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Masheng Backyard, located in Pihe Greenway Park, Xindu District, Chengdu, boasts beautiful scenery with the river trickling sluggishly and green trees surrounding it. With the graceful environment around the park, people can find a habitat in the city to slow down, calm down, and enjoy life.

麻省后院是什么?What is Masheng Backyard?



The owner of the space hopes that in such an environment, while being operated through an independent space, it can be also integrated with other spaces and functions. Consequently, the need for a space that can be expanded and redefined has emerged. Masheng Backyard is a comprehensive living space that integrates cafe, restaurant, bar, and chess and card room.


「重构」 Reconstruction


In the cafe space, the designer uses “penetrating the medium and blurring the boundary of the space” as the framework and adopts the form of square sky and round earth. He breaks the existing axis arrangement, and utilizes the arc-shaped moving lines to activate the experience of the space.


Finally, the internal and the external, the virtual and the real, the rigid and the soft, the geometric shapes and the arcs are alternately interspersed with each other, and time and space are unified at this moment, so that one can obtain an immersive experience in the art space.

「光 影」Light and Shadow


Light is a gift from nature to space design. The wall is “broken” to let the light enter to the maximum retention and get deeper, increasing the expression of light and shadow in the scene.

「序 列」Sequence


The combination of grey bricks and glass bricks serves as a carrier for transmitting light and shadow indoors and outdoors, which enriches the space through the change of the color of light and shadow with time. It not only presents natural beauty, but also embodies a heavy sense of value.

「吧 台」Counter


By using the design language of Cubism, the counter of the cafe is built into an integrated sculpture with multiple functions, which highlights the important position of the counter in the space.

「散座区」Scattered Dinning Area

「楼梯」The stairs

「阳 光 房」Sun Room


The sunlight is filtered by the layers of leaves, and when it falls into the sun room, it turns into a faint round light flickering halo. The sun room is another leisure experience between indoor and terrace. Its existence is no longer confined to a fixed way of life. You can indulge yourself in the poetic sentiment given by the sunshine and beautiful scenery, and enjoy a relaxed and free release.







On the terrace on the third floor, while overlooking the beautiful scenery of Pihe River, you can eat and chat in the breeze, and admire green scenes, breathe fresh air, and enjoy life.
On a terrace, with a table and a chair
With the sunset and in the night
With tea, water, and vintage wine
Stay alone and enjoy it




Standing in any corner of the restaurant, you can see the outdoor landscape through the floor-to-ceiling windows. The design of this sight frame intends to help the internal and external parallel spaces form a subtle “internal and external relationship” through visual interaction so that indoor guests can communicate with the outside world at any time.



In terms of the wall, the designer chooses glass bricks and cement paint, which are extremely rough and extremely delicate respectively, giving rich possibilities to the second “skin” of the space.


In the daytime, the two materials present the beauty of fiction and reality under natural light. At night, the design of line light source infiltrates warm and peaceful light from the inside. There is the bright and the dark, the virtual and the real. If you dine at different time, you can enjoy different scenery and the environment.

「旋转楼梯」Spiral Stairs


There’s no making without breaking. The designer removes the floor slab of the original space and sets up metal stairs in the space, which goes upward in a whirl and leads to the indoor space on the second floor. Multi-curve comes with elegance by itself and rotation presents geometric beauty. With the magical lights, the movement and stillness of the space can be outlined in a few strokes.


Looking down from above, the spiral stairs are like a brightly blooming flower, decorating the architectural space and never withering.



In the space, what’s interlaced are not only wine cups, but also changing light and shadow.



The beauty of life lies in her fireworks, scenery and friends, so that every friends dinner are particularly interesting ~

▲空间鸟瞰图Aerial view of the space



Project Name:麻省后院

Area:   2380m²

Site Location: 成都市新都区毗河绿道公园内

Design Firm : 成都初一美学设计有限公司

Designer :张月 李海龙

Design Team : 罗鑫 SAC

Photographer :普尤