Drawing Development : Luli Design

Photography : Yui Zhang