For the first time, itD studio designs the space of a children‘s hairdressing brand. At the beginning of the design, one of the main points of our thinking is: How to connect the space element with the brand Zebra Line naturally, and let the customer have a strong impression on the brand through the whole space?


After the preliminary analysis, we find that most of children’s barber shop just use plenty of animals and car elements, and there is no connection between those incidents, but only filled in the image that children might like. Hence, most of children‘s barber shop lack of aesthetic sense and recognition.


Nowadays, the beauty and quality of commercial space have become an extremely important trend of consumer guidance, and also the point of brand recognition. Therefore, only to well-connect of the brand and the space, will Zebra Line achieve the goal of creating a high-end image.

空间概念 Space Concept


It is known from the owner that the name of brand-Zebra Line-is meant to be “protected”. The traffic rules that red light stops and the green light goes, make every zebra crossing an invisible knight that protects pedestrians crossing the road safely. Children’s barber shops also protect children in a safe and intimate way, allowing them to enjoy their new hairstyles happily.


Starting from the word “Zebra Line”, we remove the messy interference (such as the upsetting “Zebra”), and think about the elements that can be connected to the brand. We use “line” as the origin of brainstorming, associating with a variety of things that exist in the form of lines.


Eventually, it return to the “city” where the zebra crossing is produced-a densely populated area filled with lines. The zebra crossing is a product of city, but the orderly urban high-rises are too boring, so we abstract the city into a favorite element for children – building blocks.

▲开启新故事了New story starts.

空间布局 Spatial Layout




The space is blocks of blocks stacked in an orderly manner. You can find the city image just mentioned here, and you can even see the elements such as houses, trains, castles and so on. More small highlights in the space, let‘s keep looking.

打卡点 KaCha Check-in Place


最初方案中,我们还设想门头放置巨大的 “KaCha”,以醒目的字符引导人们拍照打卡。

We push inward a wall of the facade to create a check-in place. Then here comes numbers of theme scenes: Era of Dinosaurs, Great Grassland, Blocks City, and World Adventure… The theme can be changed according to the activities of the store, the holiday day, and so on.

In the original plan, we also want to put a huge “KaCha” on the door in order to use striking character attract people to take photos here.

▲现场图Real Scene

▲设想的插画风“Kacha一照”Illustration style of Ka Cha

收银台&储物间 Reception & Storage

▲现场图Real Scene


The reception is connected to the storage room ( also the employee rest room) which represents YARD and HOUSE in Blocks City.“HELLO” is presented on the wall of the storage room to create a lively atmosphere.

▲设想的插画风空间动态Illustration style of “What will the space be like?”

理发&休息区Hairdressing & Rest Area


Enter the interior space along the traffic guidance line on the ground. The high rises in Blocks City are actually hairdressing cabinets, and children’s hairdressing chairs are cars parked in the parking lot at the bottom of the building along the traffic route.

▲现场图Real Scene


The rest area is the area where parents wait and look after their children. The seats are set in a block style of different heights. The picture books, magazines, etc. above are extracted in the way of drawing cards. You never know what surprises are in the next one.

▲现场图Real Scene

▲设想的插画风空间动态Illustration style of “What will the space be like?”



According to the management mode of Zebra Line, the amusement is divided into a free play area and a VIP play area.

免费玩乐区 Free Play Area


In addition to free picture books and small toys, we have set up a small magnetic board in free play area, children can create patterns they like on it.

VIP玩乐区 VIP Play Area


It sounds very peculiar to set up a large play area in a barber shop, actually it is the owner‘s reflection of value-added services for children’s hairdressing industry, and also a consideration of the needs of parents. Although the play area is free for VIP customers, non-VIP customers can also put children inside to play after they consume, and they can spend 1-2 hours elsewhere to relax themselves.


▲现场图Real Scene


The VIP play area is built on the theme of blocks, which is a blocks city that provide happiness. Entering the iconic castle archway, a long strip-shaped island standing in the center of the ocean ball pool. There are transparent bubble balls of different sizes on the channel wall of the island, which are telescopes for children to observe the environment outside the island. Sliding out of the island, trapped into the smashing ocean ball pool, right in front of the picture book area with two curved windows.

▲现场图Real Scene


During the construction of Zebra Line, in the communication with the owner about the effect of the props stakeout, we proposed to modify the original play area design to expand the usable area of it as the event space, due to a deeper understanding of the owner‘s layout of Zebra Line’s business model.


The ladder leading to the island is facing the castle archway. Go to the left, you can still slide into the ocean ball pool to see the scenery in the picture book area, and go to the right, you can find some interesting objects to play with your playmates.

▲设想的插画风空间动态Illustration style of “What will the space be like?”



We believe that each space has its own personality, and the personality cannot be separated from branding and business strategy. We hope that children‘s spaces are dynamic, lively, and impressive.

Walking into this Zebra Line, walking into an enlarged version of blocks city. Regardless of age, we are all just little kids.

▲设想的插画风空间动态Illustration style of “What will the space be like?”






设计团队:邓林 苏志展 舒晨 龚玮坭 刘宪平 陈佳恒 曾佑蝶


Project information——

Project Name: Interior design of chidren’s hairdressing brand, Zebra Line

Location: Longfor·Paradise Walk, Yuzhong District, Chongqing

Area: 95㎡

Design in charge: Luo Peiqi

Main Creation and Design Team: Deng Lin, Su Zhizhan, Gong Weini, Shu Chen, Liu Xianping,ChengJiaheng, ZhengYoudie

Funiture Supplier:Yuan Dan