With the improvement of living standard, the sense of quality of modern community is becoming more and more outstanding, which has also changed the mode of neighborhood social interaction. People and the community environment has a certain degree of sense of separation, convenient life of science and technology and network social networking is exacerbated by this phenomenon.


RADIANCE GROUP created the Radiance Exquisite 3.0 products in the “Unbounded club”shelf design, is adhering to the community of the humanities and ecology of the beautiful vision, to provide the owners downstairs of the high-value social space. One-stop to meet the needs of parent-child play, sports, social, home care and other needs, for the interpretation of life more beautiful possibilities.

| 颜 选 色 彩 |

Color selection


First, we create a color system that blends into the functional areas of community life, such as the pink fantasy space that gives childhood its beauty, the bright yellow dynamic space that brings the passion of movement, and the use of color psychology to respond to functional scenes, can effectively enhance people’s sense of participation in the functional space, in order to promote the integration of people and scenes, pull the distance between people.

| 空 间 无 界 |

Unbounded space


“Radiance Exquisite 3.0” is re created in precipitation and thinking. Through scientific customer research and functional design, it breaks the boundary between internal and external space in the overhead floor space, blends emotion and scenery, and constructs an “unbounded meeting place” where indoor and outdoor, architecture and nature, and man and nature can communicate boundlessly.

| 关 爱 无 界 |

Boundless love


“Radiance Exquisite 3.0” also pays extreme attention to details for people who need special attention on the overhead floor of the unbounded club through humanized design. For example, in the children’s play area, designers draw inspiration from their own life experience and specially design walking platforms and walking handrails for growing children, so that parents can accompany their children’s growth without bending down.


Humanized details such as safe climbing, soft seat, anti-collision corner, diaper table and baby parking space not only ensure safety, but also allow parents to grow up with them. There are no dead corner monitoring, anti glare lighting, convenience hooks, pet exclusive area and other daily details in the whole age section. Care details are penetrated into the design bit by bit, so that the accidental needs of life become an absolute necessity of design.

| 功 能 无 界 |

Function unbounded


The emergence of the epidemic makes people re-examine their living and life. The scope of activities is centered on home, and the radius is reduced. More and more people are eager to have a richer and safer community activity space.


We have fully studied the use needs and living habits of all ages in the community, determined four theme space sections and conducted in-depth analysis, so as to present the best design effect, and provide community residents with an unbounded activity space of “small fun, youth entertainment and old fun”, where the whole family can find their own fun space. Company will not be blocked by space, and all warm and beautiful life scenes will be infinitely extended here.

| 慧玩:即享陪伴,欢乐童年 |

LOOK KIDS:Enjoy the company, Happy Childhood


We have created 6 functional modules for children, focusing on children’s growth needs, behavioral characteristics, such as the important characteristics of parent-child sharing, to meet the overall needs of the community for parent-child sharing.

| 慧动:挥汗时刻,健康加成 |

LOOK GYM:Sweat Time, health bonus


We combine fun fitness with functional equipment, and create an exclusive world of strength training, fun sports and soothing stretching for people who love sports by matching vibrant colors with IP theme pictures.

| 慧趣:自在养生,悠然自得 |

LOOK GRAND:free health, leisurely and carefree


The elderly have the highest utilization rate of community public space. We have also fully taken into account the demands of the elderly, such as moderate exercise, educational gathering, natural and fresh air, vibrant landscape and green plants. Under the warm sun, it is a spirit that does not lose the spirit of the young people.

| 慧聊:丰富生活,从心交流 |

LOOK FRIENDS:enrich life and communicate from the heart


Provide a perfect field for social interaction, realize the party time of confidants with reception and communication area, book bar reading area and X-Space, and bring unlimited enjoyment of life.


After completing the whole module design, we optimized and verified the presentation effect of Radiance Exquisite 3.0 unbounded club through the landing presentation of the actual project.


Radiance Chengdu Feng Qi Yun Jing live show



“Radiance Exquisite 3.0” unbounded Club breaks the boundaries of indoor and outdoor space and makes the space on the overhead floor become the built-in of the community and the extension of the home. In the unbounded club, the community is no longer a cold house in the reinforced concrete forest, but a spiritual field with temperature, communication and interest.

Live a life without boundaries, let’s help for a better life in the future!
















Project Information——

Project Name:Radiance Exquisite 3.0 – Unbounded Club

Project location:Chengdu, Sichuan

Project area:About 350㎡


Design Institute:Fun Connection Design

Email: contact@funconn.com

Design Guidance:Li Zhen、 Gao Ting

Chief Designer:Zhang Yaotian

Design Team:Chen Yanzhou、Zhuang Changtong、Qiu Yiwen

Deepening Design:Huang Yinwen

Graphic Design:Luo Congyi、Shen Yunxuan

Soft Decoration Design:Xiang Haiyan、Fu Yue

Equipment Unit:Mengtong Amusement Equipment (Tianjin) Co. , Ltd.

Photographer:Mu Yang