Intelligent life, integrated into nature, exists in the present.


With the evolution of the traditional industrialized society to the modern information society, residence as a human habitation of material and social phenomena, the latest and future technologies are showing the tension of dreams. In the new century, when people’s understanding of future life begins to become a social consensus, intelligent and sustainable development will gradually become two specific elements of future residence.


According to the statistics,buildings account for 40% of the world’s total energy consumption, of which residential energy accounts for two-thirds. And the future of intelligent residence for people to create a comfortable, safe, convenient and efficient living environment. With the exhaustion of petroleum, coal and other energy sources, people’s understanding of the energy reality is deepening day by day, and the idea of housing integrated with nature, energy saving and sustainable development is becoming another important indicator of future residence beyond intelligence.

▲施工过程 Construction process


The project store is located at the northeast corner of the third floor of The Red Star Macalline Supreme MALL in Hangzhou. In front of the store is the daylighting atrium, which is slightly inward. Although it is not the main store, it has a wide facade.


This is an upgrade of The Store itself. After investigating the previous store design and the brand genes of other competitive brands in the market, we found that in the past, brands put too much emphasis on the display function of stores, and stores focus on the complexity and diversity of products to win customers’ consumption desire. Even in the intelligent experience, it only stays in a single product intelligent joint control demonstration. This time, we tried to break that.


The intelligent life as we understand it, it is integrated into life, naturally present in the home. Intelligent fan, intelligent desk lamp, intelligent curtain, these products are essential intelligence in life. Therefore, we want to advocate intelligent life. The exhibition hall is not only about selling products, but also about selling life.


Home life is inseparable from the shell of the home, combined with the volume relationship of the Inner building within the brand gene to create an intelligent home. Let the customers who enter the home as if they are going into the next door.


We disassemble and disperse the original square space and create a courtyard to enter the house. We lift up a box space similar to a pavilion on the courtyard and extend it to the interior of the space, so that the vision can go deep with the structure and then create a sense of space.


Then, the original columns are taken as the basis to increase the depth of the space, and the proportion of the front boxes is adjusted to make the two volumes cross and contrast with each other, forming a volume relationship like villa architecture, with rhythmic ups and downs, so that the desire to enter the exhibition hall created naturally.


After entering the living room space, we extended a dark aluminum wood ceiling horizontally until the dining room organized the two spaces together. At the same time, we adjusted the height of the space, controlled the proportions, allowed the spaces to be connected to each other, and strengthened the fluidity of the space;

Let the audio-visual room and the office space rise to form a proportional contrast,

and the cantilevered ceiling is created, so that the tea room area exists in the whole, but not completely in the whole, and the different functional areas are independent and interrelated.


Using the specular reflection of the black glass, the space has a certain degree of penetration and extension, and the originally insufficient space has a certain degree of air permeability, making it flowing, continuous, and full of vitality.


On the left and right sides of the space, we use gradual light film to simulate the relationship between light and shadow in the morning and evening, so that the space has the temperature of home, and the intelligent curtain system can be displayed more naturally.


In order to increase the value of the product in the space, we let the switch panel, like high heels and jewelry, be accurately and prominently displayed.


For home theater, we want it to have a dark metal texture, so we use a metal braided hard cover, which feels like a metal but has a textile texture, which is both rigid and soft.


We use 9 rounds of sun and moon smart light piece to refer to the space reverie of the sky. From left to right, the lights emphasize the morning and evening situations. This is also a spiritual hint that we give to the past and future in the space.


We come from the past, go into the future, and stop in the present.

▲空间轴测图 Axonometric drawing

▲空间平面图 Space plan







项目面积:183 m²



Project Information——

Project Name:KONKE Control Guest House Intelligent Experience Center

Project address:Hangzhou Red Star Macalline Supreme Mall

Designer:Chen Shanwu

Design team:Li Yang, Jin ma

Design company:WUUIN DESIGN

Project area:183 m²

Project Photography:Hanmo Vision-Yi Gao

Main materials:cement art paint, wood grain aluminum plate, black mirror, LED screen, gradient lamp film