TC is such a cutting-edge hair salon,this case is located on the 2F of a shopping mall in hangzhou,we try to use uniform and gentle scattering of lights,and the ubiquitous green plants,to create an oasis of relaxation and enjoyment.



Clean grey metal panels were chosen for the facade,the intention is to separate from the noisy outside environment of the mall.



At the entrance,we made an arc passage,this is a transitional space connecting the rest area,so that the rest area have a sense of enclosed,and also have a sense of ritual,the semi-transparent grille makes the landscape of the rest area partly hidden and partly visible,it makes the person is full of the expectation with their new image.



The opposite of the corridor is a stainless steel platform,it’s the visual drop point,also prefigures the modern attribute of space.Rest area took into account the waiting function,the addition of karesansui makes the waiting time become quiet.


前台的弧线灯带 ,是空间的前奏。有机的弧线和灯带结合既满足了均匀照明的需求同时也形成了本案的核心设计语言。

The arc light belt of the front desk is the prelude of the space. The combination of the arc and the light belt not only meets the demand of uniform lighting, but also forms the core design language of this case.



Due to the excellent height condition of the project,we want to implant a structure in this space.And hopefully it can be integrated with the functionality at the same time,so such an interesting space was created.We don’t define what it is,different people, different angles,it leads to different conclusions.Sometimes like growing plants,sometimes like spreading wings,sometimes like a crescent moon.






It exists reasonably in space with an upward growth trend,as a spatial structure, it also bears the function,associated with mirrors, lamps, and trays.Most importantly, a semi-enclosed space is naturally formed,to provide customers with a sense of relative privacy.



Things are also important elements in space,the tree’s shadow danced beautifully in the light,light and shadow interlaced, just like a variation of the symphony.








项目名称: TC美发沙龙

设计公司: 杭州吾好空间设计有限公司


设计团队:方峰 张恒

地址: 杭州市钱江印商场2F