QU barbecue restaurant is located in Wujiaochang, Shanghai. Its main business model is selling night snack. The design concept is about drama stage. The brick building built with new art elements using red light and shadow as the main visual tone. The whole area is divided into two main ‘boxes’. The staircase is the step of the stage leading people towards to the central dining area which is the stage of the whole performance.

▲轴测空间 Axonometric Space


Under the concept of creating a sense of order, we hope that the space would have more spiritual con-notation combining with the functions of the spaces and catering purpose. It creates a mysterious at-mosphere space with light, energy and balance as well.


Through the stairs of the front hall, the handrail which is made of old cold-rolled steel plate acting as the boundary. The cut-out round hole shape combines light and shadow to satisfy the actual function, which also improves aesthetic. Using mirror material on the top makes the dinning area become mys-terious. As people walk on it, the reflection on the top surface is also being one of the elements in the whole show.

▲具有仪式感的钢板镂空扶手 The steel plate hollow handrail with a sense of ritual

▲定制的红色砌块孔砖 Customized red block brick with holes


The central spaces of the stage is made of stainless steel with random patterns on it, which can be switched into moving scene for the diner. We aim to create a space with clear functionality and create an atmosphere of excellent dining experience at the same time.


The dining area has a stronger division between light and shadow space, which increases the mutual connection of vision. It creates dark and mysterious atmosphere space and establishes a stronger feel-ing for the users shuttling through the space rather than the food itself, through modern concise archi-tectural techniques and material languages.


Moreover, a large numbers of mirror stainless steel adding into the space strengthens the sense of ex-tension of the space. The boundary of the walls is deliberately set up, with round and luminous stain-less steel doors. The custom glass bricks and the stainless steel curtain background which is like the mysterious curtain of Broadway forms a unique dining atmosphere with a sense of future.

▲细节 Details


The design of the restrooms uses the same style. It gives a sense of order into the channel along with the linear light-emitting tubes and stainless steel wash basins. That is all about the existence of people also being as an independent molecule corresponding to the space. Thus people in the space could achieve energy exchange. As a result, the purpose is to achieve a balance between people and space.



工作室:Woodo Studio 木斗设计



设计团队:woodo studio