项目是位于杭州市中心的老牌商业街区内的铜锣烧店铺。整体设计采用年轻人中最为风靡的工业风,审美主线是诠释“Less Is More”的倾情演绎——天然斑驳肌理感的水泥灰配以清透的玻璃帷幕,室内外形成 “裸感 ”界限,简洁现代的灰色空间给人一种大隐于市的味道。

The project is located on the long-established commercial street in the downtown of Hangzhou. The overall design adopts the industrial style popular among young people with the principal aesthetic line of interpreting the concept that less is more: concrete grey with natural mottled texture and transparent glass curtain wall form a nude boundary externally and internally, and concise and modern grey space gives people a feeling of men going into noisy crowd to drown his own clamor of silence.




As economy develops, the front shops of the commercial buildings along the street are updated and iterated constantly in the economic wave. In the prime lot where an inch of land values an inch of gold, every merchant ransacks their minds to enlarge own operating area. Despite the seemingly enlarged space, the number of customers is reduced, and the distance between buildings and people is extended.



Originated in Japan, Dorayaki is a special warm food giving off a pleasant smell of bread. Therefore, in order to present the warm feeling of showing happiness and giving hopes in the works, the warmest concession is showed in the shopfront design, giving passersby who do not visit the shop partial indoor area.



Limited shopfront width adopts the large-area French window design, presenting a broader visual space. The designer hopes that glazed windows can be the carrier connecting with passersby instead of an enclosure that passersby only glance at or through which passersby look for their shadows. Outdoor space conceded can provide passersby in a hurry to go on a trip or people who idle about on the street with a rest place; on the crowded street, people can avoid each other here while brushing past; even on a rainy night, people can take shelter from rain here when shops are closed.




For the conceded entrance design with the constituent sense, glass is embedded into the titled metal box, and the non-flat shopfront with the sense of ceremony forms an angle of 15 degrees with the street, which is warm and introverted like the sense that Dorayaki brings to people. Just like passing through Doraemon’s dimension door, the unique flavor of Dorayaki can be smelled everywhere.



The cooper handle design for the initials of the store name is inclusive and high-class.



While pushing the door, you will see the diagonal console for making Dorayaki in the front, generating an interactive relationship with the store visually.



靠墙处设置等候的不锈钢长凳,少量座位的设计,为的是增加客人的流动频率;简约的站 立式桌台,既是人流动线的分割,也是快闪经营模式的一个场景营造,倚桌而立,倾洒而下的灯光柔和温暖。

The stainless-steel bench against the wall for customers as the waiting area with few seats aims to increase the flow frequency of customers. Simple standing table divides the flow line of people and creates a scene of the pop-up operation mode; while standing beside the table, customers can feel the soft and warm lighting.




The reception desk and tea table cut by curves work in concert with the glass curtain wall, which breaks the traditional symmetry and expresses the moving line boundary with the geometric meaning.




For the backstage operating room isolated by grey glass and wooden wall, the semitransparent design realizes the interconnection in the space. It seems that waste food ingredients (egg shells) randomly arranged on the warm-toned wooden lattices are telling the customers that cooks are busy making warm foods.




生活本是一首诗 ,兼并快乐与忧伤,疗愈的方法不必只是远方,也可以是小店里最抚慰人心美食。撕掉商业外在利益的驱动,回归设计,不过是将对简单美好生活的追逐融入到空间当中。以退为进, 即满足实际功能的需求,也达到了精神意义的引领,从设计理念到服务理念升华的温暖之作。

Life is like a piece of poetry with happiness and sorrow. In addition to traveling to a distance place, foods in a store can also comfort and heal people. After tearing off the mask of being driven by commercial interests and returning to the design, the pursuit of the simple and beautiful life is integrated into the space. In this warm works sublimating from a design concept to a service concept, retreating for the sake of advancing is to meet the demands for practical functions and realize the leadership of spiritual significance.












Project Information——

Project Name:AS Dorayaki

Project Location:Hangzhou, China

Company Name:Damai Interior Design

Chief Designer:Black Lv

Assistant Designer:Wang Liheng, Hu Juju, Cheng Mengjia

Completion Date:October, 2020

Project Area:85 square meters

Photographer:Hangzhou Hanmo Cultural Transmission