00 Departure:Explore multiverse that represent future time and space

The exploration of infinite time and space is perhaps one of the most primitive collective aspirations of human civilization, which has become an ambitious future narrative after the explosion of science and technology. People who live in modern cities may fantasize about traveling in outer space and becoming one of countless stars, or braving the black hole and juxtaposing a limited three-dimensional vision with an endless past and future.

在人类城市文明进化的巅峰之地-上海浦东陆家嘴,Holiland Travel在此登陆,好利来的烘焙创意与SLT未来叙事的空间设计碰撞出无限灵感——金属镜面、陨石吧台、悬浮引擎、异形入侵……传播全新烘焙理念,在带来甜蜜味觉体验的同时邀旅客触碰时空边界,对话未来。

At the pinnacle of the evolution of human urban civilization – Lujiazui, Pudong, Shanghai, Holiland Travel has landed here. Holiland’s baking creativity and SLT’s future narrative space design collide with infinite inspiration – metal mirror, meteorite bar, suspension engine, alien invasion… Spread the new concept of baking, and invite travelers to touch the boundaries of time and space and talk to the future while bringing a sweet taste experience.



01 Foreign Objects Invasion: Visual Signs of Cognitive Multiverse

The space-time “crack” of the multiverse flashes in the real world, and the distortion of space leads to the uneven perception of time. The infinite extension of the linear light strip explains the cosmic gravity of the strong wormhole. Through the outside observation porthole, we can see the scene fragments of different time and space and pull people into the imagination of walking in the multiverse. The body is on the earth, the heart has entered the sphere.


From psychological entry to actual physical entry,the central crater is the only “black hole” linking the multiverse and the earth, which is the field with the greatest traction in space-time travel. Here, everything in the universe, which is too large to be felt shrinks to a scale that people can understand. Space-time travelers stand in God’s perspective and stare at the multiverse. The crater can transport aircraft and meteorites to supply energy from other dimensions. The circular LED screen showing the invasion of foreign meteorites, the programmable light gradient dynamics, and the weightless suspension of spaceships are all unusual elements in the external environment with the intention of clearly pointing to a space adventure.


In the transit station of the space-time craft, foreign objects can be seen invading and hitting the craft. The island suspended in the orbit of the black hole, embedded with invasive meteorites composed of different materials, has become a display device for a series of products such as desserts, cakes and toast, which creates a sweet weightless paradise suspended in zero gravity. The coordinate axis of the ground is marked to record the location traces of foreign objects invasion.


A hyperspace conveyor belt is a device that collects and transports matter. It captures the invading foreign objects which through the space-time channel from different eras and presents them to the passengers in a three-dimensional form. Time-space travelers can choose to collect materials in different forms on the conveyor belt, and witness the supply of super-space sweet materials from Holiland.



02 Metamorphic Energy: Experience the dynamic universe in a static object

The existence of curved surface, mirror surface, trajectory line and various suspended objects is an important element to destroy the perception of external orthogonal time and form the order of multiverse, and represents a new rule at the same time, which indicate that the space of different dimensions may be continuous. For one space, there may be another parallel space that corresponds and translates. Through rotation, acceleration, lift-off, weightlessness. The floating islands on the track, which are finally fixed at the time of the Big Bang, have different directions of momentum, recording the eternal moment of motion, while the images of meteorites and other suspended objects on the top circular screen are the rules and order of infinite reciprocating motion in the multiverse universe.


During the journey, travelers can come to the waiting area of the space-time aircraft. As a relatively stable field in the parallel universe, the space of grid torque surrounds the person.   Leaning against the window, the Oriental Pearl on the right, the meteorite on the left falls, just like the scene where the father in “Interstellar” touches the book on the daughter’s bookshelf in the current time and space. The indoor multiverse scene overlaps with the real civilization scene outside the window, and the spatial dialogue between the two different dimensions is so real. In the superposition, conflict and pull of future and modern narrative, space-time travelers gain inspiration from the future in the grey area of multiverse and real world to stimulate their passion and imagination for the future world. The real world is growing iteratively in this reverie of “distant reality”.


坐进返回舱,飞行器正停靠超时空秘境,弧形的镜面反射环境,旅客可以看到另一个扭曲时空中超越三维空间归航的自己。 Holiland Travel开端的观测点到结尾处的返回舱等一系列体验场景构成了模态数字空间与现实场景空间的融合,从而达成跨媒介表达。用户的停留、拍照、打卡共同构成了一种叠加的、复合的购物情境,为好利来宇宙观的具身传播提供了更多可能。旅客在秘境中留下足迹,从虫洞中返回地球,期待下一次旅途的邂逅。

03 Homing: Inspiration for the real world

Sitting in the return cabin, the aircraft is docked in the super-space secret realm, and the curved mirror reflection environment allows passengers to see another self-homing in another twisted time and space beyond the three-dimensional space.

A series of experience scenes from the observation point at the entrance to the return capsule at the return cabin constitute the integration of modal digital space and real scene space, thus achieving cross-media expression. The user’s stay, taking photos etc. constitute a superimposed and complex shopping situation, which provides more possibilities for the embodied dissemination of Holiland’s cosmology. Travelers leave footprints in secret realm and return to Earth from wormhole, looking forward to the encounter on the next journey.

* Credit cookie彩蛋:TRAVEL to METAVERSE

从WEB 2.0到WEB3.0,元宇宙在经典互联网已达上限的时间性上增加了空间性维度,它将赋予用户时空拓展的全新体验和价值。 在Sandbox(沙盒)Mega-City HK新城里的Zeroplus地块上,SLT设计对Holiland Travel空间进行了1:1建造和实时孪生体验的创立,是在未来叙事主义框架下的空间表达和Metaverse体验边界的探索!

From WEB 2.0 to WEB 3.0, the Metaverse adds a spatial dimension to the time limit of the classic Internet, which will give users a new experience and value of time and space expansion. On the Zeroplus plot in the Sandbox Mega-City HK, SLT has 1:1 created the Holiland Travel space and real-time twin experience, exploring the boundaries of spatial expression and Metaverse experience under the framework of future narrativism!



项目名称:Holiland Travel-好利来超时空旅行旗舰店:平行宇宙的未来叙事主义








元宇宙线上搭建:SLT设计咨询+ Zeroplus








Project information——

Project name: HOLILAND TRAVEL: Future Narrativism in the Multiverse

Project type: Interior design

Design: SLT Design

Design year:  2021.03

Completion Year: 2022.08

Leading designer: Chen Ling, Shanshan Jiang

Design Team: , Dandan Shi, Yuxuan Zhu, Chenglin Cao, Tao He, Qian Zhang, Chao Tang, Shuyin Hua, Dan Lin,

Earlier involvement: Liangyu Zhang, Si Han, Yixuan Song, Yu Fu

Lighting consultant: Lei Pang

Metaverse design+build: SLT Design+Zeroplus

Video shooting: Xiaolong Luan, WenStudio

Photo shooting: Wenstudio

Project location: Shanghai Super Brand Mall 3F

Gross built area: 396㎡

Building Partner: Tiqi

Materials: 3D printing, Pouring acrylic, Electroplating metal, Microcement, Terrazzo, Stainless steel, Custom hyperbolic screen module

Clients: Holiland