项目位于深圳宝安区欢乐港湾二层,整栋楼是一栋商业综合体建筑,建筑外形呈流线型,有若干类椭圆形大公共空间高低错落串联而成,空间变化丰富有趣。建筑中间为绿地景观,两侧商户排列,人在此建筑中游走如同进入一段“现代版建筑峡谷”。本项目是遇见花瓣Met Petal继北京店之后的第二家店,场地大面积采光面朝西南,户外有近150平米大露台,站在露台可以看远眺深圳浅海湾。

The project is located on the second floor of happy harbor, Bao’an District, Shenzhen city. The whole building is a commercial complex building. The building is streamlined in shape. There are several types of oval large public spaces in series, with rich and interesting spatial changes. The green space landscape in the middle of the building is lined with merchants on both sides. People walking in the building is like entering a “modern architectural Canyon”,. This project is met petal met patal’s second store after Beijing store. The site has a large area of lighting facing southwest. There is a large outdoor terrace of nearly 150 square meters. Standing on the terrace, you can see the shallow bay of Shenzhen.


场力 Forces


1.Vitality of the city: Shenzhen is becoming a magical super metropolis. Public buildings and ecological landscapes of different sizes and contents are constantly completed. It is the main battlefield for domestic or international architects to compete with architectural firms. It is inclusive, diverse and full of vitality; 2.The external space tension of the site: outdoor terrace, seaside undulating landscape and Shenzhen shallow bay. On the whole, the order of the three spaces is from high to low, extending from the city to the bay. Standing on the terrace, people can’t help looking to the seaside as if they are in the “Canyon” highland. 3.Internal Canyon space construction: since the main entrance of the site is located on the inner side of the whole building, and the secondary entrance (connecting with the grand terrace) is on the outer side of the building, people’s action line will inevitably “flow” from the inside to the outside, so we create an attractive Canyon sequence space.




挑战 Challenge


How to balance the representativeness and abstraction of Canyon space modeling? Too abstract, too smooth, too modern and lack of primitive power, too concrete, easy to make the so-called “amusement park” effect; How to effectively control and realize the original space conception technically; How to realize the balance between the original sense of power and the modern sense; How to carry out experiments with craftsmen on coloring decorative concrete.


力场 Vibes


“Canyon” force field construction: when people enter the entrance of the field, first of all, a buffer space is used as the reception area, and the right side of the entrance is the guide platform for daily guidance and reception; The left side is the opening of the “Canyon”. Standing at this end, you can see the natural light coming in from the terrace at the other end of the canyon. At the same time, an oval bar will appear at the end of the line of sight. The upper part of the bar is a metal cover, which is illuminated by light. Looking from afar, it is very smooth and modern, which will arouse people’s interest in further exploration; The narrowest part of the passage is only 1.2 meters, so pedestrians will be very close to each other when passing by, and even deliberately avoid walking into this narrow space to roam in the canyon with the water. The facade is tortuous and powerful, which is a “pure Canyon” section. Horizontally, it creates a sense of “turbulent water” space erosion, and vertically, you can see a clear outline of the canyon, The texture processing on the facade wall is like the trace of water erosion.



If you walk inside again, you will meet a “cave” space on the left, which functions as a private room, creating a dining experience in the original cave space. The dining table is made of customized orange glass bricks, the top Chandelier Lampshade is also made of glass, and the light and shadow formed by the embedded spotlight on the wall fully highlights the direct collision between the original space and modern industrial products.






Through this section of Canyon, you suddenly come to the main dining area. The dining table is arranged horizontally around the Zhongdao bar, which can be switched to the bar mode at night; The north side is close to the “Canyon side” and a long card seat is set on the side. When dining, the guests can enjoy the delicious food on the canyon side and enjoy the outdoor scenery on the south side.





结语 Conclusion


Just as Rene Deleuze said, life is a meeting. In a very modern city and modern complex building, people encounter a primitive space full of rough materials, which will be temporarily separated from the surrounding environment; Shuttle, meet, interact and eat in the canyon space, and enjoy the original and modern atmosphere space.














项目业主:遇见花瓣Met Petal








照明设计:Linkchance Architects


项目摄影:金伟琦、Linkchance Architects


设计撰文:Linkchance Architects

Project Information——

Project name:Meet in the canyon

Project location:Bao an District, Shenzhen

Project owner:Met patal

Project period:Nov 2020-Fabruary 2021

Project area:300 m2

Design firm:Linkchance Architects

Chief designer:An Zhaoxue

Designer team:Lu Jimin ,Hou Xue, Zhang Wei,Yang Shujun, Li Bin, Wang Lin

Art consulting:Gu Daoxu

Materials:Decorative concrete, Corrugated perforated aluminum plate, stainless steel panel, Striped glass, Glass bricks, Mirror stainless steel, Metal mesh, concrete paint

Photography:Jin Weiqi, Linkchance Architects

Construction team:Shenzhen CSCEC Watson Engineering Co., Ltd. (general contractor), Beijing Huayun garden Engineering Co., Ltd. (interior decoration construction)

Design copywriting:Linkchance Architects