Below the surface of the sea, it is the mysterious deep without sunshine. Away from our familiar air world, the main characters of this story are equipped to breathe in the water and meet here to enjoy a moment of encounter.

As a fashion pioneer jewelry brand, ONESWEAR constantly breaks traditional concepts and expresses its understanding on love through every store and every art installation that hoping to strike a chord with lovers. This time, we redefine romance in Changsha Joy City.

主题:邂逅, Theme: Romantic Encounter



Located in the center of the store, the two characters of this encounter are combined as one art installation which stand on the most visible position from the main entrance. They present their own characteristics and coexist harmoniously in the deep sea.

At the moment we met, we began to believe that even if we are different, we have no expectations, we do not know where the future is going, now we must be the protagonists of a romantic story.

▲双入口视线集中于空间中心的艺术装置, The sight of two entrances focus on the art installation in the center of the space

▲艺术装置:邂逅, Art installation: Romantic Encounter

▲艺术装置“邂逅”:成品参数, Art installation “Romantic Encounter”: the finished product parameters

潜水服·漫步, Wetsuit·Roam Around


Dismantling the old wetsuit, we simplify the heavy shell and leave the helmets and armguard as the most representative parts. Old rust and worn surfaces have been engraved with the marks of a long and rich journey. It seems to suggest that people wear it and personally experience the trip in the deep sea. Throw off the heavy shackles of real life, let us explore the unknown and mysterious world to meet with fate.

▲装置“漫步”:形象参考老式潜水服, Installation “Roam Around” : old wetsuit reference

▲艺术装置“漫步”:成品参数, Art installation “Roam Around”: the finished product parameters

▲装置 “漫步”:细节材质, Installation “Roam Around” :detail and material

神秘鱼·共舞, Mysterious Fish·Dance Together


The unexpected deep-sea companion is elegant and mysterious. The transparent helmet acts as a beacon to guide this undersea encounter. The organic body shape is round and elastic with full of vitality. The soft huge tail and fins wave around the wetsuit in the water. The phantom of the deep sea breathes in helmet and tenderly dance together into ambiguous distance.

▲艺术装置“共舞”:成品参数, Art installation “Dance Together”: the finished product parameters

▲装置 “共舞”:细节材质, Installation “Dance Together” : detail and material

▲装置 “共舞”:头罩细节, Installation “Dance Together” :detail of helmet


The modeling of the main body was achieved by 3D printing, while the texture was painted manually using metallic paint and color paint. Stainless steel decorations scatter around the installation that simulating the undersea environment.

▲艺术装置“邂逅”:细节材质与场景表达, Art installation: ” Romantic Encounter”: material detail and scenario building

空间解读, Space Analysis



Joy City is a new shopping mall located in Beichen Delta of Changsha. The store was decorated and opened at the same time with the whole mall. ONESWEAR does not cater to the decoration style of the mall, but expresses itself through the design language of space and installation. This is in harmony with the open and free spirit of the untraditional Joy City.

After considered the original space condition, we extend the short wall to close a space for the storage, and use the space between square column and short wall as a show window. The two pillars in the angle between two side entrances become a whole wall and create a concave shape of primary and secondary entrance with indoor curved wall. This not only solve the pillar number and distance problems but also naturally introduce guests into the store and bring light into the “deep sea”.

▲设计入口墙面化解柱子位置的尴尬,并打造双入口, The design of the entrance wall solves the awkward position of the columns and creates two entrances

▲主入口与造型墙, The main entrance and the new wall

▲空间中心的艺术装置, The art installation in the center of the space


The inside space of the new wall is transformed into a unique two-sided show window due to the two entrances of the store. The window protrudes like periscope from undersea on the double side of the new wall with aluminum foam that displaying mysterious and shiny jewelry.

▲双面“潜望镜”橱窗-主入口, Two-sided periscope-like show window-primary entrance

▲双面“潜望镜”橱窗-次入口立面, Two-sided periscope-like show window-secondary entrance


The show window space on the left side of the big square column is designed into cave-like shape with two special-shaped showcases into it which match the theme of the deep sea. The back space of the wall naturally forms a semi-enclosed private space which communicate with guests here with reception tables.

▲“海底洞窟探秘”橱窗, “Undersea cave exploration” showcase

▲半围合私密接待空间, Semi-enclosed private reception space


The texture of rammed earth paint is natural, just like the rough surface of coral and reef. It simulates the undersea environment and creates an immersive space atmosphere. The vertical showcase of the main entrance is a sudden rise of the reef. Scattered showcases in the curved wall like the shell with open belly that showing the deep sea treasure. Each diamond is unique “the heart of the ocean”. They are the stars that fall into the deep sea, flickering seductive glow under the searchlight, and waiting for the predestined couple to put them into their love story.

▲弧形墙面上的展柜与“宝藏”, showcases and “treasure” in the curved wall


项目名称:邂逅 · 梵誓ONESWEAR长沙大悦城珠宝店








Project Information——

Project name: Romantic Encounter · ONESWEAR Jewelry store in Changsha Joy City

Designer: Shanghai Parallect Architecture Design Studio

Project Accomplish Date: 10/2021

Design Team: Mingfeng Xiao, Di Huang,Fengdi Liu, Yin Sun

Project Address: Changsha Joy City

Partners: Suzhou Re-design Studio

Building Area: 100.7㎡

E-mail: di.huang@parallect-design.com