Colca is a Peruvian restaurant based in Shanghai. Named after Colca Canyon in Peru, the concept integrates elements of Peruvian culture throughout the venue.


Vibrant colors of a Peruvian market are reflected in colorful furniture selection, which is paired with a herringbone wood floor made from reclaimed wood doors from demolished Shanghai buildings. A colorful acrylic condor installation soars through the tall space.


Each bird is varying in size and is a reflection of the famous Nazca Lines in Peru. An iconic cantilevered 2F dining area provides a special VIP dining experience surrounded by the iconic birds.


A dedicated ceviche bar serves as the backdrop to the dining room and provides the iconic Peruvian fish dish. An events space provides flexibility for the client to have private parties or keep the space open during normal operations. A VIP room in the back provides additional seating and allows the client to host meetings.


The bar provides a unique late night experience and is designed to be separated from the main dining area for easy after hour operations. A metal monkey was placed on the bar back wall, which is also a typical Peruvian symbol from the Nazca lines.





项目面积:490 m2

首席设计师:Xin Dogterom & Jason Holland


摄影师:Brian Chua


Project information——

Location: North Bund, Shanghai

Completed in: 2020

Size: 490 m2

Lead Designers: Xin Dogterom & Jason Holland

Design Team:  Wendi Zhao, Chen Cong

Photography: Brian Chua