GREYBOX COFFEE嘉里中心店位于北京嘉里中心南楼一层入口西南侧。业主提出的极客设计主题和不规则的场地是我们首要面临的难题。幸运的是,颇具空间感和未来感的品牌标识为设计提供了原始创作灵感。我们决定尝试将品牌自信与商业表情融入到设计中去。

GREYBOX COFFEE is located at the southwest side the entrance of South Tower of Beijing Kerry Center. The challenges we first encountered were the geek style requested by the client and an irregular-shaped site. Fortunately, the logo of the brand itself, a design with feeling of space and future, offered us some original inspiration. We tried to integrate the self-confidence and business expression of the brand into the design.

▼ 主入口,Main entrance


As a response to the “GREY” in the brand name, a neutral grey was selected to be the main color for the space. With the use of sandblasted stainless steel panels as the key material for central counter and walls, the space is defined by a cool, calm, and sleek greyish tone. The white color of the chairs and light grey from the terrazzo floor also enrich this neutral color tonality with more layers. In order to add some warm touch to the space so the guests will feel more comfortable, the color and texture of wood from furnishing, lighting, and some walls are used as a mixture into the metallic space. The geek style is thus created.

▼ 极客风格的材质搭配,Geek-style material selection



The other key word from the brand name – box – also brings some spontaneous inspiration when it comes to space design. As the core and visual focus of the space, the central counter is a three-dimensional presentation of the brand identity. Like an opening of a grey box, the middle space created by the hanging light box and operating counter is reserved for all the activities involving coffee making and service.

▼ 作为空间核心和视觉焦点的岛台,The central counter as the core and visual focus of the space



Different functional areas are divided by the transition of the shape of the counter. The octagonal column is also successfully covered and becomes part of the background of the counter. Several bar tables are arranged around the central counter, close to the entrance and window, providing the guests with a good view when they enjoy coffee and chat.

▼ 形体转折区分出不同功能的界面,Different functional areas are divided by the transition of the shape of the counter


Across the metallic grey box of the central counter, a timber niche is designed in the inner part of the space where bench and small tables are arranged, which forms a relatively quiet environment for coffee drinking. The concept of box is also extended into the display shelf. Inside a series of wooden boxes inserted in the wall, coffee beans and other products are displayed. A long table with 8 seats is put in front of the shelf, perfect for a group gathering. For the ceiling, a grid system is designed with the brand logo as the shape of the single unit. Made of fireproof board and with built-in lighting, 204 small boxes are evenly attached to the ceiling, creating an interesting pattern. Speakers and other equipment are also hidden in this grid system. It does not only define the consumer area of the space, but also reinforces the identity of the brand and provides the main lighting.

▼ “龛”形木空间/Timber niche


▼ 嵌于墙面的木盒用于展示咖啡豆和其他贩售商品,A series of wooden boxes are inserted in the wall for display / 204个logo吊顶单元形成有趣的图案,204 small boxes are evenly attached to the ceiling, creating an interesting pattern


▼ 平面图,Plan



项目名称:GREYBOX COFFEE北京嘉里中心店







设计周期:11.2016 – 12.2016

施工周期:12.2016 – 01.2017