空间历久   精神弥新   是为永续

The spirit of space impermanence is sustainable



Light and rich

此次是MOOTHAN. DESIGN与WANG LABELL的第二次合作。这是一家扎根在社区的服装店,我们将建筑门头打造的更加立体,大面的玻璃橱窗,将室内与街区完全交互有态度且融于街区环境。透过玻璃,自然光线被更好的引入到室内空间,有效的弥补原始场地的阴暗带来的压抑感。光线在室内交互穿插着,窗内有景,室内有光。

This is the second collaboration between MOOTHAN. DESIGN and WANG LABELL. This is a clothing store rooted in the community, we will build the building door head more three-dimensional, large glass window, the interior and the block completely interactive attitude and integrated into the block environment. Through the glass, natural light is better introduced into the interior space, which effectively makes up for the depression of the original site. Light is interspersed in the interior. There is a view in the window, and there is light in the interior.

我们一直在寻找一种媒介,让店面在千篇一律的社区中得以显现。从材料上寻求色彩对比成为实现这一意图的契机。红色是具有感染力的色彩,带有明显的情绪性倾向,红色铁板作为入户门,黄色的柜体作为陪衬,绿色的手工砖作为地面,这一系列差异的色彩,使得WANG LABELL在社区中独树一帜。

We were always looking for a medium to make the storefront visible in cookie-cutter neighborhoods. Looking for color contrast from materials becomes an opportunity to realize this intention. Red is an infectious color with obvious emotional tendency. The red iron plate is used as the entrance door, the yellow cabinet is used as the foil, and the green handmade brick is used as the ground. These series of different colors make WANG LABELL unique in the community.


Large floor-to-ceiling Windows bring in natural light. In order to present the sense of heaven and earth in the space, we use a large area of soft film ceiling in the hall, so that the light evenly covers the overall space, while placing a few bright colors, through the French window, pedestrians will subtly and subtly produce a ray of entanglement with the space.


Large floor-to-ceiling Windows bring in natural light. In order to present the sense of heaven and earth in the space, we use a large area of soft film ceiling in the hall, so that the light evenly covers the overall space, while placing a few bright colors, through the French window, pedestrians will subtly and subtly produce a ray of entanglement with the space.



Lonely and warm


The cashier area with simple geometry and the differentiation of sales mode make the commercial appeal take a back seat, and the concept of “fashion art exhibition hall” emerges. Brand cognition precedes spatial awareness and responds to the essence of design in a rational way that solves problems and eliminates boundaries.


The geometry is a continuous, continuous occurrence except for reinforcing elements. Another important element in the space is light, including natural light, surface light, linear light, flood light and local point light. There are different lighting forms and saturation degrees between light and dark. In addition to functional requirements, the emotional atmosphere of the space is also shaped.


In the double play of light and space, time is flowing, color is changing, volume is changing, giving the space a changeable sense of moment, creating an interesting interactive vision.



Wanton and restrained


A store with design wisdom is like a container of originality, not only to its own unique creativity, rich connotation; Also want to conform to the commodity texture, will “foil effect” pull full, not a law unto itself, also do not dominate. We deeply analyzed the selection logic of the principal, and the team fully dug into the tonality and pursuit of the brand. In all the exhibition areas, we used the extremely simple technique to set off the color and texture, style and temperament of the products, and presented an exploratory consumption experience to the visiting guests.


True representation of nature, but still full of artistic beauty. The visual impact brought by the stone texture makes us return to nature. Endows the space with rugged beauty, which is both wild and gentle, and becomes a bridge and medium for the interaction between people and clothing. The balance of spatial material distribution achieves a harmonious aesthetic feeling and helps customers better experience the emotions that fashion brands want to convey.


The material and form of clothing tell the subtle relationship between the body and the sensory world, hard or soft, delicate or rough outline our view of the world. Different shops shape their own personalities and fashion attitudes. Grace and relaxation, restraint and softness are the joys and joys of life that span many areas.



Subtlety makes nature


We hope that customers are placed in an interactive breathing space, where the composition of people, objects and scenes is not only harmonious and picturesque, but also flowing like music. The customer walks around the product experience, feeling the change of layers and rhythms in the space. Adhering to the above relations, we did not do too much space, reserve space integration, on the basis of using the material for space with soft quality with the force of a face, soft, comfortable and agile delicate skin texture, all of the feelings and perspectives with the movement of customers change, bring rich interactive space to experience.


This kind of ambivalent space experience is like the ambiguous relationship between the human body and clothing, in which people are wrapped in this space like the body wrapped in clothes. The WARM COLOR THAT INTEGRAL SLANTS GREEN FASTEN IS TONAL TO BRING A PERSON PEACEFUL AND COMFORTABLE FEELING ON THE VISION, PASS THE BALANCE OF COLOUR DISTRIBUTION AND SYMMETRY IN ORDER TO ACHIEVE HARMONIOUS AESTHETIC FEELING.


In the consideration of the exhibition hall streamline, we get rid of the direct single clue streamline, allowing customers to go back and even get “lost” in the process. Fashion is diversified, changeable and fast iterating.


The rationality of the space, the spirituality of the product, and then the sensibility of the people in it are the multifaceted aspects of the world and of each individual. Brick-shaped elements are always running through the interior from end to end. The deconstruction of geometric elements in the design, combined with the extension of the longitudinal wall, makes the whole space become integral and transparent, and can breathe freely.

由境生像,随像入境, 探寻自然与心境的边界,觉察艺术与商业空间的创造性结合,整个空间以自然、意境、心境进行剖析和研究,以自然之物的“意”构建艺术之“境”运用创造性设计手法的变换与空间作用产生多维视觉观, 从而追寻本真之内在。

By habitat born like, like entry, explore the nature and the boundary of the state of mind, perceiving the creative combination of art and commercial space, whole space in a natural, artistic conception, mood for analysis and research, in a natural thing in the world of “meaning” build “boundary” of art of creative design technique using multidimensional visual transformation and space effects from view, so as to pursue in nature.



Quality and artistic presentation of incisively and vividly


The harmony of lines and surfaces, volume and chroma in the interior creates a clean and concise space atmosphere, interpreting the beauty of smart levels between progression and interaction. The thinking of light and dark runs through the whole space. The delicate balance breaks the conventional logic of sharp edges and dynamically connects each functional partition to each other.


Through diversified style shaping, it connects fashion and life, hoping to explore art from multiple perspectives, and create a multi-angle modern life and art fashion. “Multi-angle” is a description full of possibilities. Mangosteen design believes that customers walk around in the buying space and enjoy different experience perspectives in a rich variety of clothes and accessories. This process includes expectations, memory, time, walking and watching. It’s not the concept of looking at a static painting at a fixed point.


We strive to create visual effects that better reflect the overall tone and atmosphere of the space and help customers better experience the mood that the fashion brand wants to convey. Space becomes a bridge and medium for interaction between people and clothing. Unlike traditional cubicles, this rambling, immersive space experience increases the likelihood that customers will enter the store and extend the time they spend shopping and wandering.


Each element has spatial meaning and situational orientation,Each of these forms is associated with the occurrence of events,Each scale corresponds to the spatial experience of those present.



Culture is the change that happens all the time. What experiences and values make you who you are now is the influence of culture. Our generation not only has its traditions, but also has new thoughts and behaviors in the international environment. Aesthetic appreciation changes with people’s experiences, so we have been discussing the real cultural changes of this generation and finally finding the source of our own heart.